10 Best Chainsaw Under $200 – 2024 Top Rated Products With Reviews

Finding the best chainsaw under $200 could also be very challenging even if you had to go through the basics but luckily for our readers, this review features several top-rated chainsaws that have earned positive reviews on the market and we are quite positive that this review would be very helpful to you when you decided to purchase a good and reliable chainsaw for your gardening needs.

This review however contains some top-rated brands like the Sun Joe, DeWalt, Greenworks, BLACK+DECKER, WORX  among others and each of the product we would be looking at very soon has the right features like impressive safety features, nice bar length, solid engine and many more which makes sure it tackles any job that is being handed to it without too much effort.

Best Chainsaw Under $200 – Buying Guide And Recommendation

best chainsaw under $200

If you want a chainsaw that packs a lot of power in it or you want a chainsaw that would be suitable for lightweight cutting then proceed with this review as you would be privileged to meet with electric, cordless and corded chainsaws which would perfectly meet a two hundred dollar budget.

You can trust this review to find that product that you need so let us check them out right away;

Best Chainsaw Under $200 On The Market

1. Sun Joe SWJ599E 14-inch Electric Handheld Chainsaw

best chainsaw under $200

Instead of settling for a gas chainsaw, this electric chainsaw from Sun Joe is one built to rise above every competition as it has proved to be a cleaner and greener way of maintaining your gardens and lawns and this chainsaw right here features a 9-amp powerful motor which makes it slice through any obstacle with ease and makes every cutting task look so simple.

No matter how thick the branches you want to cut might be, this chainsaw would tear them down.

Versatility is a very important feature of this chainsaw as it can be used in pruning as well as for trimming of branches and limbs and what’s more about this powerful tool, it is also built to be safe as it features a safety switch which helps in fighting against accidental starts.

However, there is a feature which this chainsaw possesses that cannot be seen in most chainsaw products out there.

This feature includes having an automatic oiler that also has a window which plays an important role when it comes to gauging oil. This feature is generally useful as it ensures that the tool stays well lubricated.


  • This tool is built to do the work
  • Has a nice safety feature
  • Quite simple to put together


  • Not so durable as advertised

2. WORX WG303.1 Powered Chain Saw

Comfort and safety are two key features that were seriously considered when designing this chainsaw from WORX as it features an in-built chain brake which makes sure that this chain stops immediately it notices that a false contact has been made.

This is quite an impressive feature which helps in preventing unwanted kickbacks while the addition of a rubber molded handle combined with a well-wrapped front handle enables users to work in comfort and control.

We were pleased with the design and build of this powerful chainsaw as it doesn’t require you to mix gas and oil or even have to deal with unpleasant and difficult startups.

Having a 14.5-amp powerful motor makes sure that it delivers an impressive cutting performance which makes it a very good option for ranchers, farmers and also for homeowners. It also features an auto-tension system that fights against over-tightening.

It also has a three-year warranty which takes away the worry of finding another chainsaw while its in-built oil reservoir, automatic oil lubrication and window level are other main features of this powerful chainsaw.


  • Offers plenty of power
  • Built to be lightweight
  • Simple to make use of
  • Delivers a quiet operation


  • Its cord tends to make the operation quite challenging
  • It also consumes excess bar oil

3. Remington RM1425 Lightweight Corded Electric Chainsaw

Weighing just about six pounds, the Remington RM1425 electric chainsaw is one of the best and lightweight chainsaw that would also fit your two hundred dollar shopping budget and this chainsaw also has an easy to wield design which makes it quite easy for anyone to work with it effectively.

This is one chainsaw that can be trusted to meet every trimming needs while its handle is covered using a handguard so as to protect the hands from debris.

Its mode of operation is extremely simple and easy as it features a squeeze trigger which engages its 8-amp outstanding motor and therefore ensures it cuts through saplings and branches and here is another interesting feature of this chainsaw, it features a quick tensioner which makes changing its chain tension very fast and less stressful.

This tool arrives already assembled unlike some other chainsaws so it gets to work immediately it arrives.


  • Its chain is held tightly as it doesn’t fall off
  • Lightweight build
  • Cuts down logs that have large diameters
  • Features a powerful motor


  • Some users complained of leakages
  • Gets broken easily

4. WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw 18-Inch 4 15.0 Amp

This is the second entry from the WORX brand in our best chainsaw under $200 review and what does this tell you other than the fact that the WORX brand kept to its word when it said it is only interested in the manufacture of high quality and effective tools that would meet the needs of customers.

With a powerful 15.0 amp motor, this chainsaw guarantees to deliver an exceptional cutting performance. It also guarantees to handle any task thrown at it.

There is also an automatic tension chain system that helps in preventing against over-tightening of its chains therefore making sure that its chains maintain the right tension so as to be able to meet up with various needs.

For safety, this tool right here comes with an in-built chain brake and also a low kick bar and there would be no need to struggle in putting this tool together as it comes out of the box already assembled and ready to get to work.


  • This chainsaw also puts in an amazing cutting and trimming performance
  • Has a high value
  • This is an electric chainsaw that doesn’t require the use of gas
  • Features a powerful and reliable motor


  • Its spare parts are difficult to find
  • Has a plastic build that makes it gets broken easily

5. BLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaw, 18-Inch, 15-Amp

The next chainsaw that we would like to talk about is the BLACK+DECKER 18-inch, electric chainsaw and this tool comes with a 15-amp motor that makes it very easy to handle very demanding cuts, falling of large branches and also makes gardening chores look simplified and easy.

Its 18 Oregon low kickback bar and chain also make it possible for this tool to deliver an amazing cutting performance and this is why it is a preferred option for several difficult cutting tasks.

It also features a tool-free tensioning chain system which serves for easy and fast chain adjustments while the addition of an automatic oiling system also makes sure that its chain and bar gets lubricated constantly.

The oil levels of this chainsaw can also be monitored using its clear window while its chain brake safety feature makes the safety of the user and the tool its number one priority.


  • Well balanced during use
  • Lightweight feature
  • Starts up with ease
  • Comes with a sharp and good blade
  • Tightening its chain doesn’t require the use of any tool


  • Gas operated chainsaws are more powerful than this chainsaw
  • Its power cord tends to affect or interfere with the operation

6. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw

Yet another BLACK+DECKER chainsaw product to make it to our best chainsaw under $200 review and this equipment right here features a battery that holds about 20V of maximum power which guarantees longer running time.

What we actually mean is this chainsaw when fully charged can lasts five times longer than the average chainsaw on the market and adjustments can be made quite easily and quickly thanks to its blade tension system that does not require any tool for making adjustments.

However, it isn’t wise to invest in such a powerful tool as this and end up going back to the market to shop for another alternative in a short period of time.

That’s why it is quite necessary that this chainsaw doesn’t come in contact with any liquid or water so as to make sure it lasts longer.

Control and comfort is also another benefit that users would gain thanks to its wrap-around bale handle.


  • Made by a trustworthy brand
  • Simple to work with
  • Delivers an amazing performance
  • Its battery last long


  • None for now

7. Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw

The numerous chainsaw products on the market could make it very challenging for anyone to find a reliable chainsaw and especially one that would be suitable for a two hundred dollar budget and this product here is one manufactured by the GREENWORKS brand which is also another trusted brand when it comes to making power tools and other accessories.

It comes with a powerful 40V lithium-ion battery. This battery is solely responsible for delivering a fade-free performance coupled with no memory loss when it is fully charged.

Comfort and ease of use is also another notable feature to take a look at when considering this equipment as it comes with a wrap-around handle which allows users to cut at multiple positions as well as trimming at different angles.

It also features a tool-less tensioning system that also boosts its cutting performance.


  • Cuts down trees easily
  • Holds a charge for a long time
  • Properly designed chainsaw
  • Easy to operate
  • Impressive tool-less  chain tension adjustment feature


  • Not a durable chainsaw

8. DEWALT DCCS620P1 XR Brushless Cordless Chainsaw Kit

This is the first DEWALT product to make it to our best chainsaw under $200 review and we must admit that its been a long time coming as we are quite sure our readers must have been waiting for a DEWALT product to finally pop up.

This is because the DEWALT brand is also another brand that maintains the production of high quality and reliable tools that would ensure that desired tasks get carried out.

One of the features that make this chainsaw worthy of being a part of this review is its brushless motor which ensures the maximization of motor life, as well as the run time of this tool and there, would not be complaints of hand pain or fatigue when working with this tool as it features a lightweight and compact design which makes work easy and storage very convenient.

Being lightweight and compact would make users enjoy the comfort and optimal control each time they make use of this tool.

This tool is also versatile as it can be used either outdoor or for construction cutting purposes.


  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Promotes one-hand operation
  • Takes down trees or obstacle easily


  • None that we know of

9. Oregon CS1500 15 Amp Self-Sharpening Corded Electric Chainsaw

The OREGON CS1500 self-sharpening corded electric chainsaw is also another chainsaw that is earning positive and impressive remarks from users who have already tried it out and one of the remarks that caught our attention is the fact that it doesn’t cause stress to assemble as all that is required of anyone to do when trying to assemble this product is just putting the tensioner on the guide bar while the bar and chain are also placed on the saw itself.

This chainsaw is constructed to deliver silent cuts which are why most people commend its quiet operation and here are another nice angle to look at when considering the OREGON CS15000 electric chainsaw, it features an instant start capability which makes it easy for users to get to work immediately when it comes right out of the box.

A chain brake feature is also added which makes this chainsaw safe while in use.

The presence of a guide bar and power sharp chain also lessens the possibility if having downtime as it would ensure that this chainsaw gets sharpened in just about three seconds.


  • Outstanding saw that puts in an impressive cutting performance
  • Gets sharpened quickly and easily
  • Has a safety feature


  • Its chain however requires constant lubrication

10. Earthwise CS31014 16-Inch 12-Amp Corded Electric Chainsaw

We are wrapping up the best chainsaw under $200 review with this chainsaw from Earthwise and this chainsaw right here is also electric, corded chainsaw.

Its push to start button makes sure that there isn’t any difficulty in starting this chainsaw when it is needed for use and being lightweight is also another feature to also take a look at.

Being lightweight ensures working with this equipment for long hours without feeling hand or wrist pain.

Its handle has a rubber molded grip that offers balance, control and comfort when working on trees and branches and we would not forget to mention its 12-amp motor which produces exceptional power like in gas chainsaws without users worrying about the mess, smoke or fumes.

Its automatic oiling system makes sure this chain is well lubricated while its oil level window allows one to keep track of the level in this chainsaw.


  • Designed to hold its chain very tight
  • Built to complete cutting tasks
  • Impressive automatic oiler


  • Poor technical support
  • Feels like a cheaply built chainsaw

Best Chainsaw Under $200 Buyer’s Guide

You are quite lucky if after reading through the best products that we have put together, you still need more information that would be helpful in securing a good chainsaw for your needs as we have already put together some reasonable information that would be useful to you.

Finding a suitable chainsaw doesn’t lie in finding the cheapest or the most expensive but it lies in which product would you be able to get the best performance and best value from.

Right now, we want to take you to go through some factors which would make finding the best chainsaw for you quite easily. They are;

  • Safety – Working efficiently and with ease is also very important and your safety is also something that ought to be seriously taken into consideration. For this reason, you need to be very certain that the chainsaw you intend going for has all the safety measures in place. The first safety measure is having a good knowledge of how chainsaws work as it would also help you in having effective control over it.
  • Power – The tasks that any chainsaw would be able to handle totally rests on the power that it has packed inside of it. Chainsaws that have less amount of power are mostly used for light home chores or needs while chainsaw that comes packed with heavy power is mostly used for heavy and large works.
  • Price – This is however the last factor that needs to be considered when thinking of what chainsaw would suit your needs as all everyone needs to do is compare every product and find that which would fall into its budget. Also, you have to be clear on the fact that not all expensive chainsaws are reliable and not all cheap chainsaws are fake but just ensure that you are getting a powerful and dependable chainsaw for what you have to spend on it.

Wrapping It Up

Our top-rated product reviews and also our buying guide would be helpful in finding the right chainsaw for you and after reading through this review, you would no longer see finding the best chainsaw as a challenging task.

Hopefully, you would be able to understand all of the chainsaw models that we have put together as trying to shop online without having any brand or product in mind could make it extremely difficult.

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