Can A Serie A Team Win The UEFA Champions League 2024/2023


It is certainly possible for a team from Serie A, which is the top professional league in Italian football, to win the UEFA Champions League in the 2024/2024 season. The Champions League is a prestigious and highly competitive international club tournament featuring the best teams from across Europe. Any team that qualifies for the tournament has the potential to make a deep run and potentially win the title, regardless of which league they come from. That being said, the competition will be fierce, and it will be a tough challenge for any team to come out on top.

We are now waiting for the second stage of the competition, the play-offs. Also, we can say that some Italian clubs had more luck in the draw, especially when it comes to Napoli who is facing Eintracht Frankfurt. It is marked as a favorite among bookies as well, and if you want to check more about the best online betting sites, visit SmartBettingGuide. In this article, we are going to analyze more about the real chances for any Italian club to win the CL.

Teams With the Best Odds

When it comes to the main favorites, you will find some well-known names that are often in the final stages and expected to be seen in the semi-finals. Some of those clubs are Bayern Munchen, Paris St Germain, Real Madrid, and Manchester City. When we compare the teams, quality of players, and current results, it is not a surprise that Manchester City is the main favorite at the moment, with an average odd of only around 2.80 to win this competition.


They are highly motivated since they are waiting for this title for a long time. They managed to win the national competition for many times in recent years, but CL is always slipping away. The first follower is Bayern Munchen, the best team from Germany. They have a decent team that can always reach the final. The odds for them are around 7.5. The next favorite is PSG, with superstars like Messi, Mbappe, and Neymar. They also didn’t have enough luck to win this title in previous years.

Even though Liverpool is not doing the best job in the Premier League this season, they are still holding a high position among the main favorites for the CL, with an average odds around 10. It is interesting that Real Madrid is only fifth among listed favorites, with an odd of 14. However, it would not be the first time that this club is listed outside of first four favorites, and still gets to win the title.


When it comes to Italian clubs, the best position is held by Napoli, who is showing some excellent games this season. They are right under Real Madrid in the list of favorites, and bookies are giving them great chances of winning this tournament, with an average odds being under 15. Napoli is a great project that is working hard to create a balanced team with great players in each position. They have some excellent players like Osimhen, Khvicha, Politano, Zielinski, and more.

Also, this team is already showing amazing skills in Serie A. They are holding the first place for a long time, and it seems like this is finally a season where they will get the domestic title. The interesting fact is that they are waiting for that since Maradona was playing for this club. Their rival in the play-offs is Eintracht, who is the biggest surprise on the tournament. They managed to win the Europa League last year, and it won’t be so easy for Napoli to beat them. Still, there is a gap in quality between them, which is the main reason why Napoli is the favorite.


When it comes to the other two Italian clubs, Inter and Milan, they will have a more difficult job, especially the red part of Milan, which is playing against Tottenham. Inter is playing against Porto, and is listed as a favorite. However, the Portugese club is known for showing great perfomarnces in CL, and they always have talents that can surprise.

Milan is the main rival to Napoli in Serie A, and they also have some great players. However, Tottenham is also full of stars like Harry Kane, Son, Richarlison, and others. Therefore, it will be one of the most interesting games in the play-offs.

Furthermore, it will become much more difficult for all clubs that pass the first stage because they might face some of the main favorites before the semi-finals. In that matter, some luck will be needed as well. For instance, there is a match between Club Brugge and Benfica, and all other teams will be interested to see the winner of this game as their next opponent.


If any of Italian clubs gets them in the next stage, it is more likely to see it in the semi-finals as well. After that, everything is possible. The main favorites are very strong, but not unbeatable, and we already seen many surprises in this tournament.

Manchester City and the winner between PSG and Bayern are the clubs that everyone would like to avoid before the finals. If Napoli, Inter, or Milan, manage to do that, there is a great chance to see them in the final game.

Last Words

As we already mentioned, the best chances for this outcome is for Napoli. They can play against many clubs in the CL on the highest level, such as Liverpool, Chelsea, or Dortmund. They were winning against these clubs in the past as well.

In the end, we have to mention that even though Manchester City is the main rival, things will become much more difficult in the second part of the season, with a lot of games in both Europe and domestic league, and the same thing is for all other clubs in other leagues.

Therefore, a lot of factors can affect the form, such as injuries of key players, challenges in domestic league, and more. In that matter, seeing Napoli or Milan winning the finals might seem as a huge surprise at the moment, but there are small details and luck that can decide the outcome of the games in the play-off stage.

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