Top 6 Female Slot Characters in 2024

Online slot games are popular with global players because they’re relatively easy to play. Choosing games with a high return to player (RTP) percentage gives you an edge, and you don’t need too much time to develop the skills required to win the game.

Since thousands of digital games are available to punters, game developers are tweaking their offers to appeal to more people across all genders. It’s often perceived that men gamble more than women. But a study commissioned by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission discovered that as high as 42% of women engage in wagering at least once. Lotteries and scratch cards are top preferences, although younger people are more inclined to play slot machines.

Besides a strong presence in the online gambling sector, women have played major roles in game development. Strong female leads are universally loved in real-life or fictional settings. To capitalize on this, game developers have integrated them into their titles.

Below, you’ll find the top female slot characters you don’t want to miss.

1. Athena


The game, Goddess of Wisdom, pays tribute to the Greek Goddess Athena, known for being a multihyphenate female deity of warfare, practical reason, strength, arts and crafts, etc. As such, she deserves a title in the online gaming world. This game features 5 reels and 20 pay lines embedded with multipliers and numerous bonuses. You can also check out her character in the Age of the Gods casino game series.

In Age of the Gods, Athena is poised to take on Ares, the God of War, representing the brutal side of conflicts. In comparison, the goddess Athena is seen as a champion of warfare’s ethical and intellectual sides.

Both titles and the other games belonging to the series offer bonus rounds and huge payouts if you’re lucky. Speaking of luck, looking for slot games that offer consistently profitable payouts is always a good idea. Read more about slot games with the highest RTPs to determine which games provide the highest winning probabilities.

2. Lara Croft


Lara Croft debuted in the 1996 title Tomb Raider, which became a huge commercial success. A landslide favorite among video game players, it was updated yearly until 2000 and every few years after, releasing its final spin-off in 2018. So popular was this fictional game character that three movies have so far been created depicting her adventure. No less than Hollywood legend Angelina Jolie played Lara Croft in two films, while Alicia Vikander headlined the third installment.

At least two online slot games are created in Lara Croft’s honor: Temples and Tombs and Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword. The first title features an innovative game system called a Rolling Reels slot, in which a winning combination is replaced by symbols dropping from above the grid. The second title boasts great graphics that facilitate fluid movements, but free spins, multipliers, and abundant pay lines are the major draws that pull players across all skill levels.

3. Wonder Woman


Created in the 1940s by American psychologist and writer Willian Moulton Marston, Wonder Woman represents a tough female lead worthy of adoration. According to Marston, he made the character a ‘psychological propaganda for a new type of woman’ whom he believes should rule the world.

First appearing in comic books, the fictional character had a television series and films dedicated to her. To feature her in slot games is a no-brainer, and developers have done a great job creating one under her name.

Wonder Woman is a progressive slot game with free spins, 4 jackpots, and multipliers hidden in its 5-reeled display with 30 pay lines. Progressive slot machines take out a portion of every bet to place in jackpot kitties, continuously increasing until a lucky player hits the major prize.

4. Cleopatra


Despite being played by Hollywood’s most beautiful face, the late Elizabeth Taylor, Cleopatra is said to be average-looking. Experts believe Cleopatra’s brain and not her beauty is her most dangerous asset. This calculating female leader spoke many languages and wasn’t afraid to kill anyone to catapult herself to queendom. As a fearless leader, she led a battle against Octavian and lost. Ultimately, she killed herself to avoid being imprisoned at the hands of her enemies.

While Cleopatra didn’t meet a happy ending, this independent and forceful female leader has created a legacy from which every person should take inspiration. As such, she deserves a place in history and is worthy of being remembered, even in online games.

Understandably, Cleopatra is featured in multiple casino titles, including the Queen of the Pyramids and Mistress of Egypt Diamond Spins. Like the titular character, these games are far from boring and offer multipliers, free spins, and bonuses that make you feel like a winner.

5. Sansa Stark and Daenerys Targaryen


Game of Thrones is inarguably one of the most popular television series ever. At its peak, the show drew in over 10 million viewers, excluding global viewers who watch the episodes from unauthorized sources. The production likewise snagged major awards during its eight-season run from 2010 to 2016.

Inspired by the fantasy novel written by George R.R Martin, the show follows powerful families battling for ultimate control over the Seven Kingdoms. Game of Thrones also brought strong-willed women to the fore, pitting them against male archenemies.

Thus, fictional characters Sansa Stark and Daenerys Targaryen appear in Game of Thrones Power Stacks slots. Spinning their symbols on screen could get players returns or up to seven times their wager on a five-on-a-pay line scheme. Like most slots, it’s a 5-reel game with 4 rows and up to 40 pay lines.

6. Amazon Queen

In Greek mythology, the Amazons were fierce women warriors led by their Queen Hippolyte. Taking inspiration from the myth, comic book writers created Hippolyta, Queen of Amazon and mother to an equally powerful female slot character, Wonder Woman.

However, the woman representing the Amazon Queen in the slot game looks nothing like Hippolyta. She is more likely a representation of the female warriors who tried to fight Spanish explorer Francisco de Orellana. Unverified accounts reveal de Orellana was responsible for renaming the Amazon River, then known as the Marañon River, following his encounter with the said female fighters.

This slots game takes players on an exciting Amazonian adventure game featuring wild and scattered symbols for up to 100 free spins and bonuses. It’s a low-volatility game that lets players place minimal wagers.


Online slot games have extra features that make the game more exciting, including bonuses, free spins, and huge payouts. Beyond these perks, first-time and occasional gamers need to play online casino games safely by choosing legitimate sites and knowing better than to chase losses.

For players who’ve always wanted to feel like a winner, taking the role of a fearless leader, even in the digital gaming arena, is the ultimate bonus.