Quality Of Water In Our Garden: Testing Plant Water In Our Garden – 2024 Guide

Seventy one percent of what earth contains is water. The body is made up of about fifty to sixty five percent of water and trust me when i say one of the things we take for granted today is water. The fact is that not all water can be trusted totally and even though we are conscious of the type of water that we consume, we might not be paying attention to the type of water that we are feeding to our plants. The quality of water in our garden is whet we should pay attention to so read on to learn how one can easily test the quality of water in his or her garden.

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Quality Of Water In Our Garden

When you water your plants, the plants makes use of their root systems in absorbing the water and also through a vascular system which is a bit similar to circulatory systems that can be found in human bodies. The water is spread to the plants into its leaves, stem, fruit and buds. However, if it happens that this water is contaminated then the contaminated water is also spread to all other parts of the plant and this isn’t really a big deal for ornamental plants. It is a bigger problem for vegetables and fruit because humans can become sick when they consume them.

In other causes, water that is contaminated cause ornamental plants to lose their color, have irregular growth, have stunted growth or eventually die off so the quality of water in our garden is something that all gardeners needs to pay attention to whether you are running an ornamental garden or just an edible garden. Municipal and city waters gets tested regularly and they are also monitored constantly. Such water is safe for drinking and therefore can be used in watering plants.

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If it happens that your water comes from rain barrel, pond or a well, there are high chances that such water is already contaminated and contamination of water has caused lots of sickness and disease outbreaks in plants in recent times. Fertilizer run off in crop fields might find its way into ponds and wells and this run off water is likely to contain nitrogen in high levels which is capable of making you sick when you consume a plant that it has been used on. It is also capable of causing discoloration in other plants.

Deadly microorganisms and pathogens that cause lots of diseases and sickness can also find their way into rain barrel, pond and wells causing contamination and also causing sickness and deaths to people who consume these plants. It is quite necessary that you get your water tested at least once in every year. Having rainwater in barrels is gradually becoming a norm in gardening nowadays but it isn’t friendly for humans when edible plants are watered with this sort of water.

This type of water might contain bird excrete and in other cases, run off water is also likely to contain zinc and lead as well as other heavy metals.

Is The Water In Your Garden Safe For Plants

Can you tell if the water for your plants is safe? Today, there are lots of pond kits which you can make use of when testing the quality of water in your home and other options that you have might include contacting department of public health and information on testing ponds and wells. You are sure to get a detailed testing price list if you want a health body to come and test the quality of water you have in your home. This might be a bit pricey but it is a better option to spending money on visits to the clinics and on drugs as well.

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