10 Best Air Purifier For Dust Removal – 2024 Top Picks And Review

Getting rid of dust from the air is proof that science and technology have really evolved in recent years because right now, we can easily solve thousands of problems which would really get us depressed one hundred years ago.

However, more problems tend to come up every day and one such problem is the accumulation of tiny particles known as dust in the air.

The air most times can also be contaminated with pet dander, hair, paper, dirt, dust mites, skin cells and more. This would prompt you to shop for the best air purifier for dust removal immediately.

The main question here is why would you want to make use of an air purifier for dust removal? Well, we have dust everywhere nowadays even in offices, homes, cars and no matter where you live or what you do, dust is one factor that you are bound to encounter.

The worst part about dust is they tend to trigger allergies which can make living a very hard thing to do and the best way to battle these allergies is to get rid of the dust first of all. This includes knowing where it comes in from and how you can get rid of it.

Best Air Purifier For Dust Removal – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Are you suffering from dust allergies and you need a way of getting rid of them? Then you don’t need to worry anymore as you are certainly on the right page.

What is waiting for you below is information on how to get rid of dust using a well built and quality air purifier and after reading this review, you would have knowledge on how to rid your home of dust and other air contaminants.

Dust can easily set themselves up in front of appliances, on the floor, on furniture, on the bed and even on curtains but you do not need to panic because with the right cleaning routine combined with the use of a good air purifier then you can get rid of dust from your homes and offices significantly.

To get rid of dust, check out the best products we have listed and discussed just for you.

Best Air Purifier For Dust Removal Review

1. IQAir [HealthPro Plus Air Purifier] Medical-Grade Air [HyperHEPA Filter]

best air purifier for dust removal

If you are looking for a reliable air purifier that would get rid of dust then you must be looking for an air purifier which is built to have a high-quality fan as well as one with a unique air filtration system then the IAAir medical-grade air purifier is simply the best product that you can ever make use as it is built to deliver a top of its class performance.

What tends to attract people to this air purifier is the fact that it makes use of a TRUE HEPA FILTER which clearly is the highest standard when it comes to the HEPA filtration system.

Its fan has more than enough power that makes sure not just dust but dust mites as well get blown away and that is why this product holds down the top spot in this review because we know that it is the best product anyone can ever invest in if you are thinking of getting rid of dust.

It can get rid of dust in a 115 square feet area and what’s more, it also comes with a smart sensor that automatically adjusts the air so as to boost the air quality in a room.


  • Remarkable air filtration performance
  • Quiet
  • Comes with a smart sensor feature
  • Backed with a five-year warranty


  • This is a high range segment machine

2. Airpura R600 HEPA Air Purifier, Carbon Filter Be

The Airpura R600 HEPA air purifier is the next product on our list that we want to have a go at and need we remind you that the Airpura brand is one brand that cannot be overlooked for the air purifiers it has made so you should know that what we have right here is another reliable and well-made air purifier.

It comes with a TRUE HEPA FILTER combined with a poly pre-filter that works effectively in getting rid of dust mites and dust problems and thinking about replacing the TRUE HEPA FILTER won’t be necessary because it lasts for about 3 to 5 years.

The fan power of the Airpura R600 air purifier is powerful enough to compete with the fan power of the 1QAir medical-grade air purifier that we just finished talking about as it is built to clean up at least 2500 square feet of a room.

Furthermore, this air purifier also comes with an Airpura Central Air system which can be installed easily so as to introduce quality air in every corner of your home.


  • Outstanding performance based on its TRUE HEPA filtration system
  • Has a sleek design and made using high-quality materials
  • Its Airpura Centra Air System can be installed with ease
  • Has a five-year warranty backing


  • Doesn’t have a handy smart sensor

3. Blueair Classic 605 Air Purifier, True HEPA Performance

Thanks to its HEPA SILENT technology, you can count on the Blueair classic 605 air purifier to combat hay fever, asthma and other air allergies as it makes use of the combination of mechanical filtration and electrostatic technologies to provide an amazing TRUE HEPA performance.

This also ensures that a very good percent of dust, pollen, dander and mold are all gotten rid of which makes this air purifier the best option to be used in kitchens, living rooms and also large bedrooms.

You would also be impressed with its dust protection filters which creates additional carbon filtration levels that also helps in eliminating smoke and odors which were caused by wildfires and here comes the most interesting part of this air purifier, it can be controlled easily using the Amazon Alexa app or the Blueair friend app.

It also boasts of having a triple fan speed which makes it easy for you to sleep without getting disturbed by noise.


  • Well built using premium materials
  • Compatible with WiFi
  • Has an impressive fan power
  • Has a five-year warranty


  • At its highest fan speed, this air purifier tends to be noisy
  • Replacing its filter is expensive

4. Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Air Purifier

If you are in search of an air purifier that would be best used in extra large rooms to get rid of dust and dust mites then the Honeywell True HEPA allergen air purifier is simply the best as it has proven to be able to trap about ninety-nine percent of air contaminants which makes it very reliable and trustworthy when it comes to getting rid of dust, allergens, odors and more.

It is solely built with the aim of getting rid of contaminants from the air so as to make sure that the quality of air in a room is greatly improved.

While going through reviews, users were impressed with the fact that this air purifier can circulate air up to five times in a given room in about sixty minutes and this enables you to breathe with ease knowing fully well that your room is clean and fresh.

This air purifier is the best if you want to have a taste of a healthy breathing experience as well as getting rid of bad odors and dust from a room.


  • Excellent at filtering air
  • Helps with sinusitis and allergies
  • Effective at eliminating dust
  • Fast and easy to assemble


  • Late delivery
  • A customer complained of getting a defective product

5. Whirlpool WPPRO2000B Whispure True Hepa Air Purifier

At the fifth spot we have the Whirlpool WPPRO2000B Whispure True Hepa Air purifier and this air purifier made it to this review based on its performance and value.

If you suffer from allergies then this is the best air purifier for you as it features a TRUE HEPA filter system capable of eliminating about 99.9 percent of dust and allergens and that isn’t all as it would also get rid of pollutants and particles that were caused or brought about by wildfire. This air purifier can be trusted to get rid of dust, pollen, mold spores and even dander.

If you want to breathe freely then this is the air purifier that you should consider giving a try as it makes use of active carbon filters which gets rid of bad odors generated through cooking, smoking and pets and thanks to its quiet partner system, this air purifier isn’t just quiet but also very efficient.

There is also a smart automatic mode which takes note of the air and adjusts the fan speeds automatically.


  • Long-lasting air purifier
  • Has a high-quality material construction
  • Very quiet
  • Exceptional at getting rid of dust and smoke


  • Makes a squeaking noise

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6. Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier

This is a three in one air purifier which is very effective in trapping 99.7 percent of dust, mold spores, dander, pollen and other allergen and the Germ Guardian Air Purifier makes use of an ultraviolet C light in getting rid of airborne diseases such as rhinovirus, staph, influenza.

It is also designed to be compatible with titanium dioxide which makes it effective in cutting down on organic compounds that are volatile.

There are many features that this air purifier possesses and having a pre-filter is one of such features.

This pre-filter is useful when it comes to trapping pet hair and dust as well as other particles and this in turn helps in increasing the life of the HEPA filter. There is also an activated charcoal filter which makes sure that all unwanted odors that can be gotten from pets, cooking fumes, smoke and more are reduced.

However, its UV C light is optional for use but it has three-speed settings for users to select from.


  • Works as described


  • Produces a burning smell
  • Gets burnt easily

7. Pro Breeze 5-in-1 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter

The Pro Breeze air purifier is the best for people who are sensitive to airborne particles, allergy sufferers and people who just want to improve the quality of air in their homes. It comes with a five-stage purification system which helps in trapping about 99.7 percent of dust, allergens, and also bacteria.

However, this air purifier has a negative ion generator that is aimed at neutralizing and sanitizing airborne bacteria, pollutants and even viruses so as to create a clean environment.

This air purifier from pro breeze also comes with a sleep mode and smart timer which would shut down or turn on this air purifier after one to four hours and this makes sure that you have a peaceful and undisturbed night rest.

You can count on this air purifier if you want to get rid of harmful pollutants, unwanted smells as well as boosting the quality of air in a room or workspace.


  • Increases the quality of air
  • Affordable
  • Works easy
  • Very quiet and efficient


  • None

8. Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier

If you are itching to know what breathing in a clean air feels like or if you desperately want to get rid of indoor air pollutants from affecting your lungs then the Hathaspace Smart True HEPA air purifier is the best product to try as it is capable of filtering off about 99.7 percent of air pollutants like dust, mold, pollen, pet hairs and other bad odors.

This air purifier can also be trusted to help combat irritated eyes, coughing, sneezing and another allergy just to ensure that the air you breathe in is clean at all times.

An interesting aspect of this air purifier is its cellular activated carbon filter that is effective when it comes to absorbing gases, smoke and other bad odors while its smart air quality sensor is designed to monitor air quality so as to adjust the fan speed.

Its display is also useful in telling you the quality of air at a particular point in time using three colors red, yellow and green and you get a two-year warranty on this product after purchase.


  • Very sensitive and highly recommended
  • Aimed at improving air quality in a room
  • Can be set easily
  • No difficulty in use
  • Quiet operation


  • Its instructional manual isn’t comprehensive

9. PARTU HEPA Air Purifier

As we get closer to the end of this entertaining review, we are bringing to your the Partu HEPA air purifier which makes use of a triple-stage filtration system that includes an activated carbon filter, HEPA filter and a pre-filter and all of these filters come together to efficiently trap dust, smoke, pollen, dander and other particles in the air and the part that would interest users most about this air purifier is the fact that essential oil can be added to this air purifier right underneath the purifier air outlet so as to make the room smell great.

Having a lockset design means this purifier is safe and won’t get damaged either caused by a child or by pet and thanks to its triple-speed settings, users can easily have control over the volume and speed of this device.

It has a sleek design that also makes it look attractive and we consider this air purifier as the best for use in small and large rooms. Users should also note that its replacement filter should be replaced between three to six months.


  • Works very well
  • Has a touch sensor that turns on and turns off this purifier
  • Runs a silent operation
  • Keeps the air refreshed
  • Gets rid of dust and pet smells


  • Not as compact as described

10. PARTU Air Purifier True HEPA Filter Alleviates Allergies, Dust

This is the final product of this best air purifier for dust review and it is however no coincidence that another air purifier from the PARTU brand has made its way to this review for the second time.

This simply shows that the PARTU brand makes good air purifiers that would serve you better and this purifier comes with a five-layer inner filter that is designed to trap at least 99.7 percent of dust, pet dander, mold, smokes and more in air, therefore, making sure that the air you breathe is free from allergens and contaminants.

If you have trouble sleeping then you can count on this air purifier to provide a soothing and calm sleeping environment for you and guess what, it would also not interfere with your sleep as it runs a very silent operation so you would sleep undisturbed.

This air purifier would also get rid of sore throat, dry eyes and other types of irritation in the morning while its LED color can be changed at night to provide a peaceful sleeping environment.


  • Customer service is impressive
  • Super quiet operation
  • Designed to enhance the quality of air in a room
  • Has the best size
  • Setting up is easy


  • Its night light function isn’t visible

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Other Ways Of Eliminating Dust From Homes

An air purifier is clearly the best way anyone can get rid of dust not just from their homes but also from offices but there are also other methods or means that can be used in getting rid of dust from your homes. Below are some simple tips that you can make use of;

  • Avoid Carpeting – Carpets and rugs might tend to look nice and feel good under the feet too but the truth is they are good agents that attract and harbors dust. If you don’t make use of a good vacuum in getting rid of dust from your carpet and rugs then the dust might just keep increasing and this could lead to the development of allergies. Making use of solid floorings like vinyl, laminate, tile and hardwood seems to be the only option for use.
  • Avoid Feather Dusters – Feather dusters might seem like the appropriate thing to use in order to clean up chairs, cabinets and tables but they tend to produce more than good when checked properly. They are also good at spreading dust rather than collecting dust and instead of making use of feather dusters, it would be better to make use of a damp cloth for cleaning as they are more efficient at collecting dust particles.
  • Weekly Changing Of Bedding – This might be strange to you because you would not know that dust tends to hide and multiply inside mattresses and they are also good at staying inside your pillows and bedsheets. In addition to making use of a reliable air purifier, changing your bedding weekly is also a good way to keep dust away from your homes and it is also ideal to wash bedding in hot water as it would help kill dust already residing inside.
  • Rugs Should Be Cleaned Outside – Rugs are best cleaned outside and the reason for this is because you do not want to spread or circulate dust inside your home while cleaning your rug. Rugs tend to absorb dust more because they have this sponge-like design which makes them attract dust easily so it would be ideal to clean rugs outside your home to avoid the spread of dust.
  • Under Furniture Should Be Vacuumed – If you take a closer look underneath your furniture then you would realize that there is a heap of dust beneath it and the dust would also find any available means to travel to other parts of your home if it isn’t taken care of. If you want to maintain a clean home then you should constantly vacuum underneath your furniture.

Final Thoughts

We trust this guide to help you find the best air purifier for use in your home as it comes with every necessary information that you would need to find the right product for you.

Also, we hope that you would understand how important air purifiers are and purchasing one would be an investment that you would benefit greatly from.

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