Fighting With Coronavirus – Antiviral And Antibacterial Plants

Fighting With Coronavirus - Antiviral And Antibacterial Plants

A lot of people nowadays look up to antibacterial herbs and this might be a result of most stores not having cleaners for everyone. Even though viruses are quite different from bacteria, there are certain antibacterial sprays that are capable of killing both viruses and bacteria.

This tends to leave most people confused about what kind of plants they can turn to that would also offer protection when fighting against coronavirus.

Disinfecting With Herbs

Take for example, a peroxide cleaner and a multipurpose cleaner that you purchased from the store lists on its body that it kills not just viruses but also gets rid of bacteria.

For disinfecting to be done properly, the instructions on the body of these cleaner clearly state that the peroxide should be applied and left on surfaces for about ten minutes, while the multipurpose cleaner should be applied and left for two minutes, what this refers to is known as “dwell times”.

These cleaners contain chlorine which is a very popular disinfectant that works very fast and thyme is the first antibacterial that comes to mind based on the fact that most cleaners today have used thymol in place of chlorine.

This thyol is gotten from essential thyme oil and even though it is very effective in eliminating both viruses and bacteria, it also requires a dwell time of about ten minutes. Other plants where you can get thymol includes bee balm, lemon, cilantro, marjoram, oregano to mention but a few.

Make Use Of Essential Oils For Cleaning

When they are undiluted, essential oils might be quite toxic and in most cases, they tend to be mixed with vinegar or vodka in various recipes. For this reason, you should consider keeping your pets and children far from these oils so they do not get to inhale their mist.

Not that this might be very harmful but in most cases, it is bound to cause irritation. Telling how effective they are might be a bit difficult to tell but one thing you can be sure of is how effective they are when it comes to cleaning surfaces and wiping off viruses.

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Boosting Ones Immune System

One other way in which herbs can be used in fighting against coronavirus is through enhancing the immune system. This ensures that it fends off invaders and according to recent statistics, it has been proven that elderberry is very effective in cutting down how fast an illness would spread in a person’s system.

Garlic is also effective in getting rid of colds and adding garlic to one’s diet right now is such a good idea because it tends to act not just as an antiviral herb but also as an antiseptic.

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Several other culinary which can be trusted to help boost one’s immune system include sage, oregano, and also green tea. Coldeeze is a supplement that works on a natural base and can improve your immune system easily, too.

The coneflower today is one of the best and most used antiviral herbs and it is known to be very effective if it isn’t consumed for more than two weeks. However, caution needs to be taken when consuming these herbs especially if you are dealing with autoimmune diseases.

St. Johnswort is also another antiviral herb that doesn’t just boost immunity but also lifts off depressing moods. Side effects should be checked before consuming any of these herbs.

Seek Professional Help If Coronavirus Symptoms Shows Up

Despite taking all of the necessary precautions and you still get infected with the coronavirus one way or the other, the best action for you to take is to seek professional help.

Even when most of the antiviral and antibacterial herbs are used for minor ailments, people still tend to die of major diseases. What this means is these herbs would be effective when dealing with mild ailments and not major illnesses which can kill in no time.

In such cases, what you need is a medication that would get to work instantly in your body or a machine to keep you breathing.

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