Could Los Angeles Rams Defend the Super Bowl Title in 2024


Sport is something that bonds people, and it’s been like that for thousands of years. It is something that does not care about religion or nationality, and people around the world become friends thanks to their love for sports. Just take a look at the Olympic games as, even though the war raged, during this period, everything stopped, and sport and sportsmanship were the only things that mattered. Now, this concept remains ’till this day, and the only thing different is the variety of sports as today, everyone can find the one that suits them the most, no matter if they love to play or simply watch. Of course, certain regions and even continents have a different view on sports, hence so many of them. If we take a closer look at how some of them were created, we will notice that almost every new or more modern sport has origins of some sport that already exists or has existed.

Knowing this, it’s also nothing unusual that people have a different name for the same sport. Take football as an example, and even though when someone mentions it, the majority of people would think about legends like Maradona and Pele, or more modern ones Messi and Ronaldo, in the US, it’s an entirely different type of sport that’s usually compared to rugby. But let’s avoid discussion about how these two sports differ and focus mainly on the NFL, or, to be more precise, the winners of the 2024 Super Bowl, the Los Angeles Rams.


What happened in Super Bowl LVI?

In order to get a better grasp of how tremendous this whole journey for the Rams was, we first need to go to the very beginning of the season, as the Rams really give their all and probably sacrificed several future picks in order to be a contender and win the Championship. They added some pretty big names to their roster and filled the gaps with experienced players (free agents), which was something that really affected their overall performance and also something that everyone could notice. The road to the finals was not an easy one, far from it, and they were even on a losing streak (3 games) during the season in the National Football Conference (NFC) West division. Even in Playoffs, they struggled, and in a game with the Bucks, even though they led by 24 at one point, they conceded 24 straight points, but luckily, Matt Gay’s 30-yard field goal at the very end of the game was good, which meant that the Rams have turned to odds to their favor and booked their place in the finals.

What can we expect from the Rams in 2024?

It is certain that the Rams will not give up on a title without a fight, and they will try to defend it in any possible way. It will not be an easy task, and there is a possibility that two great players could leave the team, which can be a big handicap for the next matches. One of them is Odell Beckham Jr. who plays as a receiver, and the second one is linebacker Von Miller since they could leave as free agents, and losing them can change a lot in Ram’s game. Luckily, their coach has no intention to leave the club with which he has a great score, and his new goal is to defend the title. Coach Sean McVay is an important figure in the Rams, dedicated to the team, and the fact he is staying means a lot for their future, and of course, defending the Super Bowl title. It is normal to expect that current champions will try to build their roster and bring new players who can help them reach their goals, although it is too early to try to guess their names. But, one thing is certain – this season will be interesting for every true fan of the NFL and full of hope for the Rams fans that their team can make a great success.


Back-to-back winners

The NFL fans are more than familiar with this term, but we will explain it shortly for those who are not completely sure what it means. Back-to-back winner refers to the team who succeeded in defending the Super Bowl title, and from the beginning of this competition, only seven teams did that. We need to mention that only the Pittsburgh Steelers won the back-to-back title twice, and six more teams did it once in the history of the Super Bowl. Another interesting fact is that there was no back-to-back winner since 2004-05 when this title went to the New England Patriots. Next year will show us if the Rams are good enough to take the next back-to-back title, and they will definitely try to do that and write history.


What do the experts say?

Experts and bookmakers from all over the world already make the predictions for the 2024 Super Bowl champion, and according to them, two teams have almost the same chances. These two teams are Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills, and they are recognized as favorites. That puts the Rams in a high third position of the best odds, and it will not be a surprise if they succeed in it and defend their title.

The Verdict

If we can expect anything, that’s that this offseason will be a turbulent one, with many teams looking at draft prospects and free agents to add to their rosters. As for the Rams, they have already achieved their initial goal, but that doesn’t mean they will surrender and let someone else just take the Vince Lombardi Trophy from them, on the contrary. Even though everything is still fresh and it may seem like to early to make any predictions, if we take a look at the odds, currently, the Los Angeles Rams stand firm as the third contestant. If you feel confident and have a good feeling about some team to win it all, make sure to check and get more detailed info on how much money you will make if you decide to place a bet.