Guide to Easy Teeth Whitening at Home in 2024


Some people are born with good oral hygiene. Call it genetics or good dental habits, they always seem to have a set of pearly whites. I have seen people over the age of 70 who have sparkling white teeth. On the contrary, there are a few who are born with a troublesome set of teeth. 

There are discoloration, staining, cavities that look like caverns & gum problems. That’s why most people use teeth whitening products at home to get instant result, but there’s something you need to know. Teeth Whitening at home is widely advertised as being a convenient and cost effective alternative to professional teeth whitening. While this might be true to a certain extent, there is more to it than what meets the eye. Moreover, you can also try certain Bangkok Teeth Whitening clinics to consult with experts about such products.

Let’s face it – At home Teeth Whitening is a multimillion dollar business in several countries around the world. If you take teeth whitening strips for example, their sales far exceed the sales generated by any other teeth whitening product.

So, all the marketing and infomercials that you see across media channels only hammer the best aspects of the teeth whitening product.

Yes, you get whiter teeth if you use it for less than 30 minutes a day. But what happens if you use it for 10 days on the trot especially if you have sensitive teeth?


Here’s what they don’t show you.

  • Sensitivity – Start using a desensitizing toothpaste at least a week before you use any teeth whitener. This might not be mentioned in any instructions but it will help you combat the most irritating aspect of teeth bleaching. Continue to use the toothpaste throughout the cycle of your teeth whitener and then for a week or two after it. If you still experience sensitivity or burning in the gums, then discontinue the product and opt for a milder one.
  • Dietary Habits – What you eat before & after teeth whitening session, will prolong or limit the timeframe for which your teeth remain white. If you are love the 3 Cs, then your teeth color will slowly start to fade within a couple of weeks or a month at best.
  • Expectation – One needs to understand that there always will be a difference in the results produced by at home teeth whitening and professional teeth whitening. Home teeth whitening products will give you some degree of whiteness. But they will not be the same as professional teeth whitening.
  • Custom fitted trays are the best – If you are using teeth whitening trays, then not every pre-sized tray will give you the correct fit. Some may fit and cover all your teeth whilst others may not cover all the teeth. The boil and bite trays are slightly better.
  • Strips may not cover all your teeth – Teeth whitening strips may or may not cover all your teeth. Also, it is difficult to reach all corners and nooks of your teeth with these. While some people have achieved amazing results with these, not everyone may have the same result. Having said that, teeth whitening strips are also the most convenient method of teeth whitening.

Tips for First Timers Using Teeth Whitening Product at Home

Teeth Whitening at home is easy, convenient and cost effective. But if it’s the first time that you are trying out one of these products, then what should be a reasonably easy process can quickly turn into a nightmare if you are not careful.


So here are a few tips for people who are new to teeth whitening products.

  • Read the usage instructions carefully before you use the home teeth whitening kit. Different products have different instructions. Ensure that you know how to use it.
  • Almost all teeth whitening products except electronic toothbrushes contain bleaching agents (mostly carbide peroxide and rarely hydrogen peroxide) which remove or dissolve the stains on your teeth. And bleaching agents may hurt or sting especially if your teeth are sensitive to peroxide.
  • If you are using teeth whitening tray based kits then use only as much teeth whitening gel as recommended. In most cases, a tear drop is all that is needed.
  • Ensure that you wipe away any excessive carbide peroxide with a towel. If it squeezes out or comes in contact with the gums or lips, then it may irritate it.
  • Start with a lower concentration carbide peroxide gel. As tempting as it may seem to opt for that strongest formula, it is not recommended until you know how your teeth react to the lower dosage.
  • Do not use generic sized mouth trays. While these seem easier to use, they are not the most comfortable and may even hurt your gums.
  • Stick to the recommended dosage at all times. If the instructions are to wear it for 30 minutes at a time, then do not exceed that time. It may increase the sensitivity of the teeth and even cause burning.
  • Free trial offers might seem tempting. But read the fine print to ensure that you do not get billed for a monthly supply even if you are not satisfied with the product.
  • Smaller unknown brands may be cheap. But you get what you pay for. Stick to popular brand names to avoid problems.
  • Do not use coffee, red wine, cola or other items that may stain your teeth at least for two to three weeks post a teeth whitening session if you wish to increase the longevity of the process.
  • If you achieve your desired shade of whitening, then stop using the product. Do not continue to use it to increase the brightness of the teeth as prolonged and unmonitored usage may erode the enamel.
  • Contact your dentist immediately if anything goes wrong. (You feel pain, burning or peeling of the skin and it does not subside with time)

As bad as it may seem after reading this, most teeth whitening products can be used safely if you read the instructions carefully. So, have a safe and successfully whitening session at home or consult with The Smile Bar for safest teeth whitening treatment in Bangkok.