Is Vaping a Vegan-Friendly Habit


Vaping has become an emerging trend since the last couple of years. Vaping is also known as e-smoking, and its related products see the limelight of several stores today. You can see several people holding an electronic cigarette. The main reason behind there fame is that it is an alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. And people think or like to believe that it is far less harmful than smoking a cigarette.

Although it is different in ingredients and technology, an e-cigarette is almost similar to a regular cigarette. It comes with a main smoking pen, and you can add liquid for this purpose. The liquids come in different flavours and are considered as vegan friendly.

You can find liquids of different flavours in the markets or online stores, but ensuring that the products are high-quality and vegan is a frequent worry for the buyers. Luckily, gives you all the relevant information that you are looking for vaping. It has a list of authentic and high-quality products that are perfect for you if you are looking for a vegan-friendly vaping.

If you want to dig deep in understanding what vaping is and how it works, read ahead for more information.

What is vaping?


Vaping is defined in simple terms as smoking through an electronic cigarette. Unlike in smoking, where you have to light up the contains to produce smoke, an e-cigarette uses a liquid along with flavouring. Traditionally, smoking s burning of tobacco and nicotine produces more risks that damage, not just the lungs but brain activity as well. Whereas, a vape uses a liquid; thus, the burning is reduced to a great extent. As a result, the damages are far less than that of smoking.

Today, there are several products available that help you vape. These include traditional hookahs, special vaping pens and e-cigarettes.

Why do people vape?

Why do people smoke? The questions lie without an answer. Although it is also clear that smoking causes health issues, many people are still unable to get rid of the habit. However, for those who want to quit smoking, vaping comes as a beacon of hope.

There are many reasons why people vape. Firstly, it is far cheaper than smoking. Buying the main equipment is a one-time investment and the rest, i.e., the liquid also lasts longer than a traditional cigarette. Secondly, it is considered less dangerous and harmful than smoking. Since the mechanism involves heating liquid to produce smoke rather than burning the content, the harmful effects are far less than that of smoking. Thirdly and most importantly, most people who want to quit smoking switch to vaping. Since it comes in several flavours, they consider it an ideal way to reduce tobacco cravings. Thus, in the longer run, people find it as a perfect way to quit smoking and choosing to live a healthy and tobacco-free life.

How does vaping work?


The vaping device heats the vaping liquid. This liquid is a combination of several chemicals including nicotine, or marijuana and other flavourings. As the liquid heats up, the device creates vapours. These vapours have a flavour to them, and people inhale it just as they do while smoking.

Vaping devices come in several sizes and shapes. As the vapours are created, they are inhaled through the mouthpiece and come out in the form of smoke through the nose or the mouth.

Is vaping vegan friendly?

It is an on-going debate of whether vaping is a vegan-friendly habit or not. There are several concerns to this statement. First of all, here is a quick look at its component that considered to be a vegan-friendly habit:



The vaping pen, e-cigarette or any connected device is made from vegan-friendly products, and no component and no animal is harmed in creating the process.


A vape consists of two main ingredients, i.e., propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Where vegetable glycerin also called as glycerol can be derived from a plant or animal base, the fact that most vaping companies use “vegetable glycerin” clarifies the fact that they use a plant source for the purpose. Thus, it is a vegan component.
However, the propylene glycol is a substance that is produced as a by-product from petroleum. Therefore, it is a vegan product.


The most widely used vaping flavours are strawberry, vanilla, apple, mint, etc., in other words, most flavours belong to the fruits and herbs category that are 100% vegan. However, there are certain flavours like honey, that is not vegan and can be questioned.



Vapes that use a red colour are not at all vegan in nature. So, if you are looking for a vegan vaping product, make sure you pay close attention to the colours and question its vegan nature.


It is a known fact that nicotine and marijuana are derived from plants. Thus, these are plant-based products and 100% vegan friendly.

Animal testing

Many companies try their vaping products and their effects on the animals. Such products that have been tested in animals are not considered as vegan friendly by any mean.


To conclude, whether vaping is a vegan-friendly habit or not depends entirely on the ingredients that are used in the process. If the liquid that you are using is made from plant-based ingredients, it is a vegan-friendly product. Although, several companies focus on the vegan niche of the market and produce or claim to produce vaping products that are 100% vegan friendly. Still, you need to understand and look for the facts when buying a vegan-friendly product. So, the next time you are out purchasing a vaping product, make sure you ask the right questions regarding the products and use of 100% vegan ingredients.