LED High Bays to Improve Your Warehouse Lighting

Warehouses are essentially storage spaces for large items or bulk goods. All warehouses have a large vertical and horizontal area to cover with uniform bright light. Traditionally in all such spaces, industrial or commercial, Halogen fixtures are of everyday use as they produce high-intensity light, which is an essential requirement in all such spaces.
Recently, LED technology has taken over the lighting industry with a bolt. This advancement has been beneficial to many business owners in several ways.

Large businesses need to have warehouses, and for them to run smoothly, a good lighting setup is just as essential because there are several processes happening inside a warehouse like processing, assortment, loading, unloading and even small-scale production.

Here are a few ways in which LED high bays can dramatically improve your warehouse lighting:

1. High lumen output

Source: ledsmagazine.com

high bays are available in a wide variety for better efficacy. LED high bay lights are generally available in two different shapes Round and linear. Round high bays are also known as UFO high bays. The difference in shape and size does not affect the fixture’s lumen output, and the same lumens can be available in both designs. This is a highly beneficial factor as the same lumen output is available in both designs and various sizes.

The difference is light distribution, and high round bays distribute light in a circular pattern while linear high bays distribute light in a horizontal pattern. High bays are powerful luminaires hence the high light output and despite the design they are available in a range of lumen outputs to choose from.

2. Uniform Lighting pattern

High bay lights have a uniform light distribution pattern. LEDs are arranged on the surface of the guide plate in such a pattern that it ensures equal distribution across the surface. The glass or acrylic lens impacts the light distribution positively by distributing the light equally around the edges and in the center. The mechanism by which light is directed out of the fixture is total internal reflection. High bays lights are robust luminaires, so the light from the fixture can cause eye strain even when at a certain heught but LED high bays barely ever cause static or any disrupted light pattern which causes strain on the eye. It provides glare-free uniform bright light, which can be adjusted according to requirements.

In warehouses, most products are lined up on towering shelves or on processing belts and high bay lights accentuate them to facilitate in locating the items. For general lighting, they facilitate transportation of goods within the facility and movement of heavy machinery within the premises.

3. They are Durable

Source: lumega.eu

LED high bays are composed of highly durable material. The housing of high linear bays is made up of aluminum and is slim and lightweight. It is easy to carry, assemble, transport and install, unlike troffer light fixtures, which have modular grid shapes and heavier. They fit into shallow ceilings.

Other features that make the LED high bay fixture highly efficient are the fins located at the back of the UFO high bay fixture, which efficiently dissipates heat. There are also different covers for ri=ound high bays to accentuate the light and improve the fixture’s efficacy.

These factors make the fixture highly durable and efficient. The glass covering is made up

of tough, resistant glass or acrylic which directs the light, withstands rough temperature and environmental conditions.

The fixtures are IP (Ingress protection) rated for protection against water. The three IP ratings are IP65, IP66, IP67 which protects the fixture against water projected from any direction with high pressure or even when completely immersed in it.

4. Low maintenance

LEDs tend to live up to their warranty period and rarely ever malfunction during that time. They do not suffer non-passive failures or require frequent replacement or maintenance like other lamps, which highly reduce maintenance costs. This one factor make them highly beneficial for business owners as the electricity bills are significantly reduced as in such facilities lights function round the clock.

5. Longer life-span

Source: groupga.co.uk

LED high bays are super-efficient and have longer life spans as compared to their traditional counterparts. Despite higher initial costs, they cover all the expenses within six months of installation. They have proven to be quite energy-efficient; they reduce utility bills, which is highly beneficial for a business owner. The typical life span of 150 watt LED high bay is 60000 hours which is basically around 6 years. During their service life LEDs don’t malfunction or give out, they slowly disintegrate towards the end of their lives until they are replaced within their warranty period.

6. Smart lighting controls

LED high bays can be integrated with smart lighting controls. They are dimmable and can be integrated with sensors for efficiency. LEDs also provide adjustable range of colours for ambience. The correlated colour temperature and CRI index can be adjusted prior to installing. The temperature range falls between warm yellow 2500K to cool white 6000K+. in warehouses most convenient range is between 5000K to 6000K to maintain a certain level of brightness and visibility from a high ceiling position.

LEDs also have high Colour Rendering Index unlike fluorescent fixtures which has the colour rendering index of 80. This imparts cool blue light which causes strain to the eyes and cause headaches whereas high CRI renders original colours of the surroundings which also aid visibility.


LED high bay lights can improve your warehouse’s lighting layout quite significantly while also reducing energy costs. Warehouses are high ceiling areas with storage shelves reaching the ceiling; high bay lights can be installed in various ways for better light distribution in such areas. LED high bays come with two mounting options, surface mounted or suspended mounted, where they can suspend through ceilings through pendants or chains. The mounting option allows light to be distributed at any level and in any direction.

With several benefits, they are indeed a smart choice to be adapted for warehouses or any industrial or commercial setups