How to Find The RTP Of A Slot Game


There are more slot games than ever before.

In fact, slot games are released on many different platforms every single week. Different online gambling sites license slot games from developers who are prolifically making new offerings for people to play and enjoy.

All of them have their own different settings, artwork, and of course, they have a different RTP rates. So how do you find this out? What is the benefit to you, the consumer, in finding out the RTP of a slot game before you play?

What Does the RTP Mean?


RTP is the “Return to Player” rating, which refers to the percentage of the money that is spent or gambled on the game that is returned to people playing the game over time.

It is a way to look at the returns of a game and to decide whether it is worth your time and money. The higher the RTP rating, the more of the money that is wagered that goes into a pot on online that can be returned as prizes to players.

In theory, if a RTP rating is 96% over a long enough time playing the game the players would receive 96% of what they stake back, but this is totally random. That doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed anything because of the return-to-player rating. Like all aspects of slot games, it comes down to chance.

If you stake $100 over a period of time on a game then the average returns will be $95 if the RTP rating is 95%.

In reality, you might get $1 back or you might win the jackpot. This RTP rating is hard-coded into the game, and though it is random which players get the win, over a long enough time period the game will return the percentage of RTP back to players. On a 95% RTP game, the casino is effectively taking 5% as their profit.

The RTP may appear high, but if the jackpot itself is a progressive jackpot, your chances of getting a return from your money might be lower, it is all a part of a very complex algorithm that determines the winners, and you will need a bit of luck if you are going to win big on one of the slot games out there.

How to Find the RTP?


Casino players should always check the RTP of a slot before they take part. It is one of the key indicators of whether you have a chance to get a decent return. Also, if the game has a lower RTP rating it is definitely worth considering whether or not it is worth it.

It will be simple to obtain the RTP for many slot machines and online slot games since, if it is a good rate, casinos will want to market it and encourage more people to play with them.

There are three main ways that people should try to check the RTP of the online slots. In some parts of the world, it is a legal requirement that slot machine games show their RTP, so it should not be excessively difficult to find the RTP rating of a game you have got your eye on. To find the RTP:

  • Check the information section of the online slot games. Usually, there is a section where all of this kind of info is provided, which may be within the interface for the slot itself.
  • Check the company that produced the slot and look on their website. Often, this will provide you with a lot more information about the slot game and the chances of winning.
  • Check on a slots website. A lot of slot review sites and gaming websites provide you with an RTP checking facility so it is possible to jump straight in and have a look at the kinds of games you are interested in and see if their RTP stacks up.

If you can’t find this information at all it could be something of a red flag, so be sure to check what the casino site says before you deposit your money to avoid any fraud.

What Is a Good RTP?


It’s all very well being able to check the RTP rating but how do you know if it is actually any good or not?

Like a lot of different industries, there is a lot of focus on competition, and the bonus is on these companies to provide you with a good RTP.

A game with an RTP rate of below 95% is a little on the low side. The majority of the best online slot games can beat this, with rates between 95% and 98% being the norm. In the most basic terms, the higher the RTP, the better.

Other Considerations

RTP isn’t the only consideration, and it is important to remember that the RTP doesn’t give you any kind of guarantee of returns either. Only bet what you can afford to lose and be responsible with your gambling.

The RTP may not be the only thing to think about, either. If you are looking to get a good return, check out the jackpot of the slots, too. If the game has huge jackpots, that might be exciting for you, but it can also mean that the RTP rating is a little “skewed” by a few big wins.

A game with a progressive jackpot that builds and builds can be a tempter, but it isn’t always the way to get the most money back out of the game, as the chances of getting the jackpot are always relatively low. It’s fun to imagine it’s you though, and you have to be in it to win.

RTP rates should always be easy to find and compare, and in many locations, it is a legal requirement for those operating slot games. Always make sure you check them before you start playing the slot game that has taken your fancy.