The 5 Best Hikes Near Seattle

Adventure is something we all enjoy. Any type of adventure that includes some outdoor activity is ideal and interesting for each of us. All that is needed is to plan well what you want, that is, to choose the appropriate activity that would bring you a unique adventure and enjoy it. There are a very large number of activities that would bring you the real enjoyment of this type, but to feel all these beauties that the activities can bring, you still need to make a decision that will be smart and above all well thought out before start with anything. How about hiking for example?

Most people enjoy hiking. If you ask people why hiking is the real pleasure they have decided on, they will surely tell you first of all that it is an activity that sometimes brings a certain mild dose of adrenaline, then brings great pleasure that you can enjoy in the beauties of nature, but it also brings an advantage because you can go to this activity together with your friends and enjoy the moments spent together in the areas that are intended for hiking. Especially if you are from the area around Seattle or you are from Seattle, we can tell you that the advantages are greater because this is a really beautiful area that offers a lot for every hiking lover.

If you are from Seattle, then you must be part of the large number of people who want to enjoy the beauty of nature, want to spend their free time hiking, and want to go to places they have never been before. There are also a large number of people who have never been hiking until now because they were partially unprepared, that is, they did not know where they could go. But here we are today, today we decided to help you and give you some suggestions that would be ideal for you, i.e. we bring you some places where you would enjoy hiking, and yet these places should be in the vicinity of the City. Are you ready to learn much more about it? In that case, below we bring you the suggestions, and all that is left for you is to stay until the end of the article and enjoy the suggestions. Let’s get started!

1. Coal Creek Falls


The first beautiful place that you need to visit if you are a true hiker and if you are coming from Seattle is the beautiful place with beautiful waterfalls called Coal Creek Falls. It is a beautiful nature that is located only 20 minutes from Seattle by car, a place that is accessible to all of you who love hiking and who would like to enjoy the sounds of waterfalls. This place is free to visit, i.e. you don’t need to pay any ticket, it is a route that is easy and can be followed by those who are beginners, and there is even the possibility to rent a van from Seattle in case you plan to carry more luggage or to camp, which you can easily do in one of the rental services like the one at

2. The Twin Falls Trail


If you think that the first suggestion is the only suggestion that is suggested by us, then you are wrong. There are several other suggestions, and among them, the wonderful place called The Twin Falls Trail found its place. It is another beautiful location where you can also enjoy waterfalls and untouched nature. At this location you have a nice parking area where you can leave your vehicle, then you can buy a ticket that costs only 10 dollars for a day and enjoy the quiet of the trail which is of an easy type and is intended for all people. The nature around Seattle has a lot to offer you!

3. Rattlesnake Ledge


The next location that is different and that has many advantages and positive aspects is the beautiful location called Rattlesnake Ledge. It is about a location that is located near Seattle and has won the hearts of a large number of hiking enthusiasts. This route is already a route that is not easy, that is, it has certainly increased difficulty. You can reach this location with your car or your van in about 40 minutes, you don’t need any ticket to enter and of course, you have space to leave your van. The route is of medium length, so you need to be prepared to spend an interesting time hiking and enjoying the nature that Rattlesnake Ledge has to offer.

4. Poo Poo Point


For all of you who want a real challenge, beautiful views, and burning off excess energy, the ideal place to visit in the Seattle area is Poo Poo Point. It is above all a location with beautiful views which is also of moderate difficulty. You don’t need to pay for the enterance for this location, there is an access road that can be reached by car or any type of van, and it’s also safe to say that it’s not too far from Seattle which means you don’t need to. too much to drive to enjoy the beauties of Poo Poo Point. All that is needed is to arrange your friends and go to enjoy the beauty of nature and the views that the beautiful location offers.

5. The Mount Si Trail


The last location that we bring you, which is in the vicinity of Seattle, is already a location with a higher level of difficulty, that is, it requires more preparation from you if you want to reach the heights. Of course, we are talking about the beautiful The Mount Si Trail. It’s a 40-minute drive from Seattle, which isn’t too far for Seattleites. You need a pass for this location, and you also need to know that you must be rested to be able to walk this route. So if you are a fan of something more difficult, visit The Mount Si Trail on the first free weekend and enjoy.

We hope that today we managed to give you nice suggestions from which you can choose at least one and enjoy the beauties that Seattle’s surroundings have to offer. All that is needed is to prepare well, to arrange friends, if necessary to rent the van in which you would carry the backpack, all the necessary things and if necessary you would sleep and you can go to one of all these wonderful locations that are a unique challenge and adventure for each of you.