4 Crucial Reasons Everyone Should Get Certified in CPR Now

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What would happen if a loved one suddenly went into cardiac arrest (SCA) or you witnessed this event? Could you help?

Would you stand by helplessly and call for an emergency rescue team feeling totally incapable of doing anything else?

Taking the time to learn CPR online can make a big difference in your life and, possibly, in someone else’s future. To gain this type of knowledge is not only worthwhile, it is highly important as it can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Defining a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)

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An SCA represents a sudden stoppage of the heart, consciousness, and respiration. When your heart’s electrical system malfunctions, it disrupts the heart’s pumping of blood in the body.

An SCA is Different from a Heart Attack

Don’t confuse an SCA with a heart attack. A heart attack occurs when a blockage of blood flow happens in a section of the heart. However, a heart attack may affect the heart’s electrical system, which can lead to an SCA.

Why You Cannot Delay Treatment

When an SCA occurs, every second is precious and therefore cannot be wasted. That is why it is important to learn CPR. If an SCA is not treated right away, the victim can die or suffer irreversible brain damage. Rapid chest compressions (100 to 120 beats per minute) increase the chance for survival until emergency help arrives.

Warning Signs of an SCA

Before an SCA happens, the victim might complain of chest pains, fatigue, problems with breathing, or heart palpitations. Sometimes an SCA occurs without warning.

Why You Should Get CPR Certification Now

Everyone should have a CPR certification, for several important reasons. Don’t overlook your chance to get training online through a website, such as MyCPR NOW. “Now” is your opportunity to make a vital difference.

Along with CPR certification, you can combine your education with First Aid training and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) education. An AED is a machine that detects cardiac functioning to restore the heartbeat. The use of an AED during CPR assists you in giving the needed life-saving aid even faster.

Let’s further investigate the reasons for taking CPR training and why you should sign up now.

1. People Who Suffer Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Usually Do Not Survive the Event

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Did you know that most cardiac arrest victims do not survive?

That is a startling statistic, but nonetheless true. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), cardiac arrest leads to more deaths than the total number of fatuities attributed to cancer, pneumonia, the flu, vehicle accidents, HIV, guns, and home fires.

Moreover, about 90% of out-of-hospital victims of cardiac arrest die. Around 350,000 people, as a result, lose their lives annually because they could not receive CPR.

The reason in-hospital cardiac arrest patients have higher survival rates is because treatment is swift. Therefore, organ damage does not occur and respiration is restored more quickly. In fact, the use of CPR jumps up the odds for survival four times – quadrupling the rate of surviving the event.

The use of CPR keeps the blood circulating while you wait for first responders to arrive. If you are a bystander who knows CPR then, you can save a life. The current statistics reveal why this training is critical.

2. SCA Can Happen to Anyone of Any Age

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SCA is not limited to the people who have a heart attack that triggers an SCA. It can also happen to a child or adult of any age. For example, statistics show that about 7,000 children and infants experience SCA annually.

Some children may have a heart condition that has not been diagnosed or SCA may occur when rescuing a child from drowning. Plus, some people simply don’t know they are sick and may experience an SCA. You never know when your knowledge of SCA may come in handy.

You can take the training conveniently and privately in your home. Plus, reviewing the materials and taking the test takes, at the most, about four hours. So, there’s really no excuse not to learn CPR and receive certification.

3. CPR Supports the Use of an AED

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If you happen to have access to an automated external defibrillator (AED), knowing CPR makes providing cardiac care even more efficient. Today, you will find life-saving AEDs in a variety of public places, such as airports, bus terminals, workout facilities, offices and hotels.

When you take CPR training online you can also combine it with AED training. Therefore, you can follow CPR best practices with even better results.

The combination of CPR and AED work cohesively to restore the heart’s rhythm. While CPR offers a way to keep the blood flowing through the veins and arteries, the AED is designed to restore the heart’s function. When you use both methods, you lessen the possibility of organ damage.

4. CPR Can Save the Life of a Close Friend or Family Member

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What if someone in your own family or close circle fell victim to an SCA? Wouldn’t you feel regretfu if you did not know CPR? That is why investing time in the training is so important. You cannot afford to wait.

Time is precious. You will find that to be the case, whether you do not have the training and need to take it or you actually experience an SCA event. You never want to be a helpless bystander during this type of emergency, especially if you could have taken the training easily and affordably.

You have time to browse and shop and to watch a favorite TV show. Make sure you can enjoy these activities with loved ones and friends by taking the time out to receive a CPR certification.

Sign Up for CPR Training Online Today

Have you received CPR training? If not, now is the time to sign up and receive your certification for CPR or CPR and First Aid and/or AED. Knowledge is power. Use the knowledge from your online CPR training to possibly save a life.