How to Utilize Your Drive Time for Some Health & Fitness

Long rides can be uncomfortable and can cause a lot of fatigue and stress to the driver. Sitting in your car for a long time period can also cause aches and pains. Whether you are going out for a family vacation or going somewhere to meet your relatives, you can utilize your driving time for some fitness.

The seat height and angle can cause poor posture and other issues. To avoid this issue, drivers, as well as passengers, must be doing some physical activities inside their cars. Along with that, drivers must be making small adjustments to their driving postures after every few minutes.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the best tips to utilize your driving time. So, whether you are traveling across the countryside or a few hours from the city, these tips and exercises help your gears to test your legs and burn serious calories throughout the day!

1- Seat & Triceps Pushes


If you’re in the driving seat, pushing the seat can warm up your triceps while holding the steering wheel 10 and 2. Keep your arms free and folded. Keep your elbows straight and force them in the opposite way to the steering wheel while pushing your back into the seat. If you are a passenger, you can also try these triceps pushes. Sit straight with your feet and legs flat on the floor. With your elbows folded, place your palms flat on the sides of your hips. Pull your elbows to lift your back. Remember to exercise only in a stopped car and obey traffic laws strictly.

2- Adductor (inner thigh) Exercise

Place the tennis ball between your knees and tightly press the inside of the thigh. Keep the position for a few seconds simultaneously. Follow two series after 15 repetitions, while working with four-time sets.

3- Chest & Shoulders Exercise

Holding a tennis ball in your hands, slide your fingers on the ball. Bring your elbows to the sides of your chest, join your palms together, push and then release. You will feel work on the chest and arms. Do 2 series of 15 repetitions each and up to four sets at a time.

4- Forearms Workout


Strengthen your forearms with gardening, tennis, mountain biking, or anything else, which can improve your grip’s liability. Wrap your fingers around the tennis ball and press full power for one second, then release. Follow 15 repetitions on each side.

5- Calves Exercise

Perform 20 heel raises with each leg with both feet flat on the car floor. Change the side and make two series for each leg. To increase the engagement, place a tennis ball under your foot and lift your leg with a larger reach to the car seat.

6- Core Exercise

Sit straight on the car seat and make a straight line from the tailbone to the crown of your head. Pull the belly towards the spine before taking abdominal muscles. Focus on the bottom of the abdomen, just below the naval and above the pubic bone.

7- Glutes (butt) Workout


Like with the core, stimulate your tush with a similar exercise. Warm your glutes while sitting straight on the seat. Perform 3-4 times by keeping your muscles for 15 seconds.

8- Bumper Push-Ups

Position your shoulders on the bumper, and try to move your back into an elevated plank. Make sure to fold your elbows at 90 degrees while moving your chest down. Breathe out when pushing away from the car.

9- Little Break

Long-term exposure can cause joints stiffness, hard muscles, and body pain. Whenever the car stops, it’s important to stimulate blood circulation and keep your muscles active. In some good stops, patients under their belts will have a full workout.

And lastly, get yourself into a good foot massage. Take off shoes and keep the ball under your feet. Roll the ball under your whole feet, releasing the plantar tendon. Give it a rest until you feel relaxed. Lose the whole football and release the muscles alone. Use as much time as possible to feel comfortable.

It is also considered that walking every morning can help you make a good driver. We are responsible for doing our best to ensure safety when using wheels and are responsible for loved ones and walkers around us. May we constantly improve our physical fitness and driving behavior!

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