What Does CBD Feel Like When You Take It – 2024 Guide

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We have all heard of CBD (or cannabidiol) – a substance that is the main active ingredient in hemp, and which has gained great popularity in the past few decades. Today, CBD can be found in many different products: in oils, gummies, various medications, skincare products… the list goes on. The fact is that this substance has a number of benefits for the body and people are just beginning to realize its importance. One of the common questions people ask in the process of getting familiar with cannabis and CBD is: how will this ingredient make me feel? An interesting question to which we want to give you an answer today. If you want to learn more about cannabidiol and its magical properties on the body, keep reading.

What are CBD’s main benefits for the body?

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The phenomenal thing about cannabidiol is that it shows a lot of different, positive effects on the body and mind. Although its most common use is associated with pain relief, this active ingredient does much more than that. Primarily, CBD makes the person consuming it feel much more relaxed, calmer, and overall better. It can be a great supplement for insomnia as it helps in establishing a healthy sleep cycle. It has been shown that this ingredient can even be beneficial for muscle inflammation after strenuous exercise and more. As you can see, only one active substance can do so much for the body: both to eliminate unpleasant symptoms and to improve the overall feeling in your body.

What is the mechanism of action of cannabidiol?

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CBD belongs to a group of substances that are termed ‘adaptogens’. These substances work by helping the body cope with various stressors, both from the external and internal environment. If you are dealing with some difficult challenges at work or in the family that cause you a lot of stress, using cannabidiol-based products can help your body and prevent the damage that stress would eventually lead to. The same goes for stress that occurs in the body due to actions of viruses, bacteria and other factors.

We can say that, in general, adaptogens strengthen the body so that it can more easily cope with physical, mental and emotional stresses. You will agree that, due to the fast-paced life we ​​live today, we all need the help of adaptogens.

To be clear, even if you do not have any source of stress around you, CBD as an adaptogen can be helpful in order to establish an optimal balance in the body, maintain health and help you feel good from the inside.

The way CBD achieves all this is by affecting certain nerve endings and in some way enhancing the connections between your brain and body, in order to achieve homeostasis: general balance of the body. This may partly explain to you why you often can’t see instant results after consuming CBD-based products, but you can notice the beneficial effects after some longer period of time.

One of the simplest (and most interesting) CBD-based products you can use are CBD gummies. They come in different flavors and colors and will provide you with so much fun while ensuring numerous health benefits. If you want to know more about CBD gummies visit here.

What does CBD feel like when you take it?

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Although many people associate CBD and THC the fact is that these two substances, although often found in combination in Cannabis plants, do not show the same effects on the body and do not lead to the same feeling. THC is an active ingredient that has a psychotropic effect and causes a ‘high’ feeling. However, this is not the case with cannabidiol which does not lead to any psychological changes.

The fact is that CBD has an effect that you can feel, although it is very mild. It occurs on average half an hour after taking the drug and can be described as a subtle feeling of relaxation. So, you will not feel any sudden and pronounced effects, but you will be able to notice that something positive is happening in your body.

Some significant effects will require long-term, continuous use. This means that if you want CBD to help you eliminate pain, inflammation, nervousness and anxiety, you will need to consume CBD-based products for two weeks to a month, and sometimes even longer.

But what if I take a higher dose?

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Many people think that if they want to achieve better results using CBD-based products they only need to increase the dose of this ingredient. However, this cannot be further from the truth. Not only will it not enhance the effects of this active substance, but it may even lead to their complete absence.

How is it possible? The curve showing the correlation between the effect of CBD and its dose shows that the effect progressively decreases as the dose of cannabidiol increases.

To clarify things: in the beginning with the increase of the dose, the effect also increases, until you reach the dose that forms a plateau. After that, the effect shows a tendency to decrease. This means that overdoses can sometimes be just as ineffective as very low ones.

Another problem that can occur with continuous intake of high doses of cannabidiol is the appearance of tolerance. This means that the receptors no longer react to this substance (regardless of the dose) and the effect is completely absent.

It is clear to you that when applying CBD based products you need to be moderate if you want to achieve maximum results.


Hemp-based products that contain cannabidiol have a number of beneficial properties for the body and help eliminate pain, muscle inflammation, can promote relaxation and lead to a better feeling inside. CBD acts as an adaptogen, which means that it strengthens the body and helps it cope with stressors from the external and internal environment. The feeling that CBD causes is not overemphasized, but can be described as a feeling of relaxation and calm that occurs a few minutes after taking CBD products. Continuous long-term use is usually required for maximum effect of this active ingredient.