8 Methods to Optimize Your Laptop for Perfect Gaming Experience – 2024 Guide

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Gaming puts a lot of pressure on your laptop, and it is necessary to improve its performance with time. If you want to play different, advanced, and high-level games, you need to upgrade your hardware. Sometimes we have perfect hardware, but then also, it does not work well.

There are lots of things that one must do to optimize one’s system. It is easy to play games on your optimized laptop at any place with great speed and performance. Visit gamingbeasts.com to download an excellent collection of high-level games with fantastic graphics.

If you desire to play these types of games on your laptop, then you must whether your system is well-prepared or not. In the following write-up, we will discuss some ways to optimize your laptop for gaming.

1. Dust-free and Clean Laptop

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If you do not have any technical skills, you should not worry because you can do a simple thing, i.e., clean your system thoroughly. Make sure that there is no dust or debris on the keys of your laptop. The system performance can get affected if there is dirt accumulated on the parts of your PC.

Due to dust, the heat increases and can slow down components like GPU, processors, etc. Apply some techniques to clean your laptop thoroughly to keep all the parts clean. Make sure that you repeat the cleaning process every week. All the vents should be free of dirt to pass heat and air from the system.

2. Upgrading Your Laptop

If you install new hardware, then it can enhance the performance of your system. You need to spend some money on upgrading, but it is necessary for effective gaming. Change the existing RAM and upgrade it to enhance the speed and memory. There are two types of storage devices, i.e., HDD and SSD.

You can switch from HDD to SSD to increase gaming efficiency. Your system will run faster, and you can play all sorts of high-level games with ease. You need to keep up the battery settings to run games for any duration. When you make these changes in your system, you will observe better performance.

3. Update Drivers

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It is necessary to update the drivers if you want to operate your architecture hardware very well. Updates appear automatically, and you must update them regularly. If we talk about graphic drivers, then you may need some help. If you are playing hardcore games, then you should not prefer Intel graphics.

You must follow all the Windows updates and get drivers installed in your system. It is necessary to have a GPU management application in your system like AMD Gaming or Nvidia GeForce with automatic updates. Make sure that you always keep all the drivers and controllers updated.

4. Update DirectX

DirectX is quite necessary if you want to operate gaming on your Windows system. Over many years, many iterations are releasing online, in which the DirectX 12 Ultimate is the latest one. If you buy a laptop with Windows 10, then you will get it already installed. You will also get a library of the Xbox X|S series along with it.

You can check the current DirectX version by pressing Win + R and enter dxdiag. Click on the System tab and look at the bottom to know the version. You can also update the version by going to Start and then Settings. Click on Update and Security >> Windows Update >> Check for Updates. It is easy to check and update the DirectX version.

5. Overclocking the Graphics Card

If you are a beginner, you may need help or be cautious enough while handling it. The process of overclocking means that the graphic card will be forced to get additional performance. You may deal with two issues, i.e., heat and power. The use of electricity is relatively high, and it is necessary to make some power settings.

If you keep your laptop clean, then the cooling system will handle these issues. When your system gets too hot, it will shut down automatically. There is an overclocking tool for graphic cards like AMD and Nvidia. Make sure that you do everything with care.

6. Power Settings

It is necessary to increase the performance of your laptop by managing power settings. In Windows, there are some settings that you can change for gaming by connecting your device to a power outlet. After doing such a thing, you have to click on Start >> Settings >> System >> Power and Sleep >> Additional Power Settings.

You need to select High Performance and then click on Change Plan Settings >> Change Advanced Power Settings. After confirming all the settings, it will set at the best levels. In some laptops, the battery settings get managed automatically.

7. Close all the Background Apps

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Before launching any game, you should check whether any background apps are running on your laptop. If the apps are activated, it is necessary to stop them to enhance the device’s performance.

With gaming, you should not operate another application because it can hang your system. It can make your gaming experience worst. You must check the taskbar list and right-click on the icon to close it.

8. Check the Speed of Network

The performance of the laptop is defined by the configuration, drivers, and hardware of your device. There is another thing that you must check, i.e., the speed of the internet connection. While gaming online, you may get troubles due to lag. If you have a slow internet connection, then you should blame your router.

In many cases, all the updated drivers are available on wireless network cards. The operating system will download all the system updates automatically. A gaming router can help in sorting your problem.


Optimizing your laptop is necessary for effective gaming. The performance of the system will provide a fantastic gaming experience to any gamer.

You can do all the mentioned things to make your system work well. Try these methods and check whether the performance of your laptop is increased or not.