How Do I Get My Child Noticed By College Recruiters?


Are you a high school athlete with dreams of going pro? The college sports recruiting process is your ticket to the big leagues. This intricate and highly competitive system is all about identifying and attracting the best of the best to join college teams. And the benefits? Oh, they’re endless.

From full scholarships that cover tuition, room and board, and more, to top-notch training facilities and coaches that will take your athlete’s skills to the next level. Not only this, but being a college athlete also opens doors for valuable networking opportunities and future career prospects. However, there is a lot of competition – and the question becomes the obvious: “how do I get my child noticed?”

The college sports recruiting process is a game of strategy and skill, where coaches and recruiters hunt for the best of the best. They scour scouting events, online profiles, and high school coach recommendations to find potential recruits. Once identified, the evaluation process begins, where athletic ability, academic performance, and character are all put under the microscope.

For high school athletes who want to be in the game, it’s important to take an active role in the process. A comprehensive online profile is key, showcasing their athletic achievements, academic performance, and personal qualities.


This profile should be a slam dunk, with detailed stats, awards, and highlights from games and competitions. And don’t forget academics! GPA, test scores, and any honors or awards should all be front and center. It’s time to make your profile a champion and score that scholarship!

In addition to creating an online profile on popular websites, high school athletes should also reach out to college coaches and recruiters and express their interest. This can be done via email or by attending recruiting events and camps.

It’s super important to be proactive and continuously persistent in reaching out to coaches and recruiters, as this will help to increase the athlete’s visibility and improve their chances of being recruited. In summary, the college sports recruiting process is a diverse system with stiff competition that requires a combination of talent, hard work, and strategic planning.

By placing your child in the “driver’s seat” and creating a comprehensive online profile, your child athlete can improve their chances of being noticed by college recruiters and accomplishing everything they ever dreamed.

Assess Your Child’s Athletic Level & Goals


Assessing your child’s athletic level and goals for college recruiting can be a daunting task for parents. It’s important to take into account their talent, performance, and commitment to determine which division or association they are most likely to play in.

For example, Division I schools are the most competitive and require top-level talent and performance. These schools offer full scholarships and have high expectations for their athletes both on and off the field.

Division II schools are still competitive but offer partial scholarships and have slightly lower expectations. Division III schools do not offer athletic scholarships but still have competitive teams and high expectations for their athletes. Lastly, there are NAIA and Junior College associations which offer different levels of competition and scholarship opportunities.

It’s important to assess your child’s athletic abilities and goals early on in their high school career to ensure they are on the right track for college recruiting. This may involve seeking out coaches or athletic trainers for assessments, attending college showcases or camps, and researching different schools and their athletic programs. Ultimately, the goal is to find the right fit for your child both academically and athletically to set them up for success in college and beyond.

Get Professional Help


As the parent(s), you want your child athlete to have the best opportunities possible. That’s why some parents are turning to companies that specialize in helping high school athletes get noticed by colleges. Companies like CollegiateSportsAdvocate work with the athlete and their family to develop a customized recruiting plan that highlights the athlete’s skills and achievements.

They may create a highlight reel or promotional materials to showcase the athlete’s abilities. They also help the athlete navigate the complex world of college athletics recruitment.

But it’s not just about getting noticed by colleges. These companies also prioritize the athlete’s academic success. They may work with the athlete to improve their grades or develop study habits that will help them succeed in college. They may also provide guidance on choosing the right college or program for the athlete’s academic and athletic goals.

Of course, hiring a company to help your child get noticed by colleges is not for everyone. It can be expensive, and there are no guarantees of success. But for some families, it’s a worthwhile investment in their child’s future. When it comes to getting your high school athlete noticed by colleges, you need a company that’s a slam dunk.

Look for a squad with a winning record and glowing reviews from other families. Don’t be shy about requesting references and chatting with other families who’ve scored big with their services. But remember, this is a major league decision. You need to consider your child’s goals and needs, as well as your own financial playbook. Play it smart and choose a team that can help you hit a homerun.

Creating Their Online Profile & Resume


Want to give your child the ultimate shot at becoming a college sports superstar? It’s time to create a digital resume that showcases their athletic prowess, academic excellence, and all-around awesomeness. We’re talking a comprehensive, engaging online profile that screams “recruit me!” And when it comes to crafting this masterpiece, you can’t just focus on sports.

We’re talking a well-rounded resume that highlights your child’s extracurriculars, community service, and leadership skills. One popular website is NCSA, whom has extensive experience in being a well-known database in this industry. And don’t forget about social media – it’s the ultimate playing field for college scouts.

Help your child score big by keeping their profiles professional and up-to-date, and encouraging them to connect with recruiters directly. And of course, remind them to steer clear of any offensive or controversial content. With a digital presence that’s on point, your child will be a slam dunk for college sports success.

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