10 Best Sliding Miter Saw Under $300 2024 – Top Picks

If you are reading this page then my best guess is you are in search of the best sliding miter saw under the $300 category but if it happens that you don’t know what a miter saw is or capable of then I would also love to tell you that a miter saw is a tool that is capable of cutting through several materials.

It comes with sharp blades and is also durable to cut through steel, plastic and also wood.

However, miter saws can either fall under the battery-powered category or under the standard corded category as well but whichever one you decide to settle for, you would surely get the best performance out of it but when it comes to the best for occasional use then the cordless miter saw is simply the best option for use.

There are also miter saws that come with interesting features like the laser mark guide cutting feature which ensures precision and accuracy.

Looking at miter saws now, we can actually say that they have become easier to use thanks to the advancement of technology and they are now able to make cuts at different angles, are even designed to be safer and also tend to run a very quiet operation.

What this means is there is a high tendency to get the best results when cutting with a miter saw.

Best Sliding Miter Saw Under $300 – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Now, we consider miter saws to be extremely versatile tools that possess the ability to make bevel cuts which could be single or dual just by tilting the blade and also make miter cuts just by rotating its base.

They can also have varying maximum cut angles depending on the manufacturer and thanks to a sliding action, its blade is designed to move either away from the user or toward the user so as to make wider cuts.

However, we want to cut the chase right now and go straight to the point as we bring you the best miter saw that would be perfect for a three hundred dollar budget and you can trust that these miter saws would make work easier for you especially if you are doing it yourself type of person.

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Best Sliding Miter Saw Under $300

1. Delta Power Equipment Corporation S26-263L Slide Miter Saw

The next sliding miter saw that we want you to have a look at is the Delta Power Equipment Corporation miter saw which is also a ten-inch miter saw like the previous miter saw we just finished taking a look at and guess what, it also has a lightweight design which makes transporting this miter saw from one room to another very easy and convenient.

Now, there are so many interesting features that this miter saw comes with but one feature which also tends to attract the eye is its table extension design which helps in providing a good amount of support needed when working on long pieces or materials.

However, this miter saw also comes with a laser design that is controlled using an on and off switch and the laser guide design is a very important feature this miter saw has as it is useful when it comes to making sure the blade aligns when working so as to cut conveniently as well as making precise cuts.

It also comes with a spindle lock design designed with the aim of holding its spindle secure when try to lose or remove blade nuts.

  • Perfect shipping weight
  • Delivers top of the class cutting performance
  • Best entry-level miter saw
  • This saw moves to one side
  • Has a short fence
  • It also comes with a fault table lock

2. Metabo HPT 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw, Laser Marker System

This is the second spot a miter saw from the METABO brand is occupying on this review and need I remind you that the METABO brand was formerly known as the HITACHI brand and despite the change in name, they are still known for the production of reliable and high-quality tools that make work easier.

There are two unique features this miter saw comes with which can be rarely seen in other miter saws on the market and these features include micro beveling as well as a laser marker system which helps in providing precision when making important cuts. It is also capable of generating lots of power needed to make cuts thanks to its 15amp motor.

What most users love about this miter saw is the elastomer material which is used in coating the handle of this saw and this coating helps in preventing slipping, vibration and also offering comfort while making cuts.

It can be used in cutting different wood types, decorative panels, plywood, crown molding and more.

  • Well packaged
  • This saw comes already mounted
  • Has a nice design
  • Operation is easy with this saw
  • Simple to make blade changes
  • Very accurate
  • Inaccurate laser mark feature

3. TACKLIFE Sliding Compound Miter Saw 12-Inch, 15-Amp

The TACKLIFE sliding compound miter saw comes with a 15amp motor which delivers a no-load speed of about 3800 RPM and what this tells you about this miter saw is it would be suitable for making tough cuts and efficient cuts while its laser mark design which is controlled using a switch helps in marking a cutting line as well as offering support when cutting long pieces.

Now, your work station or area doesn’t have to be covered in dust when working with this miter saw and that’s why the manufacturers thought it wise to add a dust collection system that can be easily connected to a vacuum cleaner for trapping about seventy percent of dust while working. This is useful as it helps in maintaining a clean environment.

Other accessories that come with this miter saw are a set of clamping systems, a dust bag, allen wrenches, two extension rods, one carbon brush and a user manual.

  • Impressive delivery
  • Ideal for making perfect cuts
  • Has an ideal weight and is also portable
  • Has some issues with minor parts

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4. WEN MM1011 Compact Sliding Compound Miter Saw

The WEN MM1011 compact sliding compound miter saw occupies the eight position as we edge closer to the end of this very review and it is interesting to know that this miter saw features a powerful 15 amp motor which provides enough power required to cut through boards that are 3.5 inches thick and 12 inches wide.

It comes with a class II onboard laser guide cutting system which helps in obtaining precise and accurate cuts and its motor is capable of rotating at about 4500 times per minute, therefore, making this miter saw ideal for slicing through hard wooden materials.

Users are guaranteed they would get the best out of this sliding miter saw while other notable accessories that it comes with include a dust port adapter, clamp, dust bag and two table extensions.

  • High-quality sliding miter saw
  • Easy to make adjustments on this miter saw
  • Lightweight for ease of use
  • Its fence isn’t a perfect square
  • Dust bag comes off easily

5. Genesis GMSDR1015LC 15-Amp 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

This is a heavy-duty and powerful sliding miter saw that we have brought to you right now and the Genesis GMSDR105LC sliding compound miter saw is one that has an exceptional build which ensures that all of your cutting needs are met whether they are compound cuts, bevel cuts or even miter cuts.

This miter saw from the Genesis brand is able to deliver smooth and fast cutting action thanks to its 15 amp motor that provides a good amount of power required for cutting and that is why this miter saw is perfect for crown molding, base molding, siding and flooring.

What would impress you about this miter saw from Genesis is its laser cutting guide which boosts up accuracy when cutting as well as ensuring that setup is quick while other accessories that come with the entire package includes two extension wings, a dust bag, clamp, installed carbide blade, blade wrench and more.

  • Ideal for making straight cuts
  • Dust bag gets rid of dust
  • Works well
  • Wrong images were uploaded

6. SKIL 3821-01 12-Inch Quick Mount Compound Miter Saw 

Lastly, the SKIL 3821-01 twelve inches quick-mount compound miter saw is the final entry into our best sliding miter saw for a three hundred dollar budget and what you are staring at right now is a miter saw which features a laser cutting guide that makes sure all cuts are accurate and fast.

A very interesting feature of this miter is its 9 positive stops which makes it convenient to set certain miter angles and when it comes to providing the required amount of power needed to make these cuts, you can count on its 15 amp motor which generates about 4500 RPM that makes sure even the toughest cutting tasks are taken care of.

However, users of this sliding miter saw would be pleased with the right and left extension rails that this miter saw comes with as it is important in accommodating long and large pieces of material on the table extension and what’s more, it comes with a quick-mounting system which helps in setting up this miter saw easy and quick.

  • Ensures that every job gets done
  • Solid tool
  • Delivers smooth cuts
  • Very powerful
  • Perfect for cutting and laminate flooring
  • Setting and making adjustments is easy with this miter saw
  • Doesn’t have precise angles for cutting

7. DEWALT Chop Saw, Quick-Change, (D28715)

This is a high-quality product from a very reliable and trusted brand. The DEWALT brand is one that has been making quality tools for so many decades and that tells you the type of tool that you are looking at right now.

This tool right here is one that can be used alongside handsaws and hand tools and thanks to the fact that it comes with a 15amp motor, it is able to generate a good amount of power for higher overload capacity.

Now that is just the beginning of this product. There is also a quick wrench blade system that is responsible for changing wheels on this tool without making use of a wrench or any other special tool.

Working with this tough quality and sturdy saw means you would be able to make not just straight cuts but angled cuts as well. This is possible because of its adjustable, tool-free fence design.

We would not forget to mention its quick-lock vise which makes clamping of several materials fast and easy. Lastly, there is also a soft start gear which helps in enhancing the motor life of this tool while its ergonomic handle makes gripping this tool firmly and comfortably.

  • Finding a working base is easy with this tool
  • Can be used daily
  • Has a sturdy and steady base
  • Used in cutting metal
  • Its fence lock and fence is poorly designed and dangerous

8. CRAFTSMAN V20 Sliding Miter Saw Kit (CMCS714M1)

best sliding miter saw under $300

This is another sliding miter saw that is earning great reviews from past users and guess what, it is one that you do not have to spend heavily on but a good idea when you are shopping on a budget.

It features part of the V20 cordless system and what you would find very appealing about this sliding miter saw from the CRAFTSMAN brand is its motor which generates about 3800 RPM that makes it suitable for trimming with ease, cutting of baseboards, hardwood and lumber materials.

One thing about power tools is that you need to settle for a tool that you would be able to work with comfortably and guess what, weighing just about twenty pounds, this sliding miter saw is completely lightweight and creates enough possibilities for users to work with this tool for a very long stretch of hours without feeling strains and pains on the hands.

It is also portable and thanks to its side handle, users would find it easy to carry this tool to their workstation.

  • Serves its purpose
  • Cordless design
  • Has several impressive features
  • Has an LED light for working in the dark
  • Feels a little bit underpowered

9. Delta Power Equipment Corporation S26-262L

This is the second time a product from the Delta Power Equipment company would find its way into our best sliding miter saw under $300 review and this should tell you that without any argument or doubt, the Delta Power Equipment company also specializes in the making of top-class power tools that would serve your purpose and meet your needs.

Being lightweight is an eye-catching feature of this tool as users would be able to move it about from one room to another with ease.

One unique feature tends to make this sliding miter saw stand out from all other miter saws on the market and that is the fact that it is able to work with all miter saw stands.

In addition, there is also a spindle lock design that is tasked with holding the spindle lock in a secure position when trying to loosen or tighten the blade.

You can also make bevel cuts using this sliding miter saw while nominal cuts can be made with just one pass.

  • Good saw for the price
  • Perfect for installing baseboards
  • Good quality tool
  • Its positive stops are not functional
  • Its laser became unstable in one year

10. Makita XSL01Z LXT Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw

This is the last sliding miter saw that we want you to have a go at when you decide to shop for a suitable sliding miter saw that you can make use of in your workshop.

This miter saw right here is very powerful as it comes with a motor that is capable of producing 2200RPM for work. The interesting feature of this sliding miter saw is its four steel rail sliding system which boosts the rigidity of this tool so it can be able to make superior cuts.

This tool however doesn’t come with a battery and weighing about twenty-seven pounds, users have praised how lightweight this tool as it doesn’t cause any stress or strain on the hands.

This is why anyone can work with this tool for a long period of time daily and maximum comfort is guaranteed.

  • Fits the hand
  • Great for small site jobs
  • Very versatile
  • Not for professionals
  • Under power tool

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Final Words

The truth is when it comes to finding the best sliding miter saw under $300, you are bound to struggle with making the right choice as finding that miter saw which has all the features you need to be able to meet up with your needs could be extremely difficult.

There are key features that we have already talked about that would help you in finding the right miter saw for you.

We are sure that after going through this review and considering all the features that we have talked about, you would no longer find it challenging to settle for the right miter saw that would suit your needs. Good luck.

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