How Meditation Helps Me Write My Essay Better


Do you ever feel that words are no longer flowing, and writing an essay has just become harder? Writer’s block is a place no one likes to stay in, especially when they have loads of assignments to work on and deadlines to meet. So, what’s the solution?

Well, take my word for it: as an essay writer online at DoMyEssay, I must be able to overcome obstacles. Despite all the shiny solutions they vouch for, I didn’t get my superpowers back by taking a break or listening to music until one day, when my mentor suggested meditation.

The benefits of meditation have been spoken of many times. Artists particularly resort to this mind-blowing activity to get their creative juices flowing. But does it also make you write an essay better?

Here is how practicing this age-old mental exercise has helped me get rid of my writer’s block and write my essays effectively.

6 Ways Meditation Helps You Write Better Essays

Makes You More Mindful

Mindfulness calms your mind and makes you more aware of your inner and outward environment, which is crucial for creativity. When you meditate, you clear out all the distractions, only to focus on what’s happening now. It helps you stay connected to the present and enables you to indulge in whatever you do instead of wandering into nothingness.

You would think about how it relates to writing essays. Well, if you are not conscious of your present, you would find it hard to materialize your research and draw arguments from it. Mindfulness helps you read between the lines and understand ideas better when you write essay.

Allows You to Control Your Thoughts

Wandering thoughts are a major distraction, even more than TV, mobile, and other things. To increase your focus, comprehension, and intellect, you need to be able to declutter and streamline your thoughts.

When I write my essay, I can understand concepts in-depth, connect the dots, and centralize my thoughts about the topic. It makes the process easier and more effective for me. Plus, such a logical approach allows our professionals to look good in writing services reviews on NoCramming because we keep delivering flawless papers to our clients.

So, being able to move your thoughts in the right direction is a skill worth mastering if you want to excel in writing.

Induces Creativity

Writing is a creative pursuit, no matter what form it entails. You may be working on a dissertation, writing a journal, or putting together a blog – all of these require creativity.

Meditation is a proven way to amplify your creative flow. It also allows you to express yourself adeptly and connect ideas with anecdotes and stories. All the artists make use of this exercise to put magic into their craft.

Makes You Disciplined

Discipline is a blessing in disguise. Most students despise it, but if you are disciplined, you can move mountains. Some authors attest to indulging in free writing right after the session every day. It puts them in the right mood and aids the flow of creativity. The discipline you develop from consistent meditation gets you into a routine and helps you articulate outstanding essays.

Aids Stress Management

Stress is particularly dangerous to your mental health and academic growth. It can easily lead to procrastination and affect your grades. Eventually, you fall deeper into the pit of self-doubt and inefficiency, which becomes even more stressful. Meditation sets you free from this never-ending cycle, improves your mood, and helps you stay motivated.

Improves Focus

By now, it is already clear that the ultimate benefit of meditation is improved focus. When you sit calmly and quietly by yourself and try to bring your attention to a single point, you garner the power to stay focused.

Over time, you learn to disengage from negative and unnecessary thoughts, control your wandering mind, and pay attention to one thing for a longer duration. The enhanced focus helps me write my essay faster.

How I Practice Meditation Before I Write My Essay


To practice it, you need to bring your attention and awareness to one point, thought, or mantra. You can start with 5 minutes a day and increase the duration according to your convenience. You must do it every day.

There are multiple ways to meditate. Your ultimate goal is to engage all senses and move away from chaos and noises for a while.

  • It all starts with mindful breathing. You should sit quietly in a place away from noises and observe your breathing. Bring all of your attention to notice yourself inhaling and exhaling. At first, it might sound weird, but it is actually oddly satisfying.
  • Another way is to focus on something in your surroundings and observe it. You may choose to listen to birds chirping, feel the breeze, or use fragrance, keeping your eyes closed all the while.
  • Similarly, if you wish, you may choose to look at a candle flame, an object, or a point. Once you have looked long enough, close your eyes and put your focus on your forehead. Chances are you will visualize an image in the middle of darkness. Try to keep this visual in sight for as long as possible.
  • If all of the above methods seem hard, tune into a guided meditation on Youtube. You can also play relaxing music while you try to release thoughts and focus.

As for how I practice meditation before I write my essay, here’s my preferred method.

  • I sit in a quiet room away from my workspace.
  • I switch off the lights and light up a candle.
  • I turn on my aroma diffuser and play relaxing music.
  • Then, I look constantly at the flame, trying not to blink from a distance.
  • After that, I close my eyes and focus on my mind’s eye, which mostly shows a red dot from the flame.
  • I practice this for 10 minutes and put pen to paper right after.
  • I let my thoughts flow and journal for about 15 minutes.
  • I then write my essay.

Final Thoughts

Daily meditation can increase your productivity and put you ahead of others, not only in your academics but in your whole life. It’s not about success or failure. The peace of mind and calmness that you harness by practicing it makes you strong enough to face difficult challenges and use problem-solving at its best. This article was created in collaboration with LinkXSEO Team.