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Bench Vises for Your Workshop

If you are cutting wood in your home’s garage or you are welding in a workshop, making use of the best bench vise ever made is one way of tackling or handling the task at hand and knowing you would get the best results.

Bench vises are multi-purpose and low-cost tools that serve as a helping hand in making sure that every task you are handling gets done and guess what, they help in saving time and effort.

The problem is finding a reliable and quality bench vise could be time-consuming and also draining but fortunately for you, we have good news for you.

Best Bench Vise Ever Made Review

1. Wilton 11104 Wilton Bench Vise

Wilton 11104 Wilton Bench Vise

If you have been searching for a sturdy and strong vise which I am sure you are looking which explains why you are on this page then the Wilton 11104 Bench Vise is what you truly need and this bench vise from Wilton features a blue color coat finish which is the standard color of the Wilton brand.

Whether you are an experienced craftsman or a beginner, this bench vise is one that you would be pleased to work with and is made using strengthened steel explains why it is extremely durable. It weighs only 7kg which makes handling and installation very easy.

Thanks to having a clever design, users would realize that this bench vise isn’t built to be static and one feature which makes working with this bench vise very easy is its swivel base design.

Users would find its diamond machined finish jaw very impressive as it would make sure that any material it is working on is well gripped and this vise is designed to open up to about four inches which takes away the struggle of moving around your workbench or twisting your neck while finding a suitable angle to work with.

  • Perfect beginner bench vise
  • Easy installation process
  • Its jaws open and close up smoothly
  • Has a sturdy build
  • Got broken too quickly according to a user’s review


2. Yost Tools 750-DI, EXTREME-DUTY Bench & Pipe Vise

Yost Tools 750-DI, EXTREME-DUTY Bench & Pipe Vise

The Yost Tools 750-D1 extreme duty bench and pipe vise is also another top-class bench vise which isn’t built just for casual purposes and this tool right here are built using industrial grade iron which would make sure that this tool withstands all kinds of use.

What we find quite amazing about this bench vise from the Yost Tools is its jaw has a 360 degrees swivel design and guess what, its jaw also offers two different types of grip. It is designed to offer a smooth grip meaning the material you are working on won’t scratch or slip.

However, this feature of this bench vise isn’t what you find on almost every bench vise on the market and that is why this tool shouldn’t be taken for granted. This is actually a heavy-duty tool that has a space-saving design that makes sure it doesn’t take up too much space anywhere it is placed in the workshop.

It also features a swivel base just like in the last bench vise we already talked about and this swivel base is very important as it helps in bringing accuracy while working with this tool.

  • Has a good value
  • Perfect delivery
  • Works smoothly and doesn’t create rough spots
  • Easy to adjust
  • Features a strong iron build
  • Got broken easily


3. Yost LV-4 Home Vise

Yost LV-4 Home Vise

Still, another durable and top quality bench vise from the YOST brand and what this tells is that the YOST brand is actually concerned with the making of top quality, accurate and reliable products that would be able to meet up with your requirements and needs.

However, the Yost LV-4 home vise is designed to be quite small but yet it has all the right features which ensure it takes up and tackles every task. This is why it is quite superior when compared with other bench vises on the market and it is made using cast iron which makes it rugged and tough.

Furthermore, users would find installing this bench vise very simple and easy and having a strong and stable design makes it the perfect tool for use either in workshops or at home.

This bench vise has a lot to offer you but yet it is very easy to afford but one thing you should know about this tool is it is best suited for small projects due to the size of its jaws.

The level of strength that this tool has is quite amazing and you can count on this bench vise to firmly secure tools that want to be sharpened.

  • Perfect for light home jobs
  • Works great
  • Has a solid construction
  • Simple installation process
  • Cracked easily
  • Has a loose swivel base


4. Olympia Tools 38-604 Bench Vise, Workshop Series

Olympia Tools 38-604 Bench Vise, Workshop Series

The Olympia Tools 38-604 bench vise is yet another high-quality bench vise with lots of impressive features and many people refer to this bench vise as a reinforced bench vise because it doesn’t disappoint.

It won’t take users long to figure out that this tool has super reinforced bottom which helps in providing strength and security when working on any material and here is a very interesting feature, it comes with four lug attachments which makes sure that this bench vise is tightly held and won’t move anywhere unless you want it to.

You can trust this bench vise to add an extra dimension to what you are working on as it is designed to rotate at least up to 270 degrees and it also comes with reinforced steel jaws that have premium quality as well as being very easy to replace.

It has pipes jaws that are permanently fixed underneath and this is also another reason why we all consider this bench vise to be very reliable and precise. It has a lot to offer despite having a compact build.

  • An inexpensive tool which does all that is described of it
  • Has a strong swivel base
  • Ideal for basic home tasks
  • Not as smooth as expected


5. Yost Tools Vises 445 Combination Pipe and Bench Vise

Yost Tools Vises 445 Combination Pipe and Bench Vise

This is another blessing from the Yost brand to make its way to this top ten list of bench vises that you can trust to get work done for you and being able to turn up to 360 degrees is an incredible feature that sets this bench vise very much higher than most bench vises which you are bound to come across when shopping for one that would be ideal for you.

It boasts of having a cast iron base combined with a solid material construction which ensures that this bench vise stays firmly and doesn’t shake while it is being used.

What we think about this tool right here is, it would offer that sort of performance that you desire because it is made by the reliable Yost brand and one feature that no one should take for granted is its ability to swivel up to 360 degrees because that is one feature that isn’t found in every bench vise nowadays.

It also comes with pipe vises that eliminate the need of finding another vise or even searching for replacement jaw faces.

  • Best for basement or garage workbench
  • Can handle moderate jobs
  • Heavy-duty tool
  • Not as strong as expected
  • Poor customer service

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6. TEKTON 4-Inch Swivel Bench Vise 54004

TEKTON 4-Inch Swivel Bench Vise 54004

When considering the best bench vise that you can settle for, the TEKTON 54004 swivel bench vise is one that shouldn’t be ignored if you eventually come across it on the market and this bench vise right here is designed to be extremely durable as it features black powder coating, cast iron construction and steel accents which makes it lasts longer.

Installing this bench vise on any workbench is quite simple and this is one tool users would find to be useful, simple and also one that possesses high tensile strength.

Its base is designed to be incredibly strong and here is one feature which you would love about this bench vise, it features smooth and strong nail screws with handles which eliminates the possibility of stiffness when working.

However, it also comes with grip plates made using strong steel and this grip plate can be easily replaced so going easy on it while working isn’t necessary. This is one bench vise that you can count on if you want a bench vise that can take a serious beating.

  • Ideal for use at home for a long period of time
  • Perfect for medium and heavy-duty tasks
  • Allows you embark on more projects
  • Helps in mastering certain skills
  • Arrived with a bent handle


7. PanaVise 381 Vacuum Base PanaVise

PanaVise 381 Vacuum Base PanaVise

One thing I have come to realize about the PanaVise Vacuum Base bench vise is that it can get underestimated easily but looking down on this bench vise is something that you shouldn’t because of the ability it possesses.

This bench vise is capable of delivering excellent results when used for electronics or in other fields and as compact as this may look, it comes with a lot of punch that enables users to obtain desired results. You would find this bench vise very easy to install on any workbench or on any tabletop.

What makes this bench vise stand out from a host of bench vises on the market is its ability to be mounted a little bit higher than the average bench vise would be mounted but this cannot be done on large size bench vises.

What most people love about this bench vise is it is designed to be precise, strong and small and its ability to work accurately is the reason why it is preferred when working on a delicate project. You can make use of this bench vise when welding soldering and also grinding.

  • Can be installed in seconds
  • Convenient to rotate
  • Easy to remove
  • Doesn’t stay secured to the workbench


8. Grizzly Industrial G7062 Multi-Purpose Bench Vise

Grizzly Industrial G7062 Multi-Purpose Bench Vise

This is often referred to as the big daddy when talking about bench vises. It is quite hefty and its weight is clear to see as it is made out of a durable cast iron body which is designed to remain immovable once it has been installed.

However, the weight of this bench vise should not discourage you from going for this product and this is because even as heavy as people think it is, it can be easy to move and its jaws can also open smoothly and with ease. Its amazing design is what makes it unique when compared with other bench vises.

The design we are talking about here refers to outstanding pipe jaws found underneath combined with a rotating machined flat jaw.

The fact that all of its jaws are designed to rotate is what makes this bench vise suitable for tubing and piping work right on top of this bench vise. Even though this might not be the point you want to note, you should also realize that having pipe jaws at the top would make pipe cutting tasks very easy.

In conclusion, this is one bench vise that is designed to be strong and tough enough to withstand any weather.

  • Its swivel base makes movement very easy
  • Its rotating jaw makes handling heavy-duty task simple
  • Very strong
  • Delivered quickly
  • A customer complained that it snapped into the half after tightening it


9. Milling Machine Lockdown Vise

Milling Machine Lockdown Vise

This lockdown vise right here is one with a design that is slightly different from all other bench vises that we have talked about in this interesting guide and even though this tool right here might not exactly be the tool you are looking, it is one with a lot of features as well as an impressive design that would help meet your needs and requirements.

What we have here is a milling machine that is designed to do anything its users require it to do. It is designed to perform more than bench vises themselves but it still sells at an affordable rate.

This lockdown vise functions when tightened that its horizontal force makes sure the jams are pushed downwards therefore ensuring that this tool does not move but stays in your preferred spot.

If you know you have a milling machine you would love to work with then this right here is the best tool for you and thanks to its durable iron construction, this tool here is built to endure tough use.

  • Has a coarse finish
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning purposes
  • Functions great
  • Has some small voids on its surface


10. IRWIN Table Vise, Heavy-Duty, 6-Inch (226306ZR)

IRWIN Table Vise, Heavy-Duty, 6-Inch (226306ZR)

This is a heavy-duty bench vise that comes with jaws made with steel and this helps in offering durability and strength. What we find very enticing about this bench vise is the fact that its jaw has a jaw safety design which helps in making sure that materials don’t slide out when working on them.

This unit also comes with pipe jaws and anvil which helps in offering a firm grip while working with this tool and thanks to its solid base, you can count on this bench vise to sit still during use.

Despite all of these features, this bench vise can only be used for medium projects and no tool is designed to be perfect.

However, questions have been asked about the durability of this tool and there are also doubts that its cast iron body isn’t as tough as you would expect it to be.

In spite of all these downsides, most customers still expressed satisfaction over how smooth this bench vise works and there are also pleasing remarks concerning this tool’s dependable locking feature and rotating base.

  • Medium tasks
  • Runs a smooth operation
  • Not durable
  • Another bench vise got delivered based on a customer’s review


Importance Of Bench Vises

purple vise pic

The importance of bench vise and also its users are actually endless as they can be used in garages and workshops. Its versatility is what makes it a must-have for everyone as it ensures that all kinds of projects are tackled.

Bench vises are designed to handle anything ranging from plumbing, metalwork and woodworking but the major thing is finding one which would be perfect for your needs. There are mini bench vises that can be used in electronics or jewelry making and this is because they are ideal holding small pieces firmly.

Making use of large bench vise when working on small materials tends to not only mar the surface but also stands the risk of breaking any surface.

Furthermore, there are brands that are considered market leaders because they are the best when it comes to making bench vises. Vises are also designed to come in various sizes and shapes which enables them to meet up with a wide range of needs.

Best Bench Vise Ever Made – Buying Guide And Recommendation

There are so many options for anyone to try and select from when shopping for a good bench vise but in this review, we have analyzed the best and reliable brands like the Wilton, Yost and even the Tekton brand and made our decision based on jaw width, jaw opening, throat depth and other important specifications.

Since you cannot try a bench vise tool before paying for it, you would find it difficult to know if a particular bench vise would be suitable for what you intend to do with it.

So what criteria do you think a bench vise should have if it would be able to meet up with most of your requirements and needs.

The first thing that a bench vise should have is being very simple to install and one other thing you should know is a bench vise should not place a mark or damage the material that it is actually working on.

In order for you to know more about this powerful handy tool, come with us and let us show all the information that you need to know.

Main Features Of A Bench Vise


Bench vises are designed to be quite similar and they are all built sharing the same purpose. There are features that tend to make a bench vise differ from another and below are some of the core features you would find in a bench vise.

  • Jaws – The jaw is the most important feature of every bench vise and it is designed to open and close so materials can be placed in between them. Considering the size of the jaws and also its style is what you should take into consideration when shopping for a bench vise.
  • Mount Type – Bench vises are designed to have two mounting types and it is either the clamp style or the bolt-on mounting type. This mounting type is what makes attaching this bench vise to any surface easy.
  • Swivel – This is a very useful feature that helps in adding flexibility to your bench vise and swivels can be commonly found at the base of most bench vise. Swiveling an object means you can have better access to it whether you are sanding or cutting the object and this makes working on any project convenient.
  • Quick Release – This is a very important feature as it takes away the need to manually twist the spindle of a bench vise whenever you want to release an object. This makes the process easy and quick and you should watch out for this feature because not all bench vises come with this feature.


Shopping for a bench vise might sound very easy but in order for you to settle for the best, you would definitely need to carry out research so you can get familiar with the best and most reliable products.

Thankfully, we have saved you lots of stress, time and effort that you would have spent conducting your research as all the questions you have already answered in this review.

There are various brands and models of bench vise in this review that would fall into your budget. With all this knowledge, finding a reliable bench vise shouldn’t be difficult anymore for you.

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