Realtors: Top 5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Real Estate Postcards?


Postcards have been a means of communicating for many years, and they have made their way into the real estate industry. Real estate agents can use postcards for marketing their services to particular residents. Homeowners or new buyers looking for a new house to buy or sell their home might find the information on a postcard useful during their search.

There are many real estate agents in the market, and you need to stand out among the rest to be able to sell houses. One way to beat the competition is to have a persuasive real estate postcard. Here are five tips to help you get the most out of your real estate postcard.

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1. Try Smart Targeting


Real estate postcards are perfect for getting clients, especially if you know who to target. Sending real estate postcards to random people is a waste of money since not all of them are interested in selling or buying a house. Sometimes the blanket release of postcards might work, but it is not cost-effective because you must print excess postcards.

You need to identify your market and see how people buy or sell houses. For example, if people living in apartments are selling their apartments and buying single house units, start sending your real estate postcards to people living in apartments. As a real estate agent, you should be able to notice trends within your market and find a way to capitalize on them. When the movement dies down, find another one and prepare your postcards to market your services to people willing to buy or sell their houses.

2. Direct to the Point

The key to successful marketing is not wasting people’s time. When preparing your real estate postcards, you need to ensure that the information printed on the postcard is concise and direct. Clients are looking for a real estate agent who can ensure they buy or sell their house within the shortest time possible without any problems.

If your real estate postcards have much unnecessary information that raises more questions, the clients will instead move on to the following real estate agent than contact you. For example, if you specialize in selling a specific house, ensure you point that out in the postcard. If you only cater to buyers, you should indicate that on your postcard to ensure that those who are sellers do not waste their time contacting you.

3. Give Out Offers


Another thing that can make your real estate postcards stand out from the rest is some of the offers or incentives you propose to your potential client. The client might like your services, but an irresistible offer will ensure they choose you. The offer can be vital in getting your client’s attention and ensuring they ignore other real estate postcards in their mail.

Some of the offers you can include in your real estate postcard may include free home valuation, gift cards, discount fees, or assistance with home staging. Home staging is essential when you are looking to sell a house because it helps present the best look of the house to potential clients. If you are good with home staging, you can offer your potential clients assistance with home staging. Clients will contact you if they want to sell their house but do not know how to stage their home for potential buyers.

4. Include Testimonials in Your Real Estate Postcard

Homebuyers or sellers want a real estate agent with experience, and the only way to prove that you know is to include testimonials in your real estate postcards. If a homeowner is looking for a real estate agent to sell their house, they will be looking for one who has experience selling homes like theirs.

You can include a testimonial from a recent client who liked your services, photos of the last house that you helped a client sell or buy, and a quote from the client showing how your services were helpful to them. For example, “We are so glad to choose you as our real estate agent; you helped us find the perfect home for our family within a short time and helped us negotiate a better price. For that, we shall always be grateful to you.” Since the postcard has limited space, you should only include one testimonial from your most recent client.

5. Get the Perfect Timing


Now that you have perfected what to include in your real estate postcard, the next thing to get the most out of your postcard is perfect timing. You need to send your real estate postcards when you are sure your potential client will read them or they might require real estate services. Many people plan to buy or sell their homes from May to August; you should consider sending your real estate postcards a few months earlier. If you start sending the postcards in May, you will not find many clients because most of them will have their agents ready to sell or buy houses.

When the economy is experiencing a downturn, and few people buy or sell houses, there is no need to send your postcards. You should also send your postcards to the same address several times. Sometimes your potential clients might not read your postcard because their child tossed it away. Sending it several times will increase the chances of your potential client receiving your postcard.

Grow Your Business with the Help of Real Estate Postcards

If you want to grow your real estate business and gain more clients, postcards can be an excellent way to market your business. You need to create a postcard that will help you gain more clients, and it is not that complicated. You can follow the tips above to create a perfect real estate postcard to help grow your real estate business. You can check the Roofstock for more information.

One advantage of using postcards to market your real estate business is they pose a minor imposition and can be stopped at any time. Most people will not get offended if you send them your postcard, and if you do not get a client after sending several postcards in a particular area, you can stop and move on to the next room.