Casino Verification — What It Is and Why It Matters

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For anyone signing up to a new casino, there is always the slow process of verification. Commonly listed as the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process, it’s often the bane of many players’ lives. Time-consuming and slow to finalize, KYC processes are, nevertheless, an important safety aspect when it comes to online casinos.

Different countries have different approaches to KYC, with Sweden using Casino utan BankID which is a digital identification method that players can use to prove who they are online. Swedish players without the BankID are required to verify themselves in other ways, which are often much less secure. For Swedes, the process is very easy though, as most Swedish casinos use BankID to identify players. Other countries around the world take a slightly different, longer approach, but one that is no less effective.

What Is KYC?

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In simple terms, KYC is the process by which online casinos check to make sure players are who they say they are. This process takes the form of checking and verifying not only the identity of the player, but also their age. The process requires identification documents. Typically, this is some form of official ID such as a passport or driving license as well as proof of address. Part of the KYC process requires these documents to be carefully checked to ensure their veracity. And it is this latter part that can take some time to complete which is why a growing number of players are looking for sites with no verification or KYC protocols in place.

Why Do Casinos Have KYC?

But, while these processes take a long time and can be a bore, there are real, serious reasons that they are in place. Not only are these protocols provided to ensure the casinos are safe from fraudulent players, they are there to protect the players — and more often than not, simply from themselves.

By undergoing KYC protocols, casinos can quickly identify underage players preventing them from joining the platform, helping to stop gambling habits from a young age. Additionally, such protocols enable casinos to filter out problem gamblers, those who are supposed to be banned from sites so that they can’t continue their harmful gambling habits. As such, the casino can monitor player habits and improve on their responsible gambling protocols, providing a much better service for all.

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Of course, the casinos don’t do it out of the goodness of their hearts. The top licensing jurisdictions such as the UK and Malta demand it. If casinos do not have KYC protocols in place, they can lose their license and subsequently, their ability to operate.

Not only do these protocols help to protect players, but they also, as mentioned, help safeguard casinos. By implementing detailed checks on each player, casinos can mitigate money laundering practices, thus protecting themselves as well. All in all, KYC simply provides a much more secure platform for all parties involved, which is as it should be.

It’s also worth considering that while some players don’t like verification, many others won’t join a casino unless verification is in place. KYC processes balance security alongside player satisfaction.

Going Through the KYC Process

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As mentioned, the KYC process is all about checking player identities, which some people find invasive. For all regulated casinos, this step is an essential part of licensing compliance and must be completed if the player is to continue playing on the casino site.

In addition to requiring government-issued IDs, casinos will also ask for a variety of other identifying and personal information. Depending on the jurisdiction and the casino, these can differ quite wildly. For instance, some casinos will also require bank statements for proof of funds and where these are coming from. Often, the source of the funds will be checked as well as affordability checks in place to ensure the player really can play at the casino. The UKGC, the gambling governing body in the UK, is even introducing financial risk check requirements.

Additionally, even after all documents have been presented, some casinos also require a photograph or even a video selfie performed in real-time to prove the player’s identity. While all this can be provided relatively speedily by the player, it can take casinos time to go through all the information provided when checking. As such, the compliance team does take time to ensure all information is correct before permitting the payout or even for the player to continue using the gaming platform.

Should You Use Casinos without Verification?

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As touched upon, a growing number of players do not want to provide their personal data to casinos. This has led to a spate of casinos without verification popping up online. These no-KYC casinos are becoming widespread and draw players who believe they won’t get interrupted without invasive, lengthy KYC processes.

However, using these types of sites should be visited with extreme caution. While players fear that KYC casinos are going to steal their data (even though regulated casinos follow stringent data protection requirements), the potential issues with a no-KYC casino are far worse.

Some of these no KYC casinos are not governed by any jurisdiction giving them free rein to operate however they want. This means that should something go wrong, players are at the mercy of the casino. Oftentimes this can result in players getting scammed and never receiving any of their winnings. With no KYC in place, it’s more likely that the casino cannot be trusted.

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However, this is not always the case. There are no-KYC casinos that use inventive methods to make player identification easy and non-invasive, providing what players want. Typically, these are crypto casinos where players sign up and deposit using crypto and the blockchain, which is an identifier in its own right. As such, casinos can be sure players have the funds while players don’t have to go through arduous protocols.

At the end of the day though, the KYC undertaking is a necessary security feature that benefits everyone. And, if players do start the KYC procedure the instant they sign up, by the time it comes to withdrawing winnings, the process will be completed.