5 Things You Can Do to Level up Faster in World of Warcraft

Source: news.blizzard.com

After more than 17 years of being at the very top of the gaming industry, the hugely beloved MMORPG World of Warcraft (WoW) is still going strong today. Eight major expansions and two classic installments later, and the game still has millions of active subscriptions and hundreds of thousands of players at any given moment. We could talk about its importance as a video game for hours, as well as its influence as a gaming industry changing phenomenon for hours more. However, that is not the topic of today’s article. We are here to talk about something more hands-on and educational for the players.

In this piece we will focus on one of the most important parts of the WoW experience and an integral part of any MMORPG title. That is of course the leveling bit. Before you reach the endgame content about which most features in the game are about, you have to level up your character and make them worthy of the world they are trying to defend. You cannot raid and fight larger than life bosses before the max level, nor you can grind for better gear to even try it. You also need to be at your strongest if you want to partake in the exciting PvP content and defend the colors and banners of your faction.

Some players enjoy the whole leveling experience and take it slow. However, more and more players want to speedrun it as quickly as possible and reach the endgame faster, particularly if they want to play with an alt. Continue reading to find out more about leveling, particularly how you can do it faster and spend as little time as possible grinding to the max level content. In the meantime, make sure to also check out the absolute fastest way to level up which is boosting, by visiting https://buy-boost.com/wow.

1. Level Boost

Source: news.blizzard.com

For a better part of WoW’s history, the in-game shop has featured a special service called Level Boost. Players can pay for this service with real life money and get an instant max level boost. Right now, in World of Warcraft Shadowlands, the boost gets you to the max level of 60. A while back, it would only work up until the new content, so for example level 90 if the new level cap is 100. Shadowlands came with a bunch of new changes, resets, and number squishes, and the initial level boost was 50. Now however, you can have a max level character by paying $60. It is a steep price for something that can be achieved by playing, but many people who want nothing but the endgame content do it. One of the fastest ways to get a Shadowlands Keystone Master is to use the WoWHunt’s service (Keystone Master boost).

2. Party Up

MMORPG titles are made to be played with friends, and WoW is the same. In terms of leveling, it is much more fun, engaging, and faster if you have a friend or two to join up. The Party Sync option synchronizes all of your quests so that you can complete them at the same time. When one of you does something, all of you do it. This means that each player can focus on one bit of the quest. For example, you kill the mobs while your friend collects something. Being in a party also means that you can do harder quests and fight against harder enemies, which of course gives more experience (XP) points. The most optimal composition would be to have a tank, a healer, a ranged damage dealer, and a melee damage dealer. You will cover everything and utilize each other’s strengths. And if you can get a party of five, you can also try….

3. Dungeons

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Doing old content dungeons while you level up is perhaps the best way to quickly get a few levels and have fun in the process. You can also find some quality gear to last you for additional few levels and more gold than you otherwise would. It is still about the leveling though, and dungeons are basically experience hubs that award 2 to 3 levels if you can complete them. Each boss gives a ton of XP while the mobs and trash that fill up the dungeon are more powerful than those in the outside world. Therefore, you get more for eliminating them. There are plenty of dungeons all over the world so no matter the zone you find yourself in you can complete them. Combined with regular quests as well as special dungeon-specific quests, you will hit max level in no time.

4. Pick the Right Expansion

In Shadowlands, after you finish the Exile’s Reach story and get your first 10 levels, you can choose any old expansion and play until level 50 there. After that, the final 10 levels take place in the new Shadowlands zones. If you want to level up the fastest, you should pick Warlords of Draenor because the quests are clustered and they are easier to both find and complete. The Burning Crusade and Cataclysm are the slowest so skip them unless you are in it for the story. If you dislike Warlords, you can also try Legion, Mists of Pandaria, and Wrath of the Lich King. Battle for Azeroth is not bad, but it feels tedious and long at times and it is not as fun story-wise as some of the older ones.

5. Miscellaneous

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There are other things that you can do to maximize the speed of leveling. Firstly, you can get some heirloom gear that gives you additional stats and helps you level up. However, you must already have a max level character to be able to buy it and use it with your alts.
There is also the rest system that allows your character to gain more experience for a limited time during which they feel rested. You can fill up your rest bar if you log out in an inn so make sure to use this. It is a slight bump in XP gain rate but it is still useful if you want to get there quicker.

Leveling up your professions along the way awards a certain amount of experience too. Choose the profession that your race has an affinity too to maximize the speed.
Finally, you should consider investing in items and power-ups that allow you to move around the world faster. This does not influence XP gain directly, but being able to move quickly means that you will have less downtime while traveling from zone to zone and quest to quest.