How Do You Combine Business and Taking Care of Your Family?


A businessman has as much to worry about as an alien fighter. There are always piles of urgent matters, burning contracts and urgent meetings. But all of this is no reason to put family and children on the back burner. In this article we will tell you how to combine business and family life, and how to find time for communication with the family in the endless series of entrepreneurial worries.

Household chores


Imagine the situation. You promised your wife that in the near future to make repairs in the house. The family is preparing for this event: looking for and buying new accessories for the house, choosing new furniture. And on the eve of the event you suddenly realize that everything is canceled because of important business negotiations or an urgent business trip.

The next time the situation repeats. And again in vain expectations, disappointment and bad mood, and again postponing plans for a long time. That’s why, for example, to solve the issue of repair, we recommend using the services of the best home repair contractor –

If possible, take the kids to the office

Even if not for the whole day, half an hour after school is enough. It’s okay if the child sits in the office for a while and plays a computer game. Without affecting the work process, of course. Warn him right away that he is not disturbing anyone, but sit quietly at his desk and do not touch anyone. Hyperactive children may begin to distract staff with questions, wander from corner to corner, or talk loudly. This makes the staff nervous and is bad for work.

If possible, give your child simple work errands. This can be anything: fetch paper for the printer, turn on the computer, close the door, after all. This way a person will be accustomed to work from childhood, and it will be easier for him later on.

More attention


Lack of time with loved ones can be compensated for by pleasant surprises. Go to the store and buy your spouse a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates for the children or a packet of tea for parents – it takes five minutes. But the benefits are enormous. So you show attention to loved ones, showing that you’re constantly thinking about them and care.

This is where you can make a mistake. If instead of flowers and candy you give money, it will look like a desire to pay them off. Spending the time to go to the store would be much more helpful. The exception is children. They are very spoiled now, and surprise them with sweets will not work. So, children can throw out a couple of hundred for incidental expenses.

Don’t ignore family holidays

Birthdays, New Year’s Eve, and other important dates for the family are sacred. The fact that they can be predicted plays into your hands – you know about them in advance. So, plan your time in advance to make sure you’ll be with your family during those times. Don’t schedule important meetings on these dates, don’t go on business trips. If possible, of course – because most often the peak sales in the online store are precisely on the pre-holiday and holiday days.

A balance is very important here. Business is a serious business, and partners are unlikely to understand if you postponed negotiations because of a family event. Therefore, if it is absolutely impossible – it is necessary to choose business. But only as an exception. There is nothing wrong if one day you will not be with the family on March 8. The main thing is not to turn it into a rule.

Make the most of social media


A child is doing his homework. Mom doesn’t understand anything about math, and dad is at work and will arrive late at night when the kids are already asleep. And, it would seem, there is time – there is just a window in the work schedule. How to be? Very simple. The child takes a picture of the textbook page on the phone and sends it to dad, and he quietly solves the problem, inserts comments and explanations, takes a picture of the sheet with the solution and sends it back with a message. It’s simple and effective.

It can be turned into a kind of game, and cooking becomes an interesting and fun activity. And most importantly, family members will always know that you are sure to find a way to solve any problem, even when you are in the office.

Plan your time

If your work schedule is poorly structured, there will not be enough time for anything, and even more for communication with the family. Download a scheduling app, set reminders on your phone, or start a day planner, after all. Schedule things for the day, week, and month so you can clearly see where the windows for communicating with your family appear.

The key to planning is to develop a habit. Make a schedule and try to stick to it. It may not be easy the first time, especially if you are not by nature a very disciplined and punctual person, and also prone to procrastination. But then, when you learn to plan your time, you will find that there is much more than you thought.

In critical situations, drop everything and help the family


This is especially true for fathers. You have to be a reliable support for your family. If something serious happens – a child gets sick, there is a municipal accident or something like that – drop everything and come home. It’s clear that most problems can be solved with a phone call, but that’s not the point. Moral and psychological support is what is important in this case.

The fact is that loved ones remember for a very long time that “Daddy didn’t come when Mommy was sick. For children in general, it can end up being a psychological trauma for the rest of their lives. The exception is business trips to other cities or countries, when you for objective reasons cannot promptly return home.