How Much To Install A Tennis Court?

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Tennis is an Olympic sport played between two players or two teams of two using rackets and balls. Players attempt to throw a hollow rubber ball over the net towards the opponent’s court with their racket. The player with the most points in the rules wins.

Tennis is played on a flat rectangular court, usually on concrete (hard), clay (soil), grass, or wood. In professional tennis, courts must be constructed to certain dimensions. If you also want to know how much to install a tennis court and install a tennis court, we as Integral Group are ready to offer you our best products.

Tennis Courts

Professional tennis courts are rectangular in shape and have specific dimensions. There are five main types of tennis courts. Depending on the material used on the court surface, the rebound rate of each ball on the court is different. This may affect the player’s level of play in two games. The five most famous types of courts are:

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  • Clay courts
  • Grass tennis courts
  • Hardcourt tennis courts
  • Synthetic grass tennis courts
  • Artificial grass courts

As an Olympic sport played between two people or between two teams of two, tennis has always been a popular game. As tennis became popular, the demand for quality tennis courts has become a necessity.

Integral Group manufactures and offers customers with three types of tennis courts. They are built using some different types of elements: clay/soil, acrylic, tartan and artificial grass. If we want to refer to the classification of tennis courts, we can say that tennis courts mainly form a classification according to whether their courts are open or closed. It is possible to talk about different objects according to their floors. There are two groups of tennis court floor coverings, depending on whether the floor covering is natural or not:

  • Natural tennis court floors (grass or sand)
  • Synthetic tennis court floors (artificial grass, acrylic or tartan)

Our tennis courts are made according to TTF and ITF standards and our court protect the health of the athletes as it is surrounded by wire mesh and has a synthetic floor. The size of the tennis court may vary depending on the preferences or budget of our customers. Since different materials and techniques are used to prepare each type of court, the cost also varies. If you want to get further information, you may contact us.

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What Affects The Cost of A Tennis Court?

Of course, it is also the delimitation of the land which determines the cost limits of the tennis court. The most basic criterion defined by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) is that a tennis court must have an area of ​​668 square meters, including the area where the tennis ball is kept in and around. This surface measurement corresponds to 36.57 meters in length and 18.27 meters in width.

If we take the acrylic tennis court floor as an example, the tennis court construction phases continue as follows.

  • Asphalt floor is thoroughly cleaned using compressed air and water.
  • Filling material (Acrylic Coating) is applied to the surface where the cleaning process is applied.
  • If a Cushion Acrylic System is requested on the filling material, the Cushion layer is applied in 2 layers.
  • If the Cushion Acrylic System has not been requested, the construction of the tennis court will come to an end by applying 2 layers of acrylic color coats (Acrylic Procoat) directly on the acrylic coating (Acrylic Resurfacer) on this cushion layer.
  • Then, as superstructure components, game lines are drawn, posts are erected and the tennis net is stretched.
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How Much To Install A Tennis Court?

The cost of a tennis court varies depending on the nature of the materials used in the installation. There is certainly a price difference depending on the type and quality of the materials used. While the use of quality materials in tennis court installation may seem high in the short term, it offers many benefits in the long term. The most important advantage of this is that it can be used for many years. The higher the price of a tennis court, the longer it will last, because the longevity is revealed depending on the rubber, iron, gravel and sand used on the court. In addition, factors such as the roof system applied, spotlights, workload (professional hobbyist), and existing infrastructure affect the cost.

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