10 Best Tents For Long Term Camping – 2024 Buying Guide

When it comes to shopping for the best tents for long term camping, you would definitely want a tent that is versatile enough to be used for various purposes, one that is durable and also a tent that has a lightweight design.

You would want a tent that would offer you stability, keep you dry and also offer you and your family lots of space. Well, that is exactly what you would get when you settle for the Coleman Sundome Tent which is rated best in this review.

Best Tents For Long Term Camping – Buying Guide And Recommendation

best tents for long term camping

What another way to relieve your body of stress than embarking on an adventurous trip to somewhere that is totally far from your normal routine?

Even though it might sound pleasing to pay a visit to some countries where they have many historical cities and sights where you could unwind and learn, it would be a great idea to avoid staying in a hotel and also not obeying rules for letting us say a weekend at least.

You should take this risk today and enjoy the fun that comes with staying in the wild. This would help when it comes to uplifting your mood and also increasing your health.

However, having a reliable shelter where you can keep your essentials is also very important and hey, you can also go on this trip in the wild with your family as well. Choosing the right tent depends on the size of your company as well.

However, every good product always comes with a price so you still have nothing to be worried about if the Coleman Sundome Tent is a bit away or out of your budget. We still have nine other options or alternatives for you that would make you comfortable, keep you dry and also keep you warm while you are chilling outdoors.

Our team has put together this review on the best tents for long term camping just to make shopping for one very easy.

Best Tents For Long Term Camping Review

1. Coleman Sundome Tent

best tents for long term camping

The Coleman Sundome Tent is the first product that we want to talk about in our best tents for long term camping review and when you come across this tent at first, the first thing that comes to your mind is how durable it is as it is made using premium polyester material.

If you carry this tent along when going outdoors for camping, you would not spend more than ten minutes setting up this tent as it has a simple to understand and easy design.

There are several outstanding features that make this tent to rank as the number one product in this review and one such feature is its impressive weatherproof design.

This tent right here has inverted seams and welded corners that make sure you do not get wet inside the tent if it starts raining on you outdoors and additional protection is also provided as it has a rainfly feature as well. This tent is solidly built to stand the test of wind and rain.

There is also a ground vent and large-sized windows which allows for proper ventilation and guess what, there is an E-port design which permits the use of electrical power in this tent. Isn’t this tent just amazing?


  • Easy to setup
  • Well made camping tent
  • Comes with a carry bag for easier transport


  • Didn’t come with six hoses based on a customer’s review

2. CORE 6 Person Dome Tent

The second tent that we would like to show you in this review is the CORE Dome Tent and just from its name, you can tell that this tent was designed bearing up to six people in mind.

What this means is this tent has the room to accommodate up to six people at once and its durability doesn’t go unnoticed as well as it is made using high-quality polyester material that makes sure it lasts users for a long time and withstands heavy use outdoors.

It is extremely spacious as it would take in about six people and also house two queen-size mattresses but that isn’t all there is about the Core Dome tent.

It also features a CORE H20 block technology which makes sure that the occupants of this tent do not get wet if it ever starts raining and there is also a ground vent that promotes a good flow of air in and out of the tent. This tent comes with pockets which are very useful when storing up and organizing items.


  • This is the perfect long term tent for camping
  • Setup is fast and easy
  • Designed to keep you dry


  • Privacy issues

3. KAZOO Outdoor Camping Tent

The interesting fact about this tent is that it is designed as a family house tent meaning it can accommodate a good number of people which makes it the best tent for camping or for taking to the beach.

Users would not find any difficulty when it comes to setting up this tent as it would not take more than three minutes and guess what, its design promises to keep users protected from wind, rain and hot sun.

There are few tents today that have what it takes to pass the waterproof tent and this high-quality tent from KAZOO has what is required to fit into that category. It comes with three fiberglass poles that are lightweight yet help in providing adequate stability while its featured shape also helps in providing extra space for the family.

There are two ceiling vents and also two windows which helps in providing proper ventilation for users at all times.


  • Impressive quality
  • Very huge and spacious
  • Comes with instructions on setup
  • Well ventilated tent


  • None

4. Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping

Up next on our review is yet another on Coleman’s impressively built and high-quality tents that you can trust when going on long term camping experience and just like the first Coleman tent that we talked about in this review, this tent is also made using a polyester material and that tells you how durable this tent is.

It is very roomy and guesses what, users can also be able to make use of three queen size air mattresses inside this tent.

It comes with hinged doors that guarantee opening up this door with ease and the most interesting part of every tent is its ability to shield you from the rain.

This tent is designed to do just that thanks to its inverted seams and welded corners which makes sure you do not get drained by the rain inside your tent. There is also a rainfly feature that would provide you with additional protection while it rains.


  • Offers comfort
  • Very roomy
  • Easy to access door


  • Issues with leakage
  • Not well ventilated

5. MOON LENCE Camping Tent

The MOON LENCE camping tent makes the number fifth spot on this interesting review and what you are looking at right here is a tent designed to house up to six persons at a time.

Being able to house six adults tells you how spacious this tent is and you would also not find it difficult or daunting to carry this tent to anywhere you would want it to as it comes with a carry bag that makes transporting it very easy.

It boasts of being designed using PU material which guarantees all-round protection from the scorching sun and also from heavy rainfall and that isn’t all, there is also a rainfly and double layer design which makes this tent very resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Stability is also another feature you would enjoy getting out of this tent as it would not easily be moved by the wind and ventilation is also top-notch thanks to its vents and windows that provide good air circulation.


  • Has a breathable design
  • Lightweight for easy transport
  • Very spacious
  • Easy to setup
  • Good quality tent


  • None

6. Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

best tents for long term camping

The CORE company is one company that you can trust to make the best of the best outdoor gear for camping, hiking and more.

Its CORE 9 person extended dome tent is one that comes with enough room which ensures that it houses up to nine persons at a time and guess what, even after housing up to nine persons, it is still roomy enough to accommodate three queen size air mattresses. You can see how spacious this tent is right?

What truly makes this tent to stand out from a whole lot of tents on the market is its electrical cord access port that allows you to make use of electricity inside this ten while on your camping adventure.

It comes with a lantern hook, gear loft and also several pockets that you can make use of when you want to store up your items or even keep them organized. It has a TPU coated fabric and well-taped seams which guarantee not getting wet inside the rain.


  • Setup is a very easy and simple process
  • Taking this tent down as well is very easy
  • Lasts long and still maintains its high-quality tent profile
  • Impressive customer service


  • Leaked at some point

7. ALPHA CAMP Person Camping Dome Tent

If you are talking about the tent with the ability to offer you adequate protection and proper ventilation then the ALPHA CAMP camping dome tent is the answer that you seek.

It comes with high-quality fiberglass poles and ground vent alongside three zippered windows which provide resistance against strong winds as well as making sure that there is a good flow of air inside the tent. Its mesh windows protect against mosquito bites.

With just five minutes, you would be done with setting up this tent and just like in some of the tents that we have already talked about in this review, you would not encounter any difficulty in moving about with this tent as it also comes with a lightweight carrying bag.

There is a reflective tent rope that you would not find in almost every tent on the market and this reflective tent rope makes this tent a wise investment during the night time.

It comes with an overhead mesh pocket with other pockets by the side that you can use as storage space for your items and there is also a cable port where you can have access to electricity.


  • Easy to set up and takedown
  • Perfect for use in warm weather
  • Would take up to four persons at a time
  • Comfortable and lightweight


  • None

8. Alvantor Family Camping Tents

Having an oak design all around it is what most users find very attractive about this tent when it first meets the eye and having a large hooded fly combined with a famous dome-style also makes sure that users of this tent stay fully protected from all kinds of weather conditions.

Thanks to its freestanding design, taking and setting up this tent would not demand too much knowledge or skill and it also wouldn’t demand the use of any tool.

Designed especially for a family of four, the ALVANTOR Family tents is one that can be used for a whole lot of purposes. It can be used for camping, fishing, hiking, sporting events and a whole lot more.

It features a deep tube floor that is made using PE material which makes its floor suitable either on hard rock surface or on any other surface. You would also find its PE material to be nonsticky and also causes no stress when it comes to cleaning it up.


  • Has a high-quality feel
  • Can be set up in just a few minutes
  • Designed to fit about four persons
  • Solidly made tent


  • None

9. UNP Camping Tent 8-10 Person

As we get closer to the end of this review, we are bringing you the UNP camping tent that comes with more than enough space and also a divider which tells you this tent can offer two rooms.

This is why it is able to take up to eight or ten persons in it and it also promises to provide so much comfort despite taking in a large number of persons. Its fabric is made using polyester materials and it also boasts of having reinforced fiber polymer materials.

All of these materials come together to make this tent very durable and also make sure it would withstand all of the challenges that it would face outdoors.

There are mesh storage pockets which makes sure that you keep all essential and nonessential items well organized and set up this tent is also very easy as it does not require you to have any special skill or make use of any special tool.

It comes with poles and smooth zippers.


  • Doesn’t leak
  • Extremely spacious
  • Lightweight and compact when stored
  • Very roomy
  • Easy to assemble


  • A used tent was delivered to a customer

10. Coleman Dome Tent for Camping

best tents for long term camping

We are rounding up our best tents for long term camping review with another excellent tent from the Coleman company and this Coleman dome tent right here comes with a darkroom technology which makes it possible for it to block away about ninety percent of sunlight from entering the tent.

This is a good design idea as it is aimed at cutting down on the amount of heat inside the tent so users can feel relaxed comfortably.

Having inverted seams and welded corners are other noticeable features of this tent and the essence of these features is to make sure that water doesn’t enter the tent when it eventually rains while its additional rainfly also helps in protecting against weather conditions.

With the E-port, you would stay electrically connected even in the outdoors and you would not find it stressful to set up this tent as it would only take up to ten minutes.


  • Has a cool look
  • Its darkroom design makes it stand out
  • Has an impressive quality build


  • None

Final Thoughts

It is very easy for anyone to lose his or her mind when there are so many tent options to select from.

It can be an overwhelming and challenging situation for anyone to just pick the right one and it doesn’t matter if you choose to spend some time in the wild with your family or all by yourself, we have taken out time on our home to bring you the best tents that would make your outdoor experience not just fun but also memorable as well.

We have got the best tents for you to select from all figured out and you would never regret going with any of the choices we have made for you.