Top 10 Best Gifts Under $5 for Kids 2024 – Ultimate Buying Guide

best gifts for kids under $5

Do you want to surprise your child with a gift? Neat. We put a task in front of us to find Top Ten things that don’t cost a lot. After all, a gift does not have to be expensive to be significant, right? This list is here to prove that. We found the things that your child will love, and you won’t feel like you had to empty your pockets to surprise them.

Top Gift Ideas for 2024

1. The Original Metal Slinky Walking Spring Toy

The Original Slinky Walking Spring Toy

This present is classic! Whenever somebody gets this gift they are pleasantly surprised and you hear a loud and startling: “Slinky!” This toy has put a smile on the faces of both kids and adults for decades!

For just $3.89 you get a vintage style Slinky in silver color and it will be an amazing gift for your little ones! This spring toy can walk downstairs and it makes the familiar slinky sound that we all love!

Millions of slinkys have been sold all over the world. The inventor Richard James made a toy that could be found in everybody’s home since the 1940s. It’s 2024, and we guarantee that your kid will love it, and smartphones and tablets will be briefly forgotten as they have fun with a toy that has put a smile on the faces of millions of people including you.

2. Starte Small Mini Coin Purse Messenger Bag Crossbody Satchel for Kids Girls, Mermaid Sequin Bling Bag for Girls Backpack

Starte Small Mini Coin Purse Messenger Bag

It’s hard to find a child who is not fascinated with mermaids. Imagine the combination of a mermaid look-alike object and sequin. This combination is a winning combination for sure! Your little one will love this Mini Coin Purse Messenger Bag by Starte.

The sequins can be flipped to another color so your kid will love that design! It’s eye-catching and extremely appealing! Even the zippers are colorful. There are different models, so you can buy several of these and complete different outfits!

These bags are an ideal gift for an enthusiastic fashionista, and they can be an addition to a costume. We do not doubt that your child will love it!

3. Momoka’s Apron Pink LOL Doll Earring Stickers (24 Pairs) for Birthday Gift Party

Momoka's Apron Pink LOL Doll Earring Stickers

Next on our list are Momoka’s Apron Pink LOL Doll Earring Stickers. We know that kids love stickers (they put them on the fridge, furniture, and pets). You can’t go wrong with a fun and colorful set of stickers and these are exactly that!

They are appropriate for kids older than 3 (the younger ones tend to snack things and you don’t want them to swallow a sticker). You get one pack of colorful and fun stickers in shapes like heart, star, and diamond.

This gift is an ideal surprise and your kids will unpack it as soon as they get their hands on it. They can decorate their notebooks, laptops, and scrapbooks. Order a pack before it’s out of stock!

4. Wild Republic Macaw Plush, Stuffed Animal, Plush Toy, Gifts for Kids

Wild Republic Macaw Plush, Stuffed Animal

Our next pick is this lovely plush toy. Kids love soft, cuddly toys, and this stuffed Macaw will become their next favorite plaything.

This stuffed Macaw from Wild Republic will grab the attention of your child with its vibrant colors and before you know it, they’ll carry it around with them everywhere. Good luck trying to take the toy away from them to wash it! Speaking about washing, this plush toy is surface washable so you can clean it easily when your child is done playing, so fear not!

Wild Republic is known for manufacturing high-quality educational toys. The size of this colorful Macaw is 5 Inches, so your child will carry it around easily, and it will not be difficult to bring it with you on family trips! Here is a quick demo of how this toy looks:

5. Crayola Disney Princess Color & Activity Book, 32 Coloring Pages & 7 Mini Markers

Crayola Disney Princess Color & Activity Book

Coloring Books are one of the most fun presents that a child can get. Even kids who are not that much into art go through a phase where they try to color everything in sight. (Pictures on walls are there as valid proof).

Instead of having your walls ruined, get them a Crayola Disney Princess Color & Activity Book and watch them color the amazing drawings with fervent enthusiasm! Rarely do you meet a kid that is not fascinated with Disney and they will surely love to give life to the drawings as they cover them in amazing colors!

In this package, you get 32 coloring and activity pages with games and hidden pictures and seven Pip-squeak Washable Markers. So, your child does not only get a coloring book, but also additional entertaining content that will occupy their attention! Give it to them when you want a few quiet minutes for yourself or during a ride when you need to focus on the road.

6. APORAKE Pop Fidget Toy, Push Pop Bubble Fidget Sensory Toys Stress Relief Gifts for Kids and Adults

APORAKE Pop Fidget Toy

Sensory toys are known to calm children when they are anxious by providing an outlet for the extra energy that makes them fidgety. Stress toys have become popular in recent years for adults, as well. So, if your little one tends to stress out, help them feel more calm and relaxed with this APORAKE Pop Fidget Toy.

The model that is presented to you is a yellow Octopus sensory toy, but you can choose from an array of colorful designs that are eye-catching and have the function of releasing stress and unease.

This sensory toy is super easy to play with. Players take turns pressing bubbles they want in a single row, and the player who presses the last bubble loses. Don’t worry about the safety and durability of this toy as it is completely safe for your little ones! You can let your kid choose a model that they like, or choose the one you think would be an ideal gift for them!

7. Wild Republic Fennec Fox Plush, Stuffed Animal, Plush Toy

Wild Republic Fennec Fox Plush

Here is another wonderful stuffed toy from Wild Republic, but this time we present to you a member of the fox family! This plush toy in the shape of a fennec fox is the most adorable thing that we’ve seen and we are sure that your child will think so, too!

This gift is ideal for kids who love wildlife or are just keen on foxes. Who wouldn’t be? The plus side is that this toy is eco-friendly as it’s made of recycled water bottles. You’re not just buying an awesome gift, but you are being responsible for the environment with this purchase!

Do not worry about safety as this toy meets the requirements set by SCSIA (USA) and EN71 (EU) for safety standards and specifications. With this purchase, you get a lovely gift that helps save the environment and you will make your kid happy! Give them the gift and ask: ‘’What does the fox say?’’

8. U.S. Toy Alien Glasses 5 1/2 Inch Green Sunglasses

U.S. Toy Alien Glasses Green Sunglasses

Your child is a UFO aficionado? Then these sunglasses are a perfect gift! Maybe they want to dress up as an alien, or just like to walk around pretending that they are visitors from Mars. Then they need a pair of green alien sunglasses to achieve the full effect. Well, aliens are presented as little green visitors, aren’t they?

You get one pair per package and they are made of strong plastic. The frames are green, but the lenses are black (to achieve that alien look). It is suitable for children older than three.

If you want to surprise your kid with a trinket that they will like, choose the one that will feed their creativity! The alien look will help them make their UFO games more realistic, as they pretend to fly in their flying saucer around the living room!

9. Disney Pixar Toy Story 4-12 Wood Pencils Pack

Disney Pixar Toy Story 4-12 Wood Pencils Pack

Is your kid a fan of Toy Story? Then this is an ideal gift for them! We present to you Disney Pixar Toy Story Wood Pencils Pack. This present is not just cool looking, it’s also useful.

Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Little Bo-Peep will draw your kid’s attention immediately. They’ll want to use all of these pencils immediately. They are made of real wood, and there are 12 pencils in this package.

Parents usually go for the toys when they need to buy a present for their kid, but actually, a perfect gift can be something inexpensive with their child’s favorite motifs and/or characters. Choose this gift and surprise your kid!

10. WerNerk Naruto Bracelet Rings Cosplay for Men Konoha Leaf Village Logo Bracelet Ring Punk Rivet Cosplay Costume Jewelry Accessories

WerNerk Naruto Bracelet Rings Cosplay for Men Konoha Leaf Village Logo Bracelet Ring

If your child is a fan of Naruto, and they appreciate punk style, then the Naruto bracelet ring is a perfect gift for them! There are several designs to choose from and they all look cool!

Naruto is a character from Japanese manga and anime series. The symbols from the story are very popular among the fandom and they’re easily noticeable. If your child wears the Konoha Leaf Village bracelet ring, it will be an obvious sign that they are Naruto fans.

These awesome bracelets are made of polyester, and the length is approximately 22 cm. Choose the most appropriate bracelet ring and surprise them with a gift that they will appreciate!

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Buyer’s Guide

Let’s face it, choosing a present for a kid in our commercial society is a real chore. First of all, the options are endless and you need to sort them out to find an adequate gift. That becomes extra important if you put a price range. You don’t need to buy only toys, and you can go for more practical gifts. Let’s see what we need to focus on when we try to find an adequate present.

Quality and Safety

These two things are the most important elements that you need to pay attention to. If you do not want to buy an expensive gift, pay attention to the material it is made of. If it says odorless and non-toxic, you can’t go wrong. If it has additional information about special safety certificates, you hit a jackpot. Toynk is a great example of a website where you can find quality and safety guaranteed toys and gifts.

Educational Goal and Creativity

If you buy a gift that motivates your kid to learn, or improves their creativity, you made the right choice. If the gift does not have an educational aspect, it’s good for it to be at least creative and keep their interest. You can buy something really small, but if it looks interesting, it automatically makes the usage more fun for the kid.


gifts for kids faq

Is this item safe for my kid?

We pay attention to select high-quality, toxic-free materials that will not harm your child.

Is this toy durable?

Most of these toys are durable because it’s paramount when a child plays with them. If they do have a fragile part, there is a special warning about it.

Is this an adequate gift for a four-year-old?

Pay attention to the age warning. If it says 3+, it is more than adequate for your child.

Do I need to buy age-appropriate toys?

It is important to pay attention to the age warning because there is a probability that kids will not be interested in a toy that is not designed for their age range. Also, safety is important as really young kids tend to stuck toys in their mouths, so you don’t want them to swallow something that might harm them.

Wrap Up

With this list, we proved that you don’t have to spend a lot to surprise your child. They will be satisfied with little things and presents that help them get creative. The greatest gift is spending time with them and watching them play with something that proves that a child does not need a lot to be happy.

Here are some other great gift ideas from the same price range:

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