8 Biggest Myths and Misconceptions About Las Vegas Casinos in 2024

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Las Vegas is a city whose tour is a lifelong desire for many. A city that never sleeps, full of casinos and places to spend time. Many marriages are made in Vegas, right after crazy parties, and it is not said in vain “What happens in Vegas – stays in Vegas” because a lot can happen there. Many films have been made about this city, and many stories have been told. There are naturally many myths and misconceptions, and we will describe them in this text. But if you are not able to travel to Las Vegas, and it is not enough for you to read the stories because you want to try the casino, play on Playamo here, and feel the whole Vegas experience.

1. Casinos are using drugs to make you gamble

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There are many different ways that people think that they can be drugged to gamble more. Since many clubs don’t have windows, there is a possibility of pumping some hypnotic gas. And since it is hard to find a clock in a casino, pretty waitresses can put a drug into drinks. Many also believe that they are using pure oxygen to keep people awake or stronger alcoholic dring to make them drunk. That even sound like nonsense, so it is obviously not true, but there are people out there believing in this.

2. It is impossible to win a big prize

Every casino has a payout rate that is enough to give some winnings but also have enough for the house. That doesn’t mean you can win a big prize. In fact, people are often winning, and money is rotating all the time. Because of that, the house will never lose, but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to win. If you are lucky enough, there is a possibility to get out with a lot of money in your pocket, but if you are not, the fun is guaranteed for sure.

3. Every casino reset the slots on weekends

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Since the second name for Las Vegas is Sin City, and it is known as the city that never sleeps, that claim cannot be true. There is no weekend or holiday there, and every day is full of tourist who wants to gamble. Every slot machine indeed has its edge so, the house can win, but resetting it is not a solution. Decide how much money you want to spend, and find your own limit before thinking about that.

4. The dealers are cheating

It is the fact that the dealers are leading the game, but it is almost impossible for them to cheat. The cameras are following each of their steps, and the supervisors are always around. The supervisors are also on the other side of the screen, and it is hard to cheat. On the other side, the dealer salary is big enough, and there is no need to risk losing a job for some extra money that you can offer them for cheating.

5. If someone cheats, the security will beat him

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This misconception is fueled by various Hollywood movies in which a person who cheats at any casino game is taken by security to a dark part of the casino where he gets a serious beating. Well, luckily, it happens only in movies. The real measures don’t include beating, but they can also be severe. If someone is cheating, he will be arrested, and the punishment may be a lifetime ban from every casino in Las Vegas. Of course, all winnings are staying in the casino property.

6. The amulets can increase the luck

Many superstitious people believe that a certain object can bring them luck. These can be bracelets, necklaces, but also many bizarre items such as a rabbit’s paw. Wearing these items can supposedly increase the chance of winning, so these people resort to different strategies. That is why in Vegas, you can find sellers of various amulets that guarantee profit to naive tourists. Of course, although in the casino everything is related to luck, there is no such thing that can increase it.

7. If you have a friend working in a casino, they can use him to hook you up

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Yes, that sounds funny, and it is. Casinos are not losing their time on investigating their workers or their friends that they can hook up. Many tourists are attending Sin City all the time, and there is no need for such things. If you have a friend there, go and visit him, if you are lucky enough, there is always a possibility to get a discount for a room or meal, or at least some tips for exploring the town with a small amount of money.

8. Shills are working there to cheat you

It is normal to see the pretty girl around a dollar slot machine that is whooping after someone gets a prize. Well, that may be a good marketing trick, but it is not cheating. Prop players can be there to help the newbies with a blackjack or other table game, and they may look like shills, but the truth is that they are not working there since they are spending their own money to play. Be aware that those are good players, and playing against them can be a real disaster.

There are many magnificent casinos in the world, and it is breathtaking to visit any of them. But, the first on the list are always those in Las Vegas. Keep in mind that Vegas is not just about casinos and bars, and this city has a lot to offer. As we have seen the myths about casinos in this text, so there are many of them about the town itself, and each of them deserves to be revealed because this place is really unique. For all those who get a chance to visit it, bet responsibly and enjoy your time. That is a once in the lifetime experience.