The Best Interior Designers on Instagram That Are Worth Following


Instagram has become an inexhaustible source of inspiration for literally everything that interests you. From food and fashion to art and design, there are hundreds of thousands of profiles that are a pure inspiration in all fields. And while the number of instagramers is endless, navigating this platform is quite exciting and it is no wonder that most of us are a bit dependent on it.

On this social media, you will find everything: from the influence of modern design to veterans of this industry. Interior designer profiles on Instagram encourage a new type of communication and connection of interior designers with their potential audience. After all, it is no secret that social media is at the same time a creative addition but also a vital way for interior designers to find and attract new clients. Most of the designers on our list are dealing with decorating rooms inside apartments and houses because that is of most demand by the Instagram audiences. Of course, there are more designers worldwide apart from the following top 15 we have chosen, whose pieces of work include not only living areas but also, e.g. hotel rooms or bookmakers (who you have to visit to see the interiors we are talking about not only to bet online here).

In the 10 years since Instagram first appeared on the App Store, it has become a favorite choice for interior designers and young designers around the world. A new wave of interior designers such as Swiss Interior ( is setting the pace and new trends with their approach to design that they present on social media. Below we present some of their profiles that we believe that all fans of interior design and decoration should follow.

Justina Blakeney


Justina Blakeney is an artist, designer, and is considered the inventor of the term ‘Jungalow’, which represents the cohesion of the jungle and bungalows. The Jungalow style is certainly one of the trends that are currently in vogue, especially when it comes to the use of plants in the interior.

Justina is a master of vivid and lively aesthetics from her Instagram page, which is flooded with inspiration for interior design that is, on its hand, filled with plants.

Emily Henderson


Emily Henderson is a popular London-native blogger based in Los Angeles, an interior designer, and a TV personality who creates refined interiors with a bohemian stamp.
If you follow her Instagram profile (which has attracted over 940,000 followers) you will find bright, colorful spaces that are very inspiring.

Corey Damen Jenkins


Corey Damen Jenkins is an interior designer, trendsetter, and unusual media personality. He creates interiors whose main feature is the glamor in which his unique sophisticated aesthetics are woven.

Check out his Instagram profile and see for yourself – simply, make sure to follow Corey if you are a design lover.

Young Huh


As the owner and founder of “Young Huh Interior Design” – an interior design company that deals with a complete design for residential and commercial interiors – Young Huh has also made the most of the IG platform to reach potential customers but also to develop her brand that involves the cancellation of design narrative for each individual project through finding harmony and dynamics by applying classical and modern design principles.
Thoughtful architectural details provide the basis for warm and pleasant interiors, each of which is enlivened by sophisticated surface details, a unique play of patterns and colors, as well as a dose of experimentation.

Orlando Soria


Orlando Soria is the designer and host of a television show in which he works on decorating with his clients. And while on most IG profiles of interior designers you can only admire, like, and try to ask for advice, this is not the case with this designer. Orlando uses Instagram to share its bright and modern style in interior design and is very active online and ready to collaborate with his 197,000 followers.

According to his biography, Orlando describes himself as a person who lives inside the phone and who is always ready to talk to anyone who expresses the desire to talk to him.

Ariel Ashe and Reinaldo Leandro


Ariel Ashe and Reinaldo Leandro are the founders of “Ashe Leandro” and represent a golden pair of interior designers. They are known for their modern luxury aesthetics. Ashe and Leandro create comfortable spaces that are functional and in which you actually live, with a strong sense of style.

Their Instagram page – which serves as a kind of the second portfolio for the brand – is an inspiration for everyone.

Amber Lewis


The bright, airy, and cheerful aesthetics of Californian designer Amber Lewis are perfectly displayed on her Instagram page.

As the founder of “Amber Interiors”, her approach to design involves design for all – with an eclectic display of the interiors in which you can live.

Sasha Bikoff


Another important name in the world of design, Sasha Bikoff, has exhibited her works at Salone del Mobile.Milano, Kips Bay Decorator Show House, DIFFA, and many others.
With anesthetics that combine old French styles with a modernist sensibility, Sasha’s Instagram page is no less impressive than of others on the list. Her 2,500+ posts embody her fearless sensuous and sharp eye for design.

Ashley Whittaker


Behind the Instagram profile of “Ashley Whittaker Design” is Ashley Whittaker, who describes her taste as a traditional newlywed style, and sees Instagram itself as a great channel for promotion and an opportunity for her work to reach as many people as possible.

In her work, Ashley reveals a fresh and modern look at traditional design and architecture. Her style is recognizable and is characterized by custom rooms dominated by playful colors and motifs.

Tilton Fenwick


“Tilton Fenwick” is an interior design studio that gives classical aesthetics a new spin. In their interior and product design, its lead designers Anne Maxwell Foster and Suysel dePedro Cunningham appreciate the surprising use of colors and patterns.
If you are one of those who especially enjoys summer patterns, you must follow this profile.

Ryan Korban


Interior designer Ryan Korban also has a pretty recognizable aesthetics, even on Instagram. His style is reduced, and the emphasis is on pastel colors and gentle shades. This designer who lives and works in New York jokingly approaches Instagram. On his profile, he recently posted a living room cluttered with banknotes, and shortly before that, he also posted one with a fur bar.

Ryan’s rich portfolio includes works for Dior as well as world-renowned museums.

Mark D. Sikes


This designer from Los Angeles is known for cultivating a distinct affection for blue and white color combinations.

If you follow him in IG, interiors with a royal manner will start to appear on your feed.

Grant K. Gibson


His idea is that a home is the ultimate expression of a person’s personality: interiors mirror the individuals who live in them, and each interior is absolutely unique.

Grant is known for classic, masterfully well-arranged spaces that are not only beautiful but also very functional. Also, he has a special gift when it comes to the details that connect the complete picture.

Paloma Contreras


Paloma Contreras says she has been hired by many of her followers on Instagram, but equally often they want details about the rooms she designs so they inquire about wallpaper, fabrics, furniture, and everything else they see in certain pictures.
Paloma is an award-winning designer, and her work is based on a modern style that is imbued with traditional moments.

Sara Gilbane


The best example of how Instagram can directly influence a designer’s collaboration with a client comes from Sara Gilbane’s profile.

This designer set up a palette of blue-orange combinations that she suggested to the client for the dining room. Although the client initially resisted this color combination, the excellent reactions to the post and the support of the followers contributed to the client changing his mind and accepting the proposal.