How To Attract Bluebirds Into Your Garden – 2024 Guide

During the early springtime or late winter, one animal that we all love to see in our landscape are bluebirds. They are always found around the corner during the warm weather condition and do you know that keeping the bluebirds close to your garden is also very important? The question is do you know how to attract bluebirds into your garden and if you don’t then this review is simply for you so we encourage you to continue reading so you could learn some useful tips that would make luring them into your garden very easy.

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How To Attract Bluebirds Into Your Garden

how to attract bluebirds into your garden

If you find yourself in the eastern part of the United States then there are simply ways you can engage in to encourage bluebirds to stay longer and these ways include finding a perfect nesting spot, making water and food which are essentials readily available. Eastern bluebirds do not have a problem with residing in a tree which was formerly occupied by a woodpecker or any other bird and another option which they also have is occupying hollowed spots in trees.

Male eastern bluebirds are capable of occupying a tree cavity that exists naturally already and this then prompts the female eastern bluebird to start building a nest with the shape of a cup where she can feel protected laying and nurturing her eggs. In recent years, there has been a major decline in the number of trees which has already existing cavities so if you want to attract bluebirds then building or constructing a nesting box in a suitable site would also be a great idea.

Any box type design which has three walls and a floor is the perfect way of attracting bluebirds into your garden and nesting box offers a preferable place for bluebirds especially females to start laying eggs till they hatch. Female bluebirds are capable of hatching about three clutches every year and you can also find online several nesting boxes plans if you ever need more ideas.

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What attract Bluebirds Into Gardens

Bluebirds are fond of residing in thin woodlands and also close to grasslands which has a lot of their favorite foods as well as lots of space. The food which they consider to be their favorites includes crickets, grasshoppers, beetles and caterpillars. Bluebirds are very important creatures to every garden today and this is simply because of the role they play when it comes to pest control. Cutting down the use of insecticides and creating more nesting boxes would see bluebirds troop into your garden.

However, there is a very important fact that you need to note if you want bluebirds to consider moving into your garden and that is getting rid of a sparrow. Sparrows are non-native and invasive birds which are known for chasing other birds away and taking away their favorite foods from your garden is one of the surest ways of luring them away. Getting rid of ground feeding spots is also another wise move if you must lure sparrows away from your garden and you should also shut the doors to your garages if you want to keep them away for good.

Making sure that birdbaths are filled with stones is also another way of keeping sparrows away from your garden and dusty spots should be planted where sparrows have their dust baths as well. One last thing that we know would help in attracting bluebirds is the planting of native plants and a perfect example of such a plant is a snag. Snags are dying or already dead trees that you have in your landscape and bluebirds, as well as other native birds, are fond of such trees. This is why they are referred to as wildlife trees.

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