2024 Casino Industry Trends and Online Gambling Transformations

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There is no doubt that technological advancements in the 21st century play a major role in all industries, and this trend is expected to become even more prominent in the future. In a way, all of the casino trends featured in this blog post can be seen as a result of the impact of technological advancements. However, they can be further subdivided into more distinctive trends, each of which having a separate influence on the industry of games of chance.

Check out the full list of casino industry trends that will transform or, at least, change the gambling market a little bit in the coming years…

The List of the Most Anticipated Gambling Transformations

There you have it: the complete list of major gambling transformations that we anticipate as a result of trends in the casino industry. Some of the casinos – many can be found by the link – have already started replacing the most common online payment methods with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, some gambling trends will remain the same, such as traditional bank payment methods or greater user security by minimizing hacking and frauds.

In this blog post, we will take a more in-depth look at the first part of the gambling industry trends – the factors and impacts that are poised to transform the casino market in the future. Of course, the following list is not complete, and we have used broader terms to generalize some casino trends, but let’s face it – who knows what will happen in the future with 100 % certainty?

These are gambling transformations in 2024 and projected impact of future casino trends:

Advanced Technologies

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VR-based games could offer a seamless 360-degree 3D gaming experience, which would only compete with the development of HD games for smartphones. New technologies are also needed for the prevention and control of fraud.

Projected impact:

  • Better detection and control of fraud or cheating
  • Improved display of game results
  • Online gaming innovations

Sophisticated Play Tests

Advances in technology are the key to improving the testing and validation services of independent agencies. This is the key to a faster and easier certification process for software vendors, as well as a fairer and more secure user experience.

Projected impact:

  • Better control of the fairness of casino games and the randomness of the results
  • Increased game quality and user experience

Better Access to the Game

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Globalization in the 21st century is even more noticeable now compared to a few years ago and soon it would be possible to have access to gambling services even in restricted areas. New types of games are emerging as game services can better adapt to local/national needs.

Projected impact:

  • Increase of interest in land-based and online casinos
  • New forms of play
  • Better quality of gaming services

Socially Responsible Trends

The services provided by socially responsible independent organizations will improve, as will the overall user experience. With better protection from dangers such as underage gambling and addiction, online gaming is becoming safer.

Projected impact:

  • Better access to informational and socially responsible services
  • Better control of illegal gambling

Bigger Hype Over Cryptocurrencies

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Cryptocurrency payments are becoming even more popular and could dominate the online gaming market in just a few short years. This will expand access to anonymous games of chance, regardless of the location of the players.

Projected impact:

  • Improvement of payment services in online games
  • Lifting of the ban on access to gambling services in certain regions

Technological Advancements in the Casino Industry

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Some of these technological advances are already being implemented and the fact is they are developing at a lightning speed. While VR gaming is only possible for certain PC games, one could imagine that soon such technology will be used by land-based casinos for monitoring and better control of cheating in poker or blackjack, for example. There could be hidden cameras spread evenly throughout a poker room, while technically equipped security personnel would be able to inspect each player and their style of play directly from, e.g. the CCTV room, without the need for their presence in the poker room.

The VR glasses would visualize the environment in real-time, and it would be possible for a security guard to walk around the player, view his cards, or see how a player picks up a new card without even being physically in the room. Detecting and controlling cheating in poker and better prevention of fraud in blackjack card counting are just a few of the impact benefits of this technological advancement.

VR-based technology has been around in many other gaming industries for a long time, and it will become even more popular in games for online gambling. The 3D slots with VR glasses would provide a seamless 360-degree gaming experience for players who will be able to play in Vegas casinos environment directly from their homes or from a tropical island beach, for example. The latest trends in online gaming already offer a similar experience but with VR, there will be no need to differentiate between the digital and the physical world at all.

Smartwatch gaming is another popular trend that has already done a lot to improve the mobile gaming/gambling experience. Mobile gaming apps are great but, if you want to take your gaming experience to the next level when you are on the go, you can place a bet via voice command on your smartwatch. Alternatively, DIY hologram screens for mobile devices are very easy and simple to make, and in the future, they will be more improved and they would be the perfect tool to brighten up HD casino games for smartphones and smartwatches. However, there would have to be a software vendor to adapt their games to such a hologram application.

Can you imagine 50 or 100 years from now watching the results of a horse racing event on huge interactive holographic screens instead of current ‘simple’, high-quality 70-inch screens?

Advanced Gaming Testing Agencies

The latest technological advances will undoubtedly play a major role in the development of independent testing agencies. On the other hand, it will be a major factor that would impact the casino industry. For example, take RNG, also known as random number generation. It is the technology behind the results of every casino game. Once you spin the reels, the result is based on the game’s RNG number. To calculate this number, independent testing agencies need to see the results of thousands and thousands of spins, only to calculate the first number after zero.

The math gets even bigger if a game development studio wants to have the second number after zero for a new video slot, for example. These gaming trends will provide a safer and fairer user experience. In addition, it would lead to a significant upgrade of slots, which would have more advanced computing capabilities, improved video graphics, sound effects, etc. If you play online, the Internet connection would be much better and there would be no loading time for the games. However, yet that is only a guess.

Globalization and Online Gaming Trends

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Globalization will continue to be an important part of the 21st century, and it will impact many of the latest trends in the casino industry. There is a gambling ban in some countries, but what is the point of being able to play remotely and absolutely anonymously via offshore IP addresses and cryptocurrency accounts? That being said, there will be new types of gaming services appearing in new regions of the world, where gambling is not permitted today.

Gaming services will be able to adapt better to local/national requirements and everyone will have access to online gambling. For example, the new Starlink solution is expected to provide a high-quality Internet connection to the most remote places on Earth in the near future. It will be one of the newest casino technologies and trends in online gaming but who knows what the next innovation would be in about 100 years?

Improved Socially Responsible Services

There will also be new rules and regulations. This will not only change the trends in the casino games industry in legal terms, but it will also provide better socially responsible protection for players. There will be simpler and simpler ways to prevent illegal gambling, addiction, and other problems associated with gambling. On the other hand, casino operators would provide new social-like services to their customers or, by doing so, a casino would easily turn into a social network like Facebook, for example, just for a different purpose.

Imagine an online casino of the future where you can enter a special interactive room like a bar where there will be other people with their avatars. You will be able to chat, have a drink, or discuss a gambling topic. Of course, there will still be an ‘analog’ option in land-based casinos where guests can order drinks from robots and socialize with the AI. The casino dress code is also predicted to be influenced by the advancement of casino socialization services.

Not much time has passed since people visited land-based casinos. Now online casinos have become a great alternative. And you may not even be in a country like the UK, but visit the poker site not on Gamstop.

Live dealer casino games are also popular casino trends in recent years and are expected to have an even greater impact on the online gambling industry in the future. There would be better interactive gaming platforms with live dealers, no lag or other issues, even if you play at the highest holographic quality and HD settings possible.

Domination of Cryptocurrency Payment Methods

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Given that cryptocurrencies are also known as FAD money (Funds Available For Distribution), they will be the main reason for a change in consumption patterns.
The rise of cryptocurrencies over the past few years has prompted many online casino providers to upgrade their cashier sections with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. It is one of the last casino transformations in progress at the moment…