Sexual Health Risks You May Encounter During the Pandemic

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As much as physical, mental, and emotional health is crucial, so is sexual health. More so, your sexual health can affect your mental and emotional health as much as your physical health affecting your sexual and mental health.

All these components are interconnected. In becoming a well-rounded being, you must be in check with all of these and make necessary improvements to become holistically healthy.

Sexual health is quite more than just diseases and dysfunctions. Although the mentioned plays a quite crucial role, such health is the ability of a person to be open in embracing and enjoying one’s sexuality in their lives. It is how a person understands his or her sexuality and acknowledges its importance in life without limiting it to only sexual behaviors.

Sexual rights must also be recognized and respected in developing our sexual health. Moreover, the first step in understanding sexual health and managing or treating any sexual dysfunction. Having access to sexual health education, information, and care is a highly necessary component in sexual health.

To make an effort in preventing all Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and consult a doctor whenever needed does not only benefit you but also improves your relationship. It is easy to share about your sexuality and needs with your spouse along with healthcare providers. It is a crucial indicator that your sexual health is good.

The most crucial aspect of sexual well-being is intimacy, pleasure, and satisfaction whenever desired. However, due to sexual dysfunctions and mental and emotional health issues that arise, this becomes complicated, difficult, and sometimes temporarily or permanently impossible, but worry not, as there are different kinds of treatments.

Sexual activities, like masturbation, penis-vaginal intercourse, and others can benefit different aspects of your life such as physical, social, intellectual, psychological, and emotional. It can:

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  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Burn calories for you
  • Improve your cardiovascular health and prevent heart diseases that may be an underlying problem for an erection
  • Develop and strengthen your muscles
  • Keep you glowing and make you look younger because of increased estrogen released during sex

Psychological and Social

  • Improves your level of satisfaction and enhances your mental health
  • Increases the feeling of love, intimacy, and trust between you and your partner
  • Improves your identity, look through, and express your emotions
  • Lessens your mental processes by eliminating stress through emotional conflicts along with your immature emotional and psychological defense mechanism
  • Sharpen your memory when you get old
  • Easily become more intimating by the strong connection between you and your partner for increased satisfaction in a relationship

For men, research shows that sex reduces the chances of having prostate cancer. According to a study, men who can ejaculate 4 to 7 times in a week, as compared to men who can do 2 to 3 times or less have fewer chances of prostate cancer.

Additionally, the sperm quality also increases by involving yourself in sexual activities as it becomes frequent. You can learn all about these from Numan.

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How to Reduce Sexual Health Risk?

During the pandemic, you are not allowed to go anywhere and have sex with anyone because you become more prone to sexual risks and the COVID virus. You can easily reduce the risk by following things:

  1. You can choose to do masturbation because, in this way, you will not be affected by the COVID-19.
  2. If you live with your wife, then it is better to spend some romantic time with her and be sexually involved with her. You and your partner are living under the same roof, and you can have the best time to understand each other and bring intimacy in between you.
  3. If you stay away from your love, then it is obvious that you cannot go anywhere. It is crucial to keep the distance, and it is possible only when you do video chats, calls and indulge in virtual sex.
  4. By virtual sex, there is low STDs risk, and ruining sexual health will also be reserved. It is one of the safe options if you want to manage your good health.

Is There a Possibility to Get COVID-19 During Sex?

COVID-19 is a virus that can spread from one infected person to any healthy person. If you are involved in any sexual activity, even if it is a kiss, then, also, you can easily get affected. There is a high risk of getting infected if you get involved with an infected person. If you know that you are infected, then you need to isolate yourself so that nobody gets in touch with you.

If you do not observe any symptoms, then it will be better for you and your partner. Even if you take precautions like condoms, pills, etc., then also, you can get affected easily. In this way, your sexual health will also come in danger.

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Do People Come Closer During Pandemic?

The pandemic results in locking up all the individuals at their place. All the family members come closer and start spending more time together. If we talk about a couple, then they also come closer because they are spending more valuable time and involved in sexual activities. It is found that many women get pregnant during these days.

For some people, pregnancy is unplanned, but they are excited about their future. Some people have improved sexual health because they are away from any type of stress and busy schedule. By coming closer, many things have changed in every house.

The Bottom Line

During the pandemic, every person is locked up in his home, which results in more involvement in sexual activities. Some people are happy because they are enjoying their sexual moments with their partner, but some are getting health problems.

There is a sudden increase in porn views, and many people are involved in masturbation. Too much feeling of sex is like depression for many men. Being idle all the time ruins the sexual health of individuals. Many health services are available online, but it cannot solve some people’s concerns.