Tiling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them – 2024 Guide

Tiles are one of the most preferred products among home decor items. They are pretty cost-effective, feature amazing color and texture, and are pretty easy to install even if you are doing a DIY project. However, one wrong step can mess up the whole DIY project and make it look like a shipwreck. Getting them to look somewhat decent can then make you spend more money. However, if you follow the instructions properly, you can easily avoid those mistakes. Today we are going to discuss some common mistakes that many people tend to make and tell you how to avoid them. Stay tuned with us if you are going to start your very first tiling project.

Common Tiling Mistakes That Everyone Makes

1. Not Getting a Sample First

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Getting a sample of the tiles that you want to install in your home can be pretty crucial. It gives you an idea of how it looks in the space if the tiles got your desired color and texture. When you know the nooks and crannies of the tile you are going to install, the whole process gets much easier. You get to know if the tile has all your desired qualities and much more. With a sample in hand, you can easily determine if the tiles will fulfill the requirement of your home.

2. Getting Too Much or Too Few Tiles

Most of the first-timers doing a DIY Tiling project often make this mistake. They order way too much or too few tiles for their tiling project. When you are getting your project done and you run out of tiles, it can be pretty frustrating. Additionally, if you get too many tiles, it will simply consume some space with no apparent benefit. To avoid such chaos, measure the area of your space. Then measure the area of your tile. Then divide the total area with the tiling area, and you can get the exact number of tiles required for your project. Then multiply the total number by 10% to know how much extra tile you should buy. This is a safety factor as the tiles can break apart or get chipped while you are working with them. Even if you don’t require the extra tiles immediately, they may come in handy in the future if there is any damage occurring in the tiles.

3. Choosing the Wrong Size

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The size of the tiles can instantly change the appearance of a space. Your larger room can look astonishing with larger tile, rather than your smaller room or bathroom. Small mosaic tiles can decorate your bathroom and bring out the entire beauty. Working with smaller tiles can seem somewhat hectic and problematic. However, if you use the wrong size tiles, it will snatch away the beauty of the entire space. You can combine larger tiles with smaller tiles to get some perspective and choose the right one for your space. Here’s a guide that will help you to make the right decision.

4. Price over Quality

If you buy cheaper tiles to manage cost, it might not be the best idea. The cheaper tiles are often lacking in quality and get broken and chipped during installation and after. Also, it may not bring the optimum comfort required for your home. So, be careful about choosing the right tiles for long-lasting comfort and beauty.

5. Picking the Wrong Tiles

Source: homereference.net

There are numerous tiles available in the market. They vary in utilization and function. You need to choose the best tile that will serve the purpose of your space. The wall tiles are less dense than the floor tiles. You cannot use wall tiles on the floor, or they will get cracked pretty easily. On the other hand, if you install floor tiles on the wall, they may not be able to hug the wall and fall off. So, be sure to pick the right tiles depending on the function of your space.

6. Not Considering the Delivery Process

When you have decided on your pick and order the right amount, You need to be aware of when your tiles are arriving. Unless they will be delivered to your doorstep and you may not be aware of it for hours. Also, make sure you have a hard surface driveway available to your home. Otherwise, these tiles will keep ending up delivered to your sidewalk, which no one desires.

7. Fail to Seal the Tiles

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All your tiling efforts go in vain when you fail to seal them properly. Different kinds of tile require different sealing. Where porcelain tiles may require little to no sealing, natural stone tiles cannot sustain without good sealing. Without proper sealing, these tiles will get faded and stained. Therefore after tiling, before grouting them, you need to seal the tiles with an impregnating sealant. Then after grouting, apply a second coat. This will help your natural stone tiles look good as new for decades to come.

8. Picking the Wrong Grout Color

The grout color is a crucial factor for the final result of your tiling project. If you are using highly patterned tiles or natural stone tiles, using a lighter-colored grout is your best bet. On the other hand, if you want some funky design in your simple tiles, using brighter colored grouts can bring out that extra oomph in your home decor. Be aware of when you are using a brighter colored grout, as it can stain the natural pore of your tiles. And, always ensure that the grout is suitable with your tiles and contrasting with your tile color and pattern.

Tiling is a hard job, and with one misstep, all your hard work can look like a huge disappointment. Therefore, be careful of the common mistakes that you can make. When you know where you can royally mess up, you’ll be more careful about performing that task. Overall, practice makes everything perfect. When you do a job over and over, at a certain point, you’ll get the hang of it. Start small and note your mistakes. And you can start working on bigger projects sooner than later.