Most Popular Male Tennis Players in the World – Top 10 Icons of the Court

Most Popular Male Tennis Players in the World - Top 10 Icons of the Court

Tennis is a very popular sport. Although it may not have a fan following like that of cricketers, basketball players, or footballers, several tennis players have created a strong reputation for themselves with their skill and experience in the sport.

The sport has commanded respect among fans as it requires sheer will, hard work, and persistent contribution to the game actually to win titles. Not only male players but also some female players have gained immense fame and popularity for their contribution and skill in tennis.

Over the years, several new tournaments have been launched as the popularity of tennis continues to grow in different parts of the world. You can even find several professionals engaging in online sports betting apps to wager on their favorite players.

The debate on the ultimate tennis player can last years, but some important names are definitely on the list of tennis players that cannot be ignored. Let’s check out some of the top tennis players and how their contributions have made them the most sought-after players today.

  1. Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi

Since the 90s, Andre Agassi has been ranked among the best players in tennis. His career was about 20 years, during which he got an impressive number of titles.

He was named as the only male tennis player who had acquired the title of Career Super Slam when he won all four Grand Slams. He was also an Olympic Gold Medal winner who collected a lot of fame for his name.

  1. John McEnroe

John McEnroe

In the 1980s, John McEnroe was seen as the best tennis player in the world. Although he was an amateur, he won several titles at the age of 18 years and reached many finals and semifinals as well.

Over the years, he won several championships and tournaments, making him a popular name in the tennis industry. To make a total, he has won 77 singles titles and 78 doubles titles, which is a massive win and contribution. His best match record is held at 96.5% when he won 82 matches and faced only 3 defeats in 1984.

  1. Ivan Lendl

Ivan Lendl

Ivan Lendl has also played a strong role in the history of tennis. Especially in the 1980s, he gained a lot of success, giving him immense popularity. He had a career of 22 years in which he won 94 singles titles.

He had an excellent record and match-win rating that made him an important name on the list of the most successful tennis players in the world today. He is the only male player who won 90% of the matches in 5 years.

  1. Jimmy Connors

Jimmy Connors is another important name in the history of tennis, so we have placed him in the seventh position of this top 10 tennis players bracket. From 1974 to 1977, Jimmy maintained his ranking as the World No. 1 player and had an excellent ATP ranking that could not be disputed. He has also won several titles and championships in his time.

In 1974, he was the second tennis player to win three Grand Slams in a year. He was denied entry to the French Open because he was a part of the World Team Tennis. Jimmy still holds the record for the most titles, i.e., 109, and has played the maximum number of matches at 1557.

  1. Bjorn Bong

Bjorn Bong

At number 6, we have Bjorn Borg, who has been a pro since the age of 16. He retired at the age of 26 but made a sound number of contributions to tennis with his exceptional skill and game experience. He was the youngest-ever male French Open champion at his time.

  1. Pete Sampras

Pete Sampras

Another important figure in the history of tennis is Pete Sampras. He was the most successful player in the 1990s. He ranked at the top for 286 weeks and 6 consecutive years between 1993 and 1998. He dominated the grass courts and won 7 Wimbledon titles during his career. He has won a total of 64 singles and 14 Grand Slam competitions.

  1. Rod Laver

Rod Laver

Rod Laver is often stated to be the greatest tennis player that the world has ever seen. He holds the most title wins in the game’s history, with 198 wins. This included 6 grand slam titles and 5 grand slam titles in the Open Era. Apart from this, he has also collected several other wins and titles that have gone down in history as the best performances ever seen.

  1. Rafael Nadal


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Nadal is a very popular name, given his exceptional skills and wins. At just the age of 19, he reached the world’s number 2 ranking and picked up several titles in his career.

He has even won medals in the Olympics and many other titles that helped him break serious records over time. His win percentage is about 91%. He is still playing tennis, which raises expectations.

  1. Roger Federer

Federer is one of the most loved tennis players and has gotten the maximum amount of fame over the years. He is a great tennis player with a career lasting 4 decades.

He carried the world number 1 title for 310 weeks and has the longest streak of remaining the world number 1 in the history of Open Era championships. His dominance in the 2000s is legendary.

As we celebrate athletic prowess across various sports, it’s intriguing to note the charisma and style exuded by these athletes, drawing parallels between the allure of the stunning soccer players and the tennis icons we explore in this article.

  1. Novak Djokovic

Novak is the leader of all tennis players and the best of the best. There is no one record that he has not managed to break until now. He has remained the top tennis player for 401 weeks and still maintains his top-order ranking.

He has played for 20 years and won 98 singles titles during this time. This has also included 24 Grand Slam Titles. Apart from this, he has also won 10 Australian Open Titles and many other championships.