How Often Do Professional Gamblers Really Win


Gambling is very thrilling and has been enjoyed by people all across the glow. Many people are getting into gambling through the online or offline medium depending on their convenience. But not all gamblers are classified as professionals. Only about one percent of all the gamblers are rightly called professionals because they aim to make money through strategic betting.

Pro gamblers rely on this activity alone to make all of the financial earnings without holding a job or any other source of income. In this article, we will try to understand how much a professional can actually win through regular gambling. All casinos have a house edge which favours them to a certain degree. It will have to be factored in to understand the winning percentage of professional gamblers.

It is Surprisingly Low


Whenever we use the word professional, a certain expectation is attached to it. This means that anyone would expect a professional Gambler to make more money than they actually do. Since their life is entirely dependent on what they own from gambling or sports betting, it is natural to expect the losing percentage to be less. However, the actual winning percentage of sports bettors and professional gamblers is surprisingly low.

Professional bettors rely on a long term wind percentage but it does not last as long as one would want it to. There is an inherent expectation that the long term winning percentage reaches at least 60%. But it is much lower than that and many professionals only sustain winnings for about 53 to 54%. Even then, it is an average and not all professionals might have the same luck. Gambling runs on chance so the advantage one professional gets might not be the same as another.

The Factors to Consider


The winning and losing in gambling does not happen in a vacuum so many factors are dictating everything. There are about 600,000 professional gamblers in the US currently. The nation keeps track of all the people who are classified as professionals. These individuals are heavily regulated so as to help the casinos stay afloat. They will have to win continuously and with a greater percentage to actually make things work for them financially.

A percentage of the winning money goes to the bookmaker’s pocket. In any kind of batting where good odds are involved a certain fraction of money goes to the bookmaker. So even if the previous winning percentage was 50%, this deduction does not let a long term winning percentage sustain more than 55%. One has to keep considering the house age of both online and offline casinos and how they will ultimately favour the institution.

Additionally, different games available on both online and offline platforms offer different percentages of house edge. For instance, k is somewhat more favourable to professional gamblers than poker because of a certain predictability. Another example of house edge wearing according to the game is the French and American roulette. American roulette has a house edge of about 3 to 5% which is very high compared to the French version.

Everyone has a very subjective opinion of how to sustain a long term winning streak which makes finding trends difficult. Different professionals have different strategies and they play on different platforms. The strategies are also very based on the type of game being played. One thing is clear: no professional gambler would risk financial loss by choosing a game or a gambling platform which does not offer a fair chance of winning. Learn more at UFABET.

How Do They Function?


With a long term winning percentage of about 54%, pro gamblers are very conscious of the legal regulations they are subjected to. Most of the individuals spend their time in Las Vegas where it is easy to go on noticed by government officials. Everyone is liable to pay the taxes to the Internal Revenue Service or IRS. However, sports bettors can easily stay in the vicinity of horse tracks without gathering unwanted attention.

Keeping a low profile and not gathering a lot of attention is the best way to escape the attention of additional regulations and earn more. The reason why these people are so dedicated towards gambling and casinos has more to do with personal fulfilment than an addiction. People playing casually are often addicted to the rush of the game but the matters change when somebody views it as a job. These people take the entire process seriously and much like a 9 to 5 job where they have to win to put food on their plate.

How Do They Play?


Even though the long term winning percentage is 53 to 54%, it is hard to maintain. A lot of luck and unpredictability is involved whenever any casino game is mentioned. Rather than playing for fun and burning extra money, an individual involved for sustenance will be much more calculators. The strategy will have to be based on calculated risk so that the chances of winning are somewhat secure.

Even though the strategy varies from game to game, an umbrella principle covers the general approach to a game. One has to be risky but only to a certain extent. Professional gamblers are in it to understand the edge they have at any given moment whether they are playing online or offline. Additionally, not all games can be played on big money so only a few are chosen in the long run.

The Takeaway

We hope that this article answers the question of how much the winning percentage of professional players is. It is imperative to take calculator rest and develop a certain risk tolerance. One also needs to understand that professional gambling will require commitment in order to raise the winning percentage to more than 50%. There are government regulations one has to consider but it is easy to continue playing without coughing up a lot of the profits. It is more about earning money than about fulfilling an addiction.