The Medical Value Of Marijuana Is Being Further Valued And Studied By The NFL League


The legalization of cannabis and substances extracted from it, along with the many benefits of consuming THC and CBD are very popular topics in recent years. The rise in popularity is especially seen in the United States, where many countries decided to introduce new regulations that make cannabis legal.

That leads to the expansion of a whole new industry with all sorts of products that contain substances from marijuana, like capsules, vape oils, creams, edibles, skincare, and even pet food. In recent years, the value of CBD has been increasingly recognized by the market. Many local and online marijuana vendors, including Vape4Ever, which sells marijuana vape paraphernalia try to promote CBD products to gain a larger business share.

In most cases, people will think of the popular high effect when they hear about marijuana. A lot of them still consider it as a level 1 drug. However, the ongoing studies are proving that there are many positive effects related to the consumption of various cannabis products. That is the reason why the experts from the NFL league decided to invest more in research that will show if there could be positive health benefits for the players. We are going to analyze more on this topic in the following article.

A Million Dollar Investment


First of all, we have to mention the latest changes related to laws and restrictions where players now can use medical marijuana without the fear of getting serious penalties. The limits for test results have changed as well, and they can now have up to 150 nanograms of THC instead of 35, which was issued by previous law.

Also, even if a player has more than the limit, the fine can be symbolic, followed by several games on the bench. This is a big difference when compared to the situation from only a couple of years ago, where testing positive for cannabis consumption was leading to serious punishments and consequences for the career.

The most recent news is that the executives from the NFL league decided to invest around $1 million in further research of THC and how it might benefit players. The fact is that football players can be under huge stress, while injuries are not so rare as well. The main focus of the research is to show if cannabis can be the proper alternative to medication that is currently used for pain relief.

Moreover, it is important to note that this is not the move that is being used to promote this industry or to attract big cannabis companies to sponsor various teams. It is a new trend where many sports leagues in the US are removing marijuana from the list of substances that could lead to a ban. Also, the fact is that consumption of various cannabis products indeed can lead to positive effects on health.

Health Benefits of Marijuana


The great thing is that society is not past the long-lasting taboo that this is a highly addictive drug placed on the same level as cocaine or heroin, which is far from being true. The fact is that people have special receptors that can absorb the cannabinoids, and that can lead to many health benefits.

One of the most popular and well-known effects is the feeling of relief and relaxation. It can be a great way to cope with stress, which can help people to avoid other problems linked to frequent stress. Also, some conditions and injuries can lead to chronic pain, and it is proved that cannabis is a much healthier alternative when compared to other options.
The last two years were very stressful for many people, and it was hard to cope with all kinds of restrictions, lockdowns, the spread of the virus, and much more. The social distance was especially challenging, and the biggest issue is that it might lead to an increased number of people suffering from depression and anxiety.

The medication used for treating often leads to various side effects, and standard drugs like Xanax are not considered as the best options. Therefore, THC and CBD can be excellent alternatives, and the great thing is that you can consume them in various forms, like smoking, vaping, pills, gummies, and more.


Another potential benefit that is still being researched is related to the positive effects that consumption can have on people suffering from cancer. Many people claim that oil and other forms can be used as a treatment. While that is not completely resolved yet, there are some positive signs. On the other hand, even if these products cannot cure cancer, the great advantage is that the patients find it much easier to deal with a standard treatment that involves chemotherapy, which can be painful.

Other advantages are positive effects on lungs, improved cardiovascular system, improved metabolism, and much more. Therefore, it is not a surprise that athletes are so interested. We all know how challenging it can be to train all the time and play with high intensity for more than one hour. Bumps and injuries are quite common, especially in football, and many players need various medication right after the game.

The Bottom Line

It is important to change current policies in many countries and allow players to take advantage of consuming cannabis products. There should be some limits related to the amount of THC in the blood, but there is no need to involve serious penalties instead of simply keeping that player on the bench for the following game.

Also, people should know that CBD is very different when compared to THC, and chances of getting high are much lower, especially for frequent consumers. The essential part is further promotion of these benefits that will help people to understand that cannabis is not a serious drug, and that it should never be compared to cocaine or heroin. The fact is that smoking weed is healthier than drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes, where you cannot expect any health benefits.