10 Best Robot Vacuums For High Pile Carpet 2024 – Make Your Room Spotless And Shining

Cleaning big homes is daunting and overwhelming, so mention laborious and mundane. In this society where technology has replaced slow progress, it is time to take a step forward and invest in high-pile carpet robot vacuum cleaners. These cleaners are competent and equipped with sensor detection and a protective buffer to not bump into boundaries.

Investing in robot vacuum cleaners is much more advantageous than domestic helpers, requiring little to no maintenance. Technological advancements have improved robot vacuums and moppers to make your room spotless and shining.

In this article, you will understand four top-notch robotic vacuum cleaners that proved themselves to be superior:

Robot Vacuums For High Pile Carpet – Top Picks for 2024

1. Yeedi Mop Station Pro Robot Vacuums and Mop

yedi mop robot

First on the list is undoubtedly the Yeedi robot vacuum and mop station with a three-in-one self-cleaning technology. On a brief note, they are equipped with dual-power spin mopping that can eradicate even the tiniest dust and debris.

With 3000Pa suction and intelligent mapping, the Yeedi robot vacuum can guarantee excellent high-pile carpet detection features. It also tops the reviews with a colossal 750ml space for collecting dust, enabling it to run all day long!

Being a top-natch carpet cleaning robotic vacuum, it is equipped with a HEPA filter with a product dimension of 20 inches length x 18.75 inches width x 18 inches height. Some of its astronomical features are provided below:

Dual-power spin mopping: Cleaning is a dynamic and comprehensive ordeal with two mopping pads. The dual-power spin with strong force collects the most stubborn spots and stains on the ground. Spinning over 180 times a minute gives a new cleaning edge to your house.

Self-cleaning mopping pads: With their self-cleaning technology, you can never find the mopping pads dirty. Equipped with two 3.5 litres of water tanks to clean the mops, you will not have to worry about foul odour or cross-contamination. This means that your mops are always kept clean.

Strong Suction: The Yeedi robot vacuum boasts 3000Pa suction power to pick up the heaviest dust particles. Moreover, it also integrates the ultrasonic carpet sensor, spotting your carpet from a mile away. It not only does the sensing but also transforms itself to clean it intellectually by preventing wetting and deeper cleaning.

Applicational Voice Control: To take technology to a new level, you can control the Yeedi cleaner with your voice. It enables you to set a cleaning sequence and schedule that works best for you. You can integrate it with your voice assistant by setting up the places you don’t want it to go.

Auto Recharge: Yeedi is a top-of-the-line robot vacuum that brings proper convenience to life. Every 180 minutes, your Yeedi fuels up the 5200Ah battery in no more than a single charging session.

2. iRobot Braava Jet M6

iRobot Braava Jet M6

Next on the list is the wifi-connected iRobot Braava Jet M6. The precision jet spray technology eradicates debris with a high degree of accuracy. Its innovative mechanism learns the map of your home and integrates customizable features that mop the places you want pristine beauty.

It cleans the home in precise rows on tiles, hardwood, stone, and carpets which are customizable with the iRobot OS and voice assistant. Some of its notable features are as follows:

Precision Jet Spray: You can clean the most stubborn greases and debris anytime, from weekly maintenance to emergency stains. The M6 is programmed to target the customized integrated hotspots, regardless of whether it is under a sofa. This helps you have a simple and hands-free mopping session in your time of need.

Voice Assistance: Building on the hands-free mopping convenience, you can also integrate voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa from enabled devices. You can use their iRobot Home application to schedule times and orders if they are inconvenient.

Comprehensive Control: The intelligent control of the Braava jet allows your home to be mapped and studied comprehensively.

The intelligent mapping technology helps you determine the clean zones to be maintained and high-traffic areas that need special attention. You can also assign “keep-out” zones to avoid certain areas like food bowls and pet play stations.

3. Roborock S7 MaxV

Roborock S7 MaxV

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Robot Vacuum cleaner is comparable to no other when it comes to convenience. Built on the grounds of maximum efficiency in vacuuming and mopping, the Max V set a new standard for automation through the empty wash-fill dock.

The wash fill dock is the most notable advanced feature that helps you achieve the cleanest floors. Some of its key features are given below:

Self-Reliant Technology: Setting a new standard for automated cleaning, the self-washing system is a unique advancement that washes the mop before and after the cleaning session.

The vacuum refills the water tank while cleaning, achieving over 3230 square feet of area. The self-cleaning and self-emptying design makes maintenance more accessible, requiring no bin changes for up to 7 weeks.

Fast Charging: The charging design is 30% faster than all the contemporary models. Moreover, you can also enjoy some of the lowest electricity bills with off-peak charging.

Strong Suction: The suction power has been strengthened off the charts with a whopping 5100P, which means you will witness the strongest suctioning that removes stubborn stains and greases with double power.

Intelligence: The ReactiveAI 2.0 integrates 3D scanning and automatic neural processing designed to execute a unique machine-learning algorithm, enabling it to work as efficiently as possible. It processes the projected area and accurately recognizes the patterns and obstacles, avoiding all possible damage. You can also remotely view and chat with the robot like a human.

Security and Privacy: With cameras built into robot vacuums, security and privacy can be the main concerns for the owner. However, this is different from the Roborock S7 MaxV. The ReactiveAI 2.0 saves no image and is certified by TUV Rheinland, adhering to the ETSI EN 303 645 cyber security standards.

Sonic Vibration: If this product sounds too good to be true, wait till you hear about their deep cleaning feature with the sonic sound vibration. Suctioning over 3000 times a minute, the 300 ml electronic tank leaves a spotless floor and carpet.



The ECOVACS X1 OMNI boasts a hands-free experience with the all-in-one Omni station that auto-cleans itself. Distinguishing the clean and sewage water, you will not have to touch the tanks for a long time. It supports auto-washing and drying, mops clothes and fills itself with clean water after every cleaning session.

The auto-emptying suction power of 21kPa makes itself home in this list with the most potent suction, emptying the dustbin within 10 seconds. The 3L dust bag is disposable and lasts up to 60 days. Other notable features are given below:

Hot air drying: The cleaning session always ends with a curated heating device that dries the mopped area and the pads. This feature ensures that bacteria and odor are prevented from spreading.

4-stage deep cleaning: The ECOVACS X1 is equipped with dual-side brushes that provide an integrated mopping and suction vacuuming experience. The floating main brush and the 5000Pa suctioning remove the most stubborn stains.

The Turbo 2.0 rotating mopping system also promises a deep and efficient cleaning session. It rotates 180 times a minute, paired with 230% suction power for lasting spotlessness.

AIVI 3D: AI computational power and an RGB macro photography sensor with autopilot technologies improve the ability to avoid obstacles and recognize people.


And that marks the end of the four best robot vacuum cleaners that integrate top-notch mopping features on the high pile carpet. When opting for the right carpet vacuum for your home, always read the specifications section of the product.

The size and weight play an important role in adapting to your furniture and space. Ensure all your requirements are met, including intelligent mapping and noise reduction, for a quiet and enjoyable cleaning experience.

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