8 Super Fun Sports to Play on the Ice

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After some wicked good times of Halloween, ‘tis the season to prepare for long winter and loads of snowfall. Starting from the first snowflake falling on the autumn trees till the buds sprout from under the ice at the start of spring, winter is one of the best times to gear up for some electrifying sports on the ice. If you love sports and want to spend winter hitting the ice rink or skiing in the big mountains, you have plenty of options. Winter sports provide an amazing opportunity to keep active while exploring ice-capped trees’ stunning beauty.

While some winter sports demand adequate preparation, caution, expertise, and practice, others only require you to get into the sports gear, gather the essentials, and you’re all set for a day full of fun and excitement. If you’re a sports fanatic, here are eight super fun winter sports to play on the ice:

1. Ice Hockey

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Ice hockey is one of the most popular winter sports, with millions of fans and thousands of avid players around the world. Ice hockey is just as exciting on an artificial or natural ice rink as on the court.

Ice hockey is played between two teams of 6 each on an ice rink. A typical ice hockey game lasts 60 minutes, divided into three 20-minute periods.

Like most other winter sports, ice hockey requires you to be carefully shielded and guarded against the hard ice surface. You can learn complex movements and tricks to drag the puck and dodge the opponents within a few practice sessions. For some tips and tricks on the game, follow this guide to ice hockey rules.

As the players skate across the ice, they must adhere to all hockey rules and regulations. If you’re a pro at skating, you can become a maestro in ice hockey in no time.

2. Big Mountain Skiing

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Big mountain skiing, also known as free-riding or extreme skiing, is one of the few winter sports that include both fast speeds on steep hilly terrain and some extremely dangerous feats such as cliff leaps.

This is a great winter activity that is simple to learn and fun. Basic extreme skiing has also grown in popularity because there are no hard and fast rules. Big mountain skiing, on the other hand, is more challenging, adventurous, and thrilling. This sport necessitates extensive prior training, practice, and expertise. To become a pro at big mountain skiing, try to minimize mistakes, or you will end up in a complicated mess. This activity is worth a try if you are properly trained and have the necessary equipment.

3. Snowboarding

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Snowboarding is a relatively new but extremely enjoyable sport. Due to its simple rules and playing technique, it has quickly gained popularity in the sports world. Even an amateur can easily practice the sport and enjoy sliding down the mountain on the snowboard from an ice-covered mountain top. The snowboard is normally attached to the rider’s feet.

Snowboarding is distinct from skiing because it does not require poles, and most people wear softer boots for flexibility. Learning to snowboard is difficult unless you are already an expert skater. But once you’ve mastered it, it’s a thrilling winter sport.

4. Ice Skating

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Ice skating has its roots in Finland. This is a popular Olympic sport and one of the most innovative genres of art. If you know how to skate, you’re ready to give this sport a shot.

Public ice skating rinks generally get pretty crowded as soon as the holidays start approaching. People of all ages gather to do their best Bambi imitation in snowy parks or ancient buildings. Ice skating is also one of the most accessible sports for individuals of all ages.

5. Snow Polo

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You’ve probably heard of polo, but have you ever heard of snow polo? If not, you’re missing out on an exciting and thrilling winter sport. Snow polo is a Swiss take on traditional polo but on snow. It’s faster, more entertaining, and super exciting.

Just like traditional polo, snow polo is played while riding horses, but what distinguishes ice polo from regular polo is the ground on which it is played, which is ice. Generally, frozen lakes are used instead of grass fields. This raises the difficulty level, which explains why this game is paid more than regular polo. Snow polo is generally considered a dangerous yet thrilling sport. If you’re an excellent rider and love sports, snow polo is for you!

6. Mountaineering (Ice Hiking)

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Mountaineering entails overcoming difficult terrains such as rock, ice, and snow. If you’re a pro hiker, you should step up your game with ice hiking. Ice hiking is a winter version of mountaineering on rocky cliffs. You will climb over frozen structures such as cliffs, ice-capped boulders, and ice pillars.

To become an expert in ice hiking, you need to master several hiking techniques like maintaining balance and leveled footing, flat-footing, front pointing, etc. You require technical winter hiking equipment and real skill to help you climb a snowy mountain and reach the top. Hiking in the snow is difficult enough, but add climbing to the mix, and you’re in for a real challenge.

7. Shovel Racing

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Want to have fun on a snowy afternoon with an ultimate sport? Try shovel racing! Shovel racing is among the most popular winter family sports in the United States, in which riders use a shovel to travel down a snowy slope and race to win. Ice shovel has gained considerable fame among people of all ages. It’s one of the most exciting sports to try these holidays.

In this sport, riders ‘pimp’ their shovels with absurd modifications. This includes roll cages, which makes sense given their top speed of 73 mph. This exciting sport was formerly quite popular as it was featured in winter X games. Even if you don’t want to play it on a professional level, you can still enjoy shovel racing on a winter weekend with family and friends.

8. Dog Sledding

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Dog sledding is a centuries-old traditional sport in which active packs of huskies pull sleds across snowy terrain. This fascinating sport is popular in extremely cold locations where dogs sprint through snow-covered terrain. It’s not only thrilling to play, but it’s also a feast for the eyes of spectators.

Dog sled racing is a thriving sport in the Arctic regions of America and Europe, in which teams of sled dogs compete to pull their musher (dog driver) to the finish line.

Dog sledding spans a wide range of distances, from short to long. A long-distance race requires a larger number of dogs.

The sport of skiing is among the safest in the winter. However, it’s always best to choose appropriate conditions and use proper equipment before participating in a dog sled race.

Final Thoughts

Winter may appear dull and dreary to some, but there is an entire world of sports to try after a long period of snowfall. The most exciting aspect of winter sports is that you can feast your eyes on breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains while playing a thrilling round of sports. To fully enjoy winter sports, ensure you have all the necessary equipment and that the weather conditions are ideal for the sport.