What are the Four Most Common Languages Used on the Internet?

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Without any doubt, the most common internet language is English. Moreover, nearly half of web pages have their homepage in English. Although, several websites allow multiple languages and you can translate them. But despite that, the English language tops the list.

However, English is not the most common language in the world and only 20 percent global population can speak it. Furthermore, it is a native language for only 5 percent of the total world population. So why such a trend? Because it is the founding language of almost all Web services. But the times are changing. In the beginning, there were some limited websites. However, not now.

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But wait, there are certain languages other than English that are in extensive use. So now we will tell you about the four most common internet languages.

1. English (25.3 %)

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During the initial web times, the English language reached around 50 percent of the total web pages. However, with the wide availability of internet services, the other languages also came to the surface. Therefore, the English language now holds about 25 percent of worldwide net users.

Even though the number decreased from 50 to 25 in a decade but this is not because of website count. Instead, this trend is because of the rise of other languages. Everyone wants to read and write in their native language because they are good at it. Therefore, almost every country offers web services in their native language. If not all, most of the web pages allow a biolinguistic approach.

There is a total of 7000 languages in the world but the internet does not have this much ratio. Because of the trend of using the most common ones. For example, English has been given too much importance because of its ease of understanding and use. Furthermore, American and British people speak English and America has been the superpower.

So the languages automatically gained enormous respect and became an international language. Therefore, even in developing countries, speaking English is considered as something superior. And people respect those who can speak it and understand it. Therefore, their web pages also contain English as the main language. That is why you have to translate it into your native tongue if you do not understand it.

2. Chinese (19.8 %)

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Who in the world does not know about China now? In the last century, America became the superpower and ruled the world. Thus, they disrespected the Chinese and threw them out of their country. Consequently, China started to increase its business sector. Instead of focusing on different jobs, the Chinese community preferred manufacturing.

But only manufacturing is not enough. They need to find their consumer market. so what they did was contacting developing and underdeveloped countries helped them financially and make them their consumers. Furthermore, Chinese products were cheaper, so people preferred that. As a result, China bloomed in a few decades.

And now they are ruling the internet sales too. China did not stop at land trade but came in the internet sale. The giant “Alibaba” is the name known around the world. Americans and Europeans do shopping there. This is because of the approach they used. All their web pages are in two languages Chinese and English.

Because of this bilingual approach, the customer base increased. Furthermore, it is one of the fastest-growing languages in the world. This is also because of their excessive marketing and sales strategic approach. Therefore, now 19.8 percent of users on the internet are using Chinese.

Furthermore, the IT and computer sector of China is in full bloom. They are offering their web services internationally. The AI technology too. And wherever, they go people tend to get along well with them.

3. Spanish (8%)

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For the past few years, the Japanese were in the top 4 list but it is now declining. Although the web services of Japan are more so why Spanish has taken its place? Well, Spanish is not an uncommon language and it has around 750 million speakers. Therefore, web service providers have to meet their demands.

So if the international seller needs to approach this customer base, they need to talk to them. And therefore, the businesses provide a Spanish translation of their websites so that they can target that group. But this is the case with only websites that want to launch their products and services in Spain.

Although the number of Spanish use is 8 percent, which is quite less as compared to tot first two but it is still more than the other ones. Furthermore, it is expected that the number will increase in the near future.

4. Arabic

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In the last decade and even some 5 years ago, Arabic was not that common. But this was due to the less awareness and lack of internet services. Otherwise, there are more Arabic countries than English. At the beginning of the internet age, only 37 percent of the Arabic population had access to the service. However, we have observed an amazing technological boom in the world.

Therefore, now there are 168.1 million users on the internet who are Arabic. Therefore, international service providers do offer an Arabic translation of their websites. This improves their customer range. Because everyone loves to try out foreign products. And so do the Arabic. So if you want to try this out, you should. Translation of your website into Arabic might become a profit-gaining opportunity for you.