Casino Preferences Among Female Gamblers


Things have been changing lately so that where women were embarrassed to say that they gamble, they no longer hide it from their loved ones – unless it becomes a problem. In New Zealand, female gamblers are growing, especially as they become more interested in sports. They are naturally known to have good instincts and not make rash decisions, so the addiction rate is still relatively low compared to that of male gamblers.

The social spaces where women gamble are quite different from those of their male counterparts. For instance. New Zealand women choose to play online where they have their personal space and will not have to explain to everyone what they are doing. An excellent iCasinoReviews remains the best place to gamble privately for fun and/or real money. You still have access to all the games you would have at land-based casinos without leaving the house or spending money on food and drinks.

Another casino preference of women who gamble is game diversity which allows them to spread their risk. For long, it was thought that they preferred slots that are easy to play, but we now see them tackling the more challenging games for better returns.

Games that Women Play Online


Assistants from major universities throughout the world have begun to research how different preferences have women and men in gambling. The end result is undoubtedly intriguing and worth contemplating. Men enjoy gambling machines, poker, roulette, and other such activities, according to all research articles. They enjoy betting on live tables, and the interaction between the vendor and the player keeps them interested. All gambling games are viewed through the eyes of the ladies from a completely new perspective.

The introduction of cell phones has vastly increased the opportunities for women to attend a virtual gambling club, choose a game, and spend their time there. Ladies participate in the sociability associated with games, according to research. They enjoy testing their luck to see if they are fortunate enough in their daily lives, which motivates them to mess around that’s why they prefer to play bingo or the lottery. By far most of the ladies, undoubtedly, partook in the gambling machines the most, in particular throwing a quarter and turning the wheel to check whether they had won anything by the day’s end.

Slot machines are easy to access and play at a land-based casino, and so it follows that their online versions are just as easy. They are well-loved by gamers for their ease of play, the various varieties you can try, and the features that make them likable.

Table games are ideal for players who want better returns. We have Roulette, Blackjack, and other games that all levels of gamblers can try when they want to reach heights they cannot reach with slots. Specialty games may not fetch you that much, but they will be fun to try out, like bingo.

Sports gambling is yet another area where female punters get to know and appreciate better than before. Most Kiwis are generally interested in sports such as Rugby since it is quite popular in the country, so they know the rules and have opinions when their favorite teams go out to play. Other popular sports include Netball, Basketball, Horse racing, and Football. Currently, NZ doesn’t allow local companies to provide gambling services, but players have enough choices with the international brands allowed to operate in the country. Click here for more.

How Female Gamblers Choose their Casinos in New Zealand

Before playing or even registering an account at an online gaming site, female players are advised to read the terms to know what to expect when they finally start placing bets. Most sites give straightforward instructions and rules, but you have to read them to understand the extent of the site’s commitment to your safety.

Here are the top things to look at when choosing a site for gambling:


Licenses: You will see this information on the homepage, showing verifiable license numbers. You want to ensure they are valid and from licensees, you can trust.

Game Variety: You want as many options as possible to expand your gaming skills, which will come from the variety the site has. Slots, table games, and specialty games are all available at most of the international sites in NZ, so you are spoilt for choice.

Security: Encryption is the name of the game as it protects your data and information from being picked by the wrong people that could use it fraudulently. You can tell the kind of security a site has from the homepage, so pay attention.

Bonuses: Most sites will give you a little money on the side to boost your confidence in your gaming skills, and we suggest you take advantage of them. Newbie players get the best treatment, but you could also get lucky later with free spins and other weekly offers that target existing players.


You may want to look at other things, such as payment platforms on the site and whether the NZD is accepted, so you don’t have to change your money to other currencies. You also want a site with English as one of the languages of instruction, and there is always a low minimum limit to favor.


There are several reasons why the number of female bettors is rising, some of which we have addressed in this article. They want to make money, have some fun, and even challenge themselves with the money management and gaming skills of casino games. Are they careful not to fall into the addiction trap? Yes, they are because we haven’t noticed an increase in the issue. As has always been said, gambling does not have to be problematic if you know how to gauge your risk and decide which steps are ideal for you. If you have a handle on your habits, you are not putting your income at risk by gambling.