Tips for a Comfortable Game in Projects Sharpened Under the Farm


There are many gaming projects where the farm and grind play a key role for the development of the character, and some games are based only on this.

Players are divided into two types: To choose and provide their character and themselves with only an interesting game and farmers who are ready to sit for hours at their favorite game and painstakingly collect all the most the best equipment or ready-made and visiting services like

There are two ways to provide your character with everything you need – visit and select all the necessary goods and services and agree on the time for their completion.

Or choose and provide a character yourself, plunging headlong into the world of farming and interesting gameplay in the best traditions of open-world RPGs in order to painstakingly collect the best equipment and equipment sets yourself.

But in order to play grind games for a long time and fruitfully, you need to equip your game room in an appropriate way, choosing accessories and components. Today we will discuss the main tips for choosing the game gadgets and peripherals.

Tips for fans spend a lot of time behind the pharma:

  • Buy a playing chair
  • Put the second monitor
  • Buy a good headset
  • Take the game mouse

Buy a playing chair

Games in which you need to conduct long gaming sessions can cause discomfort for the body if a person has long been in an uncomfortable position on an uncomfortable chair.

The playing chair was created in such a way as to repeat the anatomy of the human body, to have a high back and comfortable materials, so that the player is comfortable to spend time at the computer.

Do not remove additional pillows – they are installed in such a way as to reduce the voltage in the neck and lower back. In addition, they can always be lean and rest.

The chair should be made of leather, or good skin substitutes, the back of many models leans back, which will even make a mini bed and sleep in it if necessary.


Put The Second Monitor

The second monitor is an excellent assistant to any gamer and an indispensable friend of any farmer.

Having picked up the second monitor, you can watch interesting films, streams of other players and just funny videos in parallel.

The second monitor should not have many requirements – only a good and clear picture, a pleasant appearance.

As for the picture – choose a monitor with Full HD resolution – 1920×1080 in any size convenient for you. IPS matrix, because it has an affordable price and good color reproduction. If you have free finances, you can pay attention to the OLED matrix, provided that you have already upgraded the main monitor, otherwise it will be strange that your main monitor is worse than the additional one.

Appearance does not really matter on the quality of the picture and the overall assembly, so choose what you like. The main advice is to choose a monitor from famous brands that have a reputation for producing good devices – LG, Phillips, Samsung, Xiaomi, HP and Dell and other brands associated with gaming peripherals and TV production and everything that requires a good screen.


Buy a good headset

A good headset is the key to a pleasant pastime listening to either a game bathroom, or your favorite music, or content from the second monitor.

Manufacturers of headphones now offer a wide range of models of different price segment and sound quality.

I advise you to pay attention to the headset with virtual 7.1 sound.

In such sets, the sound is transmitted to seven equidistant sources and create a realistic sound atmosphere around the player.

The effect is achieved at the expense of software and if you get bored and want a simple stereo sound, then it can be turned off.

Based on materials, it is desirable that the headphones be made of dense, but light plastic with leather inserts, or a good skin substitute. Such materials will not cause discomfort with prolonged socks and the ears will not hurt.


Take The Game Mouse

A good game mouse is an indispensable assistant for all gamers, but it is especially good in the farm of game items and gold.

With the gaming mouse, software is always included, which allows you to configure additional buttons and create macros.

Additional buttons will help in lazy gaming and farm, allowing the player to lean back in an armchair and not even touch the keyboard, performing all actions by the mouse.

Macros allow the player to record and remember the order of action and play their mouse. Thus, you can create a full-fledged program that will destroy the monsters and collect all the obtained loot independently, even without the participation of the player.

Macro can be written in two ways:

  1. We launch the program and clearly and thoughtfully press all the actions, including even moving the mouse, that we would do if we played ourselves. The mouse will remember and reproduce them exactly, but it is important to understand that it will not independently think of all the outstanding information – you will need to make adjustments in order to get the perfect macro.
  1. Configure the chain on one button and perform the entire pharmacy cycle simply by pressing one button, minimally controlling the process and enjoy the content on the second monitor. Such a macro will help not only when optimizing the pharma, but also with an active game and PVP for classes, with a large number of skills that need to be applied.