5 Best Recliners 2024

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A living room is not a living room without a good recliner, and you can’t argue with that. There aren’t many who don’t love recliners or love enjoying some relaxing time in them. Probably you love them too. But who wouldn’t love comfortable cushions that can hug you so gently while you watch your favorite movie, read a book, watch some TV shows, or just take a nap? And something that we learned this year: you need to have comfortable furniture because you never know when you will be stuck in your home. There are many recliners available on the market, and it can feel a little bit overwhelming searching for an excellent recliner to buy.

Some are definitely not good because of the many recliners available, but if you know what to look for; you can end up with a great recliner that will last you for a long time. Luckily for you, we managed to do some research and found the best recliners for the year 2024. There are various options: the super comfy one, the great-looking one, and of course, the budget-friendly one, and more.

We kept researching some things that we kept in our mind: reviews from customers, the price, affordability, durability, comfortableness, and the looks. And did we mention massaging? Yes, there are recliners with that function too. Follow our guide for the best recliner, and you will find something that will suit your desire.

1. Elizabeth Tufted Accent Recliner Chair 

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We will start our list with this elegant recliner that will be a perfect match for someone looking for a recliner that’s both functional and good-looking. It can go beautifully with classic and straightforward furniture. It looks sophisticated and looks like it costs way more than it does. And when you look at the price, you can see that it’s more than budget-friendly. It comes in gray and beige and sky blue, so you can combine it with any type and color of furniture you have. It’s super comfortable too, and customers say that they love it. 

The downsides: 

  • Legs rest stuck sometimes.

2. Esright Heated Recliner 

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If you are not into the previous chair’s design, and you would just want a regular, good-old comfy recliner – then this is the one. And best of all, this recliner has massage features. Oh yes, imagine that after a stressful and challenging workday, you sit in this chair, and you get a relaxing massage. Only a few things are better than this chair.

It has massaging, heating, and vibrating features. It’s made out of PU leather, which is of good quality. You also get 2 cup holders and four storage bags for all the goodies you need while watching TV or reading. It has a 360 degrees swivel and a 150-degree recline feature that you can access via a remote controller. 

The downsides: 

  • Doesn’t have a swivel lock.

3. Relaxzen Massage Rocker Recliner with Heat and USB

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This is another excellent chair with massage and heat features that will take you to the seventh heaven. It’s smooth, it’s comfy, and you will feel like an angel is hugging you. And that’s because it’s made out of microfiber. A cool feature is the two USB charging ports where you can charge your phone while enjoying a night of home entertainment.

When it comes to massage, it has eight strong motors, with five intensity levels and nine massage models, and great cushions that will make you relax and enjoy. And if you sit all day while working, you will love that it has a heating feature for the lumbar area. If you are trying to find a soft chair, this one is good-looking, has massage features, and of course, it’s comfortable, this can be a great purchase.

The downsides:

  • Microfiber is not that durable. 

4. Halter Bonded Leather Recliner Sofa Chair

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This is a top-quality recliner sofa chair. It looks luxurious, it feels like it, and it can be a perfect addition to every living room or any other room. It’s made out of high-quality bonded leather in an ergonomic design that will give you the desirable rest after a stressful day. You and your back will be happy after sitting in this chair.

It will reduce pressure points on your back, and with that, it will help ease back pain if you have a problem with that. It’s affordable, and it won’t leave a hole in your pocket, and the best thing is that you don’t need to assemble it. It arrives at your door, fully assembled.

The Downsides:

  • It’s way too big for smaller people.

5. Zero-Gravity Walnut Manual Recliner

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Doesn’t it look like a masterpiece? This recliner is stylish and elegant and different from any other recliner that you have to love. The leather looks so sophisticated and luxurious, and it’s so soft on the touch. The base is even more interesting than the upholstery because it’s made out of wood that’s hand-carved. It’s a chair that can easily leave as an heirloom for your children or even grandchildren because we believe it will last that long.

When using it, you will feel like you are floating on water or a cloud, and you will have an opportunity to relax like you never did before. You can forget about back pain and pressure points because they will disappear with this chair. The footrest is ergonomically positioned, and it’s very comfortable.

The downsides:

  • The high price

Have you found something interesting, something that’s in your budget? We can’t decide which one is better and which chair we love more. There are all great. We think that the price points are right and that everyone can find something within their price point.

All the recliners’ designs from the list can easily fit into any living room and go along great with other furniture. Now it’s up to you; you need to decide which one you like the most. Let us know what you chose.