Is There any Differences Between Australian Pokies and Regular Slots?

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Anyone who has been to Australia knows that locals have a one-of-a-kind affinity toward gambling. They love some of the games so much that they have given them nicknames. Probably the most indicative one is pokies, which is a nickname for slot machines. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

When players are hitting the buttons on the slot, they poke them. Also, Australians enjoy adding a little bit of diminutive at the end of a nickname. Therefore, you can see how this one was coined.

So, nobody should have any doubt that they enjoy this game so much that they have decided to give it a certain nickname.

These days, Aussies cannot only to go their favorite casino and enjoy this game, but they can also find a lot o them online. There are numerous sites of this sort.

If you are interested in taking a look at one of these, be sure to visit Betsquare. Today, we want to discuss pokies and regular slots and see whether are there some differences between these two concepts.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

What are the Differences?

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If you are not from Australia, and you have a lot of experience going to casinos, then you know that nobody ever offered you to play some pokies, right? Now that you know that this is a nickname exclusive solely to those in Australia, nobody should be surprised by this set of events.

When it comes to the differences between these two, it needs to be said that there is only one, the name. People outside Australia do not use pokies at all. Besides this one, almost an insignificant difference, all other elements are the same. Still, many people wonder whether there are some of them they can experience.

When you think about that, this is kind of understandable. Aussies refer to the concept by a different name, and it is only logical to think that there is something that separates these two.

But when you know that only the name separates these two, then it is safe to presume that you are on the subject you understand and there’s nothing you should be worried about.

Why Does this Term Exist?

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We’ve said why many Australians refer to this game as pokies these days. However, little is known about how this term originally came to be back in the 1980s. As you can presume, that was a completely different time, and the number of games you could find in casinos was pretty limited, unlike the situation we have now.

One of the first ones that appeared in Australia, and became an instant hit was the poker machine. Naturally, this variant is not around anymore. The closest to it we can see these days is video poker. But, poker machines were referred to as pokies, and the nickname stuck, but for a completely different name. Naturally, the term has changed its meaning over time.

Using This Term

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Pokies are so widespread in the country that the chances of you coming across the real name of the game even in reputable and credible casinos is almost non-existing. But it needs to be said that this nickname hasn’t become popular only with Australians, it is quite common even in New Zealand and some other surrounding countries.

So, those who are not aware of it, and who have just visited Australia for the first time, can be confused with this name. If you are aware, and you have just arrived in the country, we recommend you to use this one.

That way, you will pay respect to the local popular culture, and you will win the favor of the locals, you can be sure of that.

Other Names for Slots

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It needs to be said that Australia is not the only region in the world that came up with a nickname for slots. We can see that other regions from all over the globe were almost as equally creative when it comes to this. One of the most widespread ones for a long time was one-armed bandits.

The nickname originated in the United States, but it was spread all over the world. Another one was “fruit machines”. The connection between fruits and slots is more than understandable even for beginners who do not have enough experience with these games.

It is associated with fruits who were the only symbols used in these games for quite a long time. It originated in the United Kingdom.

Another one comes from the same place, just from another region, from Scotland. We are talking about “puggy”. It is more than clear that this one is similar to the term “piggy bank”. While this is an interesting one, we can see that it hasn’t become as widespread as the two we have mentioned before.

Why are These so Popular?

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We’ve said that these are so popular that they have got a nickname. But what are the reasons for their popularity? Well, some of them are more than obvious. We are talking about a highly exciting game.

You never know what result you are going to get at the end of the spin. Remember, this game doesn’t involve any sort of skill, just good old luck.

Besides that, those who play these can expect to receive countless bonuses. Some of them are more than beneficial for the players.

So, your prize money can skyrocket high from basically nothing. Plus, if you are patient and have a close eye on things, you can choose progressive pokies, which are even more beneficial than those who are without this jackpot.


When you are in doubt about whether you should participate in a game of pokies, we encourage you to do so. There’s so much good you can expect from one of these if you are lucky enough.

But when you are in Australia, do refer to slots as pokies, at the very least, you will earn the respect of locals. When it comes to the differences between these two, you will not find any.