5 Great Games to Unleash Your Inner Beast

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Being an animal lover is a full-time hobby. Squealing every time you see a cute kitten, laughing over animal videos on TikTok, and looking after your own pets to a level that some would call obsessive means the work is never over. Animals are a massive part of our lives, so it makes sense to incorporate them into every nook and cranny of it.

If you’ve got a gaming hobby too, then you might want to take the role of an animal within games or play games that revolve entirely around them. Thankfully there are plenty of game developers that feel the same and these are some of the best titles that they’ve created for the animal obsessed.

1. Stallion Grand

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Stallion Grand is a brilliant online casino game from Chumba Casino that throws you right into the true wilderness of the Wild West. This title takes the form of a progressive jackpot slot game, offering the player the perfect opportunity for a quick-to-play game that takes no setting up time. It takes place with a sunset backdrop, looking out into the canyons and the desert beyond. Pink-hued mountains and a distinctly cowboy-flavored theme tune create a super atmosphere for the reels to start spinning.

The graphics on the reels are certainly not a disappointment either, with huge attention to detail paid to each of the characters you’ll find there. There are plenty of stallions, as the name would suggest, but you’ll also find some other American icons, like the bald eagle and the mountain lion, too. Overall, this is the best choice for those who enjoy the majesty of America’s wild horses and don’t want to spend ages downloading and learning to play a game.

2. Planet Zoo

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If you’re after a game that promises hours and hours of playing time with a whole slew of adorable animals then Planet Zoo is the obvious choice. Despite being released back in 2019, the game receives such regular updates, expansions, and packs, that you get the excitement of playing what feels like a whole new game every few months. As well as this, there’s an active Twitch community too, so you’ll never be short of inspiration. This game is also a great opportunity to learn about the animals that inhabit our world. The expansion packs each take a theme, with the first few focusing on a certain area of the world and shining a light on the unusual animals that are native to it. The more recent expansions focus on animals in particular, with packs of endangered animals, as well as those who come out at night beneath the stars.

Creating your zoo is a totally personal choice and you can put in as much, or as little, time as you want. Experimenting with different building styles and foliage can be hours of fun for some, but others would rather provide the basics for their animals and watch how they interact with one another. Creative gamers who enjoy total freedom and learning whilst they play will absolutely love this PC package.

3. Untitled Goose Game

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Sometimes you want a game that allows your silliness to shine and Untitled Goose Game is exactly that. This PC game allows you to step into the shoes of a very naughty goose. It’s up to you, the goose, to tick off a checklist of all kinds of trouble. In the first instance, you’ll be getting used to the controls and exploring a pond with a pleasant picnic spot nearby. You’ll need to totally disrupt this picnic and then find your way into a gardener’s allotment. You have the option to move in all directions either quickly, slowly, or whilst ducking. You can also honk, flap your wings, and jump. Whilst this might not seem like the hugest variety of actions, you’ll be amazed at the trouble that you can get up to. Silly gamers, those who enjoy a puzzle, and those who just like wreaking havoc will love this cute but chaotic title.

4. Insaniquarium

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If you’re after something just as silly as Untitled Goose Game but with an inter galactic theme then Insaniquarium is exactly the kind of insanity that you’ve been looking for. This game burst onto the browser-based games scene in the early noughties, but has had quite the revamp since then. It’s now got the same noughties graphics, but in a much sharper resolution and is only available to play as a PC download. The game begins with two cute little orange guppies in a fish tank and it’s up to you to feed them and help them to grow big. Once the guppies grow, they start to poop out silver and eventually gold coins. So far so simple, but the confusion comes when the alien invasions start. The early aliens want to eat your guppies, so you either need to breed or buy plenty of them to avoid your tank getting wiped out, or upgrade your weapons so that you can fight off the aliens. It sounds daft because it is, but it’s endlessly playable and more than deserving of a space in your catalog.

5. Pokemon Go

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Finally, it wouldn’t be a gaming list without a mention for one of the highest grossing apps of all time, Pokemon Go. This app was the first to make augmented reality available to everyone. It took the cute characters from the hit Pokemon series for Gameboy and put them into the real world. Now you can open up your smartphone app and see Pokemon through your camera lens inhabiting the world around you. You can throw rocks or bait to try and lure them or weaken them and then catch them using Pokeballs. After this, you can battle them to help them grow stronger or head out into the wilderness to try and catch every single type that exists. If you like your animals mean and ready for battle, then you’ll love some of the more evolved Pokemon. Those who like them cuddly will definitely find more than their fair share of those too though.