10 Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum – 2024 Top Rated Products & Reviews

Despite the fact that the autumn season is considered to be the magical time of every year based on how beautiful leaves look and also the holiday season that comes with, it also has some downsides as well.

The beautiful leaves look very beautiful when they are still on a tree but the moment they hit the ground, they become a very big problem for everyone around it.

Fortunately, if you are exhausted with making use of rakes to get rid of these leaves then the best commercial leaf vacuum is simply all you need to get rid of these leaves from any surface.

A leaf Vacuum is a machine that can be used in dealing with leaves that fall from leaves and although some people sometimes opt to make use of leaf blowers, the truth is you are simply stressing another person with the same problem.

Instead of settling for a leaf blower, a leaf vacuum is a right and ideal tool for every household as it makes sure all leaves are gathered from the ground without getting worried about the wind bringing them back.

Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum – Buying Guide And Recommendation

best commercial leaf vacuum

Right now we would be taking a look at the best commercial leaf vacuum products and what this means is you would be taking a look at the very best products which would not just make sure the problem is dealt with but also ensures that every task is done efficiently and faster.

Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum Review

1. Greenworks 40V 185 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Leaf Blower

best commercial leaf vacuum

If you want the best commercial leaf vacuum then the Greenworks Variable Speed Cordless leaf blower is one of the best choices anyone can make and looking at the market today, this is the only portable cordless leaf vacuum blower which also features a brushless motor that provides with loads of advantages compared to electric motors.

It has low operating temperatures, incredible efficiency as well as having a very lightweight. The advantage that comes with having the tool is it makes use of a Greenworks battery so batteries can be swapped in order to power several tools.

This vacuum leaf blower can be used in sucking up dry, wet and heavy leaves thanks to its variable speed which runs at about 185mph and even when a bag is attached, this tool right here still weighs about eleven pounds which is still very much lighter when compared with similar tools.

The only complaint people have about this tool is its low battery run time but considering all other excellent features that it comes with, this is by far the best tool.


  • Has a variable speed design
  • Comes with a brushless motor
  • Built to be lightweight


  • Weak battery life

2. Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum

When looking for a corded leaf blower vacuum that guarantees to get every job done, the Toro 51621 UltraPlus vacuum leaf blower is simply the tool you turn your attention to and based on the fact that this is a wired tool, users do not have to be worried about needing or carrying along with a spare battery but in some cases, a very long cord might be needed.

Being able to provide about 250mph makes it very possible to suck up any kind of leaf and this is a complete kit right here as it comes with a nozzle kit which enables users to cover more areas while working.

Coming with a shredder blade, the Toro 51621 vacuum leaf blower would easily get any work done and suck up any leaf it finds on its way and here is one benefit that comes with making use of this vacuum leaf blower from Toro, its sharp blades can be relied on when mulching leaves.

One downside that we know about this tool is the shape of the nozzle makes it impossible to blow smaller leaves in tall-sized grasses but in general, this is one great vacuum blower.


  • Has a very high speed
  • This is a wired electric vacuum leaf blower
  • Also comes with an all shredder blade that can be used in mulching leaves
  • Comes with a nozzle kit


  • Not effective in sucking up small leaves

3. Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac

Here is one of the best commercial leaf vacuum blowers on the market and this is also another leaf vacuum from the Toro company that we would be looking at in this review.

This is one leaf vacuum that has a high suction power and when compared with other models, this tool proved to be very strong as it is capable of providing 410 cfm.

What this also means is that this tool can be used in sucking up wet leaves which is one feature that is lacking in most models and another interesting feature of this tool is its ability to switch from blower to vacuum mode.

There are quite some problems with this vacuum leaf blower which we would also love to point out and one of these problems is having a poor collection bag.

The value of this tool would have increased if it actually had a quality and reliable collection bag and another defect is this tool seizes up if it comes in contact with pine needles.

This problem can actually be found in most vacuum leaf blowers and maybe if this tool doesn’t have any of these problems, it might as well be holding down our number one spot.


  • Has a high suction power
  • Works well especially with wet leaves
  • Transits easily between blower to vacuum modes


  • Has a poor dust collection bag
  • Doesn’t work well with pine needles

4. WORX WG510 Turbine Fusion 12 Amp Electric Leaf Blower

This is also another great model which comes with a lot of features and potentials that has made it possible for it to find its way to our best commercial leaf vacuum review and its outstanding feature is its dual-stage metal impeller which features two stages of cutting leaves so as to reduce their size greatly.

Most of the leaf vacuum products on the market only cut down leaves by eight times but it is different from this tool as it cut down leaves about twenty-four times.

This also means that you would several bags to carry away leaves which helps in saving up money and space.

There are complaints that this isn’t the commercial right tool because it features just two speeds which makes it very difficult to carry out several types of cutting jobs and there is also a complaint that this tool is underpowered compared to other tools out there on the market.

This tool from Worx also has the tendency to produce more dust than any other leaf vacuum on the market but this might be a result of its dual-stage metal impeller.


  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • Has an impressive dual-stage metal impeller feature


  • High possibility of producing excess dust
  • Features just two-speed settings
  • Low in power

5. Patriot Products CBV-2455H 3-In-1 Leaf Vacuum

This is one tool capable of providing a raw amount of power that can be used in vacuuming the entire yard and this tool is built to run on a gas-powered engine which makes it possible for it to weave through all types of branches, leaves and debris.

Its durable metal impellers are designed to cut down any leaf that stands in its way and thanks to its large size dust collection bag, all debris and leaves can be packed easily so as to maintain a clean environment.

Now, here is an interesting feature that our readers should note about this leaf vacuum and that is it is a push operated type of vacuum but I guess by now you are thinking about the stress and pain that your arms and shoulder would face.

Well, that isn’t the case with this leaf vacuum as it requires users to walk behind it then allow this machine to do its job. No matter the size of debris or leaf, this machine would take it down and it is just perfect to work on any yard.


  • Powered by gas
  • Features a durable construction
  • Its thick wheels make it extra convenient
  • Has a large size storage bag
  • Very quiet when in use


  • Likely to generate harmful emissions
  • Spilling might occur when trying to empty the collection bag

6. BLACK+DECKER BV5600 High-Performance Blower

This is another high-quality brand that is known for making several quality and reliable products and even though several people are familiar with the fact that the BLACK+DECKER brand makes high-quality kitchen items, they are also involved in the making of high-quality machinery and in this case right here, this is a three in one leaf vacuum blower that is capable of mulching, vacuuming and blowing leaves.

What you would get out of this product is a long-lasting lifespan as well as more power and even though it might not seem so agile or versatile, this is also another excellent tool that you can rely on.

Running a quiet operation is also another great thing about this leaf vacuum and this is also because it doesn’t make use of gasoline.

This is also the best choice for use when vacuuming medium to large-sized yards.


  • This is a three in one model as it contains a mulcher, blower and vacuum
  • Runs a noiseless operation
  • Designed to be lightweight
  • Has a two-year warranty


  • Its power cord might interfere with the operation
  • Impeller might tend to overheat in some cases

7. Earthwise BVM21010 Corded Electric 3-in-1 Vacuum

This is also another great option that any gardener can make use of. This is due to the fact that it comes with so many features which have earned it more ratings that so many other products on the market and speaking about these features, we are talking about being able to switch between vacuum and blower modes, easy to set up or put together and many more.

Its blower is ideal for gathering leaves but if you want to get access to shrubs and flower beds then its vacuum is the mode to switch to.

What most customers who have made use of this product had to say about this model is its well-designed collection bag which can be easily attached and thanks to its zip design, emptying this dust collection bag is quite simple.

Weighing about 7.5 pounds makes this tool very lightweight and it is also a better choice for use on small and medium-size gardens.

It is also capable of providing desired results when working on any of the sizes of gardens that we have mentioned.


  • Perfect for seasonal use
  • Lightweight
  • Its dust collection bag is also very easy to empty
  • Gets job done


  • Has lesser power

8. Tanaka Commercial Grade Gas Powered Handheld Blower

The next commercial leaf vacuum that we want to take a look at is from the Tanaka brand and this isn’t a cheap product but one which comes with a powerful motor that makes sure it gets its job done.

This leaf vacuum features a three-section tube that can be twisted easily so as set up quickly and the reason why this machine has found its way to our review is that it has the power to blow matted and wet leaves from any surface.

Being able to collect small leaves and debris is also another thing this vacuum is capable of.

However, there are complaints that this machine feels a bit heavy and this is a result of its motor that is powered using gas.

Having a seven-year warranty means that you can enjoy excellent and precise clearing and cutting action for a very long time and one more, just a few pulls of the power cord, this machine guarantees to start regardless of the weather condition.


  • Gets the job done quickly so as to save time
  • Takes away the stress of making use of a rake
  • Has lots of power
  • Runs smoothly


  • This isn’t a long-lasting commercial leaf vacuum

9. BLACK+DECKER LSWV36 Lithium Vacuum

When searching for the ideal tool or machine that can get rid of debris, grass clippings and leaves from garages, sidewalks, driveways and other types of surfaces, this leaf vacuum and blower from the BLACK+DECKER company is a machine that can be trusted in to get any of these tasks done thanks to 1.5ah battery that produces about 40 Volts which doesn’t just make this machine easy to use but also makes sure it provides the reliable amount of power.

This machine has a feature that isn’t found in other leaf vacuum machines and that is the presence of a power command control which helps in controlling maximum power as well as maximum run time while weighing about 5.4 pounds makes this leaf vacuum an extremely lightweight tool.

Its low noise design ensures that quiet operation is constantly being run and lastly, it comes with an inbuilt scrapper that loosens stuck debris or matted leaves.


  • Effective in picking up leaves and dirt as well
  • Produces enough power for operation
  • Its battery lasts compared to other models


  • Clogging of air intake issues

10. WORX WG509 TRIVAC 12 Amp 3-in-1

We have gotten to the very last product of the ten best commercial leaf vacuum products that we are taking a look at and this is also another leaf vacuum from the WORX brand that we would be looking at as it is not just only fun and simple to use but this tool also acts very effective in getting rid of debris and leaves from your lawns, gardens and even driveways.

This tool also features a three in one design as it allows users to switch from vacuum to leaf blower and even to mulch modes just by the push of a button.

It has a dual speed setting that makes switching from one work to another easy and despite the fact that this machine comes packed with lots of power, it is designed strictly to be controlled using just one hand.

This is also because it is lightweight and that makes it very easy to handle.

One last thing we want our readers to know about this tool is its clever tube design which makes it easy to work or gain access to difficult to reach leaves and shrubs.


  • Very pleasing to the eyes
  • Comes with a lot of power capable of displacing leaves
  • Well balanced when held


  • Its on and off switch is quite hard to engage
  • Working for long using just one hand might cause hand fatigue

Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum Buying Guide – Key Features


First things first, you would certainly need a leaf vacuum that can be able to take care care of leaves in just a few passes because you really do not need to empty a canister within five minutes interval and that explains why you need a leaf vacuum that has a good amount of storage space.

Bearing this factor in mind, leaf vacuum that can also mulch leaves are recommended options as they tend to store up a good amount of refuse in the collection bag for work to go on.

When looking at the various types of leaf vacuums that are available, it is very wise to take note of how much gallons it is able to hold and also its container type.

There are some that have canvas bags while others might be a hard shell canister type.

Lastly, one factor that you also need to carefully take a look at is how easy it is to empty this leaf vacuum and you shouldn’t forget that once it gets filled, it might get heavy too so you need to be careful so as not to be thrown off balance.

Corded Vs Cordless

How many yards do you have to cover and also how big is your yard are some key questions that would help in figuring out if you need a corded or a cordless leaf vacuum machine?

If you have a lot of yards to cover then the cordless would be a good option as you do not need to work around with a long cord which might tend to interfere with work.


After carefully examining all of the models that we encountered while carrying out our research, we can say that the Greenworks 40V 185 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Leaf Blower is the best option that anyone can settle for.

This cordless leaf vacuum is powerful, efficient, has low operating temperatures and what’s more, it is also capable of sucking wet and dry leaves which isn’t a feature that is found in every leaf vacuum today.

We also recommend that you check out some of the reviews we have listed below;

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