What’s The Deal With The Increasing Popularity Of Home Breweries?

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Although all of us enjoy a commercial cocktail on occasion, one of the fastest growing worldwide trends involves the presence of home breweries.

Whether referring to single-malt scotch or a fruity variety of beer, there are many self-proclaimed experts who have already had a massive impact upon the industry as a whole. Let us take a quick look at some of the reasons why home brews could very well represent the not-so-distant future.

All About Customer Demand

Source: popularmechanics.com

Perhaps the most obvious factor behind the growth of such breweries involves the simple fact that customers are now interested in more unique tastes when compared to the past. Mass-produced products are not often able to accommodate such a niche marketplace.

The same holds true in terms of artificial ingredients. These are some of the reasons why premium alcohol products have become so popular.

All About Niche Marketing

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Some home brewing enthusiasts eventually wish to advertise their products to the general public. Although this is quite a noble goal, there are many hurdles to overcome. Perhaps one of the most formidable involves the simple fact that it is nearly impossible to compete against massive conglomerate firms that have already carved out a sizable market share.

So, why not instead target a smaller demographic that is more discerning when it comes to what they drink? Not only is this a powerful means to build brand awareness over time, but fans of home brews tend to remain quite loyal.

Embracing the Local Edge

We are also witnessing a shift in terms of how companies themselves are funded. A growing number of consumers are now more interested in supporting local breweries as opposed to continuing to purchase from large-scale distributors.

This is good news for the economy and as a result, even more novices have become involved. While not every microbrewery will be successful, such a venture still represents an interesting dream to follow.

All About Trying Something New

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Consumers are constantly bombarded with generic advertising gimmicks and short-term viral marketing trends. In fact, it has come to the point where the variety of recipients simply choose to ignore these offers due in large part to their rather impersonal nature.

The same cannot be said when discussing the impact of home breweries. A real-world example will help to provide this point.

Were you aware that half of all home brew enthusiasts enjoy craft beers and liquors simply because they enjoy trying something new? As opposed to mass-produced products, brewers are easily able to tweak specific styles and flavour profiles.

This can lead to the production of some truly unique products and as a result, the consumers will remain interested for longer periods of time, the same holds true in regard to branding, logos and mission statements.

The Unique Relationship Between Home Brews and Food

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All of us have heard of the expression “wine and cheese”. It is a well-known fact that red wines are often consumed with meat while white wine enhances the taste of most fish. However, what about home-brewed beers and liquors? The unfortunate fact is that most commercial products are limited in terms of their food pairings.

This is certainly not the case with craft beer and alcohol. Once again, we are referring to the flavour profile as mentioned above. The bold taste of these beverages is often suited for specific palates; providing the ideal solution for those who wish to create a memorable meal.

The Exclusive Undertones of Home Brews

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Many socioeconomic analysts observe that exclusivity has become more prevalent in today’s culture. In other words, everyone wants to be part of something unique and different.

Craft beers and home-brewed liquor are both perfectly able to address such an understable desire. Popular brands are often viewed as corporate entities; unable to provide any sense of personalisation. This has even caused them to lose a certain amount of ground when compared to smaller companies such as microbreweries.

Open for Business

In the past, the notion of starting a home-based brewing business from scratch would have been nearly impossible due to the cost of basic materials as well as the associated learning curve. Thanks to the online community, it is now easy to become acquainted with the fundamentals.

This essentially signals that anyone can hone their skills without requiring a great deal of capital. While not everyone will be successful from a long-term perspective, there is little doubt that the potential to have an impact upon the entire industry continues to attract budding artisans.

Growing Health Concerns

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One of the downsides that has always been associated with commercial alcohol products involves the simple fact that other ingredients are often present. Examples include artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives. Tentative evidence also suggests that some of these substances have been linked to health problems.

Avid beer and cocktail aficionados are therefore concerned with the ability to obtain all-natural products. Click here to view examples of high-quality alcohol products and the advantages of going organic.As opposed to mass-produced alcoholic beverages, brewers and consumers alike can remain confident in the fact that only all-natural substances are used.

It is therefore likely that the public will continue to lean towards home brews as they become more aware of the associated health benefits. This is obviously good news for entrepreneurs who wish to become further involved in the industry or who have a unique idea for an entirely new formulation.

Of course, there is little doubt that major alcohol manufacturers and distributors will not be put out of business by the trends mentioned above.

It is still a fact that home-based breweries have become even more popular in recent times. Whether you enjoy a gin and tonic on occasion, or you are keen to discover the artistic side of alcohol production, a wealth of options awaits.