How to Mask the Taste of CBD Oil


Nature brings us a large number of advantages and a large number of benefits, so it would be nice to use them. Nowadays, many medical experts recommend that we turn to nature and what it has to offer to keep our health in good shape, so we would do well to listen to these directions. They often talk about the power and benefits of CBD oil, which is powerful in dealing with many conditions, and it is being talked about more and more and there is a large amount of research that proves its powerful effect.

CBD oil is wildly popular in the world of cannabis lovers. Cannabidiol is a chemical readily available in Cannabis sativa and hundreds of other phytochemicals. The popularity of CBD is greatly due to its property of being non-psychoactive. That means it will not make you high after consumption.

CBD extracts can be processed differently to create various products such as wax, cigarettes, and oils. Which, CBD oil is a very common CBD-based product readily available in the market. Another reason why CBD is topping the market trends is its therapeutic effects. CBD is often used as a treatment in case of anxiety, depression, or even as a painkiller to an excruciating headache.


The only barrier one must encounter when starting to consume CBD regularly is its strange taste. Users report that CBD has a more rocky, grassy, earthy taste that feels bitter and even disgusting to some. But let’s not ignore the fact that taste is subjective. Something that you find delicious might trigger someone else’s taste buds. Therefore, not everyone will find CBD unpleasant.

Some people out there relish its taste and love to take CBD daily. If you fall into that category, CBD will definitely win your heart pretty quickly. Logically speaking, we must look at the benefits CBD holds rather than focusing on its taste. Yet, taking CBD can get challenging for a lot of people. Do not feel like you are the only one if you fall into this category. Here are some easy ways to enjoy CBD regardless of how it tastes.

Choose a Carrier Oil

One good thing about CBD oil is that it can easily be mixed with other oils. It gives an advantage to all those who like the strong taste and smell of CBD oil of cannabis to be able to consume it in their daily life.

CBD combined with a carrier oil totally masks its own taste. Popular carrier oils are coconut oil, olive oil, hemp seed oil, and MCT oil. Additional health effects come in handy by mixing CBD with organic oils. There is research that when CBD oil is mixed with some other organic oil it can improve and strengthen its effect, so if you have any other oil than those we have already listed it is good to try this and see for yourself.

Among so many options available, choosing a quality oil that won’t cause a bad aftertaste may be challenging. So, we recommend purchasing CBD oil from Premium Jane ( as they have the best CBD oil with various fruity flavors at reasonable prices.

That way you will be able to consume this product without any problems and obstacles in front of you and enjoy the positive effects it will have on your health.

Combining With Foods or Drinks


It is also good to note that CBD oil is a product that you can combine in your daily combination, and some of the things you can add to it are food and drinks such as water, tea, freshly squeezed juices, etc. Try mixing CBD with the edibles you eat in your daily routine.

When combined with your favorite foods, such as smoothies or snacks that make you feel like you’re on cloud nine, you won’t even notice the traces of CBD. Another thing that can be done with minimum effort is replacing the ordinary oil you use to cook your food with CBD oil.

If you are making something using olive oil, why not opt for CBD oil? Most brands provide instructions on the right CBD oil dosage you can add to your food. Follow their guidelines so whenever you add CBD oil, its taste won’t take over the entire dish.

Getting Rid of the Aftertaste

For some people, what makes CBD oil difficult for them to consume is the aftertaste that comes after it is consumed, which is the typical taste of cannabis. Some of them don’t mind it, but some do, and of course, those who do, should find a way to eliminate the taste from their mouth for a certain period.

Many people think that the aftertaste of CBD oil makes it even more repulsive than when consumed directly. The hard part is that it stays in your mouth for a while. Moreover, drinking water immediately after CBD consumption is a vain effort. Therefore, keep mint-flavored products such as candies and gums at hand. Mint has a strong taste and aroma. It quickly refreshes your mouth by dominating the repulsive CBD aftertaste.

Moreover, mints are a good option to boost your oral hygiene. The second method is brushing teeth before the sublingual CBD consumption session. This is because a toothbrush removes the bacteria on a thin mucous layer on your tongue. This, in turn, leads to faster absorption of CBD. The faster it absorbs, the shorter the taste remains in your mouth.

Cool the CBD


There is another way that a large number of people have discovered and actively use when using CBD oil in order to mask the taste, and that is to cool the bottle in which the oil is located, that is, to put the oil in the refrigerator, then after it is cooled to use. And you know what? This really works! Remember to store CBD oil in a cool and dry place.

Regular users have reported that cool CBD oil has a very subtle taste. According to one notion, our tongue does not respond to cold food the same way it does to hot food. Additionally, when CBD is stored in a cool environment, it is preserved for a longer time since exposure to heat and light speeds up the degradation process. Hence, cooling your CBD oil has numerous advantages.


To sum it up, CBD has earned a great name in the world of medicine because of its fast action and numerous advantages. As such, CBD oil is an excellent choice for people trying to develop a healthier lifestyle. CBD oil’s strange taste might hinder some from experiencing the full benefits, but there are many alternative ways to mask the taste of CBD oil, as mentioned above.

That’s why we recommend that you continue with regular use, find a way from these that we have suggested to you today to mask the taste, and enjoy the benefits that you will have from the CBD product on your health and body.