How To Cut Hardie Board: For Contractors And DIY Workers – 2024 Guide

Whether you are working on a new tile project like trying to remodel your kitchen or your bathroom, one thing that you have to make sure of is that you are making use of the right type of materials. This being said, you have to ensure that the hardie backer board you intend making use of is designed to adhere perfectly to tiles, is trusted to be durable and would also resist water damages. Installing it might seem difficult and that’s why we are bring you this article which talks about how to cut hardie board for both contractors and do it yourself workers.

When it comes to installing the hardie board, it is one step that everyone would find quite easy and simple and this is why this material is loved by both professional contractors and do it yourself workers. However cutting it to the right size is where most people tend to get it all wrong but you have little or nothing to worry about as this page would show you straightforward and simple steps which would guide you in making circular or straight cuts depending on the project that you are working on.

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How To Cut Hardie Board

When remodeling your kitchen or your bathroom, you would definitely need materials like a hardie board and if you want to cut hardie board perfectly then the first tool that you need to have at hand is a scoring tool. A scoring tool in this picture can be a carbide tipped scoring knife but you can also make use of shears and utility knife if you do not have a carbide tipped scoring knife. Most people sometimes talk about using a high speed grinder when trying to cut hardie board but that isn’t a good idea since it is a good agent of creating dust.

The steps below would guide you if you want to cut your hardie board to be straight;

  1. The first thing that you should do when trying to cut your hardie board is ensure that you hardie board is placed on a flat surface. Then you can make use of a straight edge in marking your cuts
  2. The next step is using your scoring tool to score along the straight edge and why doing this, make sure that you use your hand in applying firm pressure. However, if you are making use of a quarter inch board then you can make your scoring along the grid lines already provided but if you are using a hardie board that has HydroDefense technology then scoring more than once makes sure that a clean snap is obtained.
  3. Your hardie board should be placed on the floor while you use your knee in providing leverage
  4. Pressure should be applied on two positions or locations and the board should be snapped upwards along its score line

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Furthermore, if you are looking forward to making a hole or a circular cut on a hardie board then here are some easy steps that you can also follow to obtain perfect and excellent results;

  1. You can start by marking the placement of the hole or circle
  2. Make use of your scoring tool to score alongside the perimeter of the circle
  3. The next step is making several scores around the diameter of your hole or circle till your score lines start looking like sliced pizza
  4. On either side of the hole or circle that you have created, you should ensure that support is placed right behind hardie board and if it happens that the hole or circle is positioned at the edge of the board then you might also need extra support
  5. You should make use of a hammer to tap around the hole or circle so as to loosen it a bit
  6. Go on to strike the board right in the center of your hole or circle then all of the remaining pieces should be knocked away
  7. Any material left should be removed using the hands

Hardie boards are preferred to other kinds of board when trying to lay a tile if you are wanting to remodel your kitchen or bathroom and this is because it doesn’t rot, sag or warp. However, if you still do not believe in hardie boards then consider the fact that professionals make use of hardie boards no matter the job that they want to do whether it is for countertops, floors and walls.

You can adopt and implement all of the steps that we have showed you in this article if you want to make circular or straight cuts and you are surely to get the best and perfect result.

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