Do You Need a Water Conditioner? 6 Things to Know


Hard water is a primary reason for hair, skin, and other health problems. It can be treated by a softening and conditioning system. It is confusing to determine the difference between the two aqua treatment systems. But it is helpful if you install an aqua conditioner at home.

You can find here the information regarding aqua conditioning and getting its equipment installed in your place. You might have observed white scaling or mineral deposits on your bathroom fittings. The reason is the presence of limestone or other minerals in the hard water you use in your house.

By using an aqua conditioner, you can get rid of these contaminants. In this write-up, you will learn more about the alternative of water softener, i.e., the conditioner, and understand why you need it. The important thing is to know how helpful this aqua treatment method is.

1. Purpose of Using an Aqua Conditioner

Conditioning is an effective aqua treatment method to eliminate minerals and contaminants like VOCs, chlorine, amines, and other volatile substances. It helps in minimizing the lead content in the water.

Some conditioners come with salt-free formulas, but removing all hard minerals is hard for them. You can also call it a physical way of treating water by filtration without chemicals. No water is wasted in the process, and the system requires less maintenance. There is a low risk of pollution and no expenses for disposal.

2. Different from Aqua Softeners


The purpose of a softener is to eliminate all the hard minerals by replacing them with sodium ions when done in the brine tank. But a conditioner changes the mineral structure and does not remove them.

It helps in preventing scaling, but it still contains all the minerals. During the softening process, much water gets wasted, which can be a massive reason for pollution. But nothing happens when you prefer a conditioner over a softener.

3. Prevents Scaling


You must use the aqua conditioner to prevent scaling on bathroom fittings, appliances, or anywhere that rests for a long time. Water is hard because it contains hard minerals like lead, calcium, limestone, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium.

Due to electric charge, these minerals stick to the aqua molecule. Water picks these minerals from soil rich in minerals. Whenever this hard water rests on any surface, it causes scaling and stains. This scaling is nothing but deposits of minerals. You can see white or yellow stains on the floor, faucets, electric appliances, utensils, buckets, etc.

Scaling reduces the life duration of an electric appliance and needs to be prevented. The solution is to treat hard water. Using the conditioner, you can have mineral-rich water but no risk of scaling. This device can be used as an alternative to the softener.

4. Working on a Water Conditioner

Different kinds of aqua conditioners are available in the market, and you need to understand how they work. You can find the one that filters the whole water of your house by filtering chemicals that cause bad taste and smell.

Such smelly chemicals are chlorine and amines. But if you require the benefits of soft water, then you can prefer conditioners that use resin beads for crystallization and changing mineral structure.

The process involves nucleation by using the TAC media template. When the device changes the mineral structure, it does not deposit on any surface and passes smoothly. The entire process takes less time while doing the filtration.

5. Water Conditioner Features

  • POE System: This aqua treatment system is installed at the entry point of the water line to your home to condition the whole water.
  • No Use of Brine Solution: The conditioner filters the water without leaving wastewater. There is no need to do the process in the brine or salt solution for exchanging ions. It requires resin beads for the filtration process. There is a low risk of pollution as it does not leave wastewater. In many countries, a brine solution is not used, so that they can prefer conditioners instead of softeners.
  • Energy Efficient: There is no or less power requirement to operate this device. It is quite helpful for the environment. You can also save money on your monthly electricity bills.
  • Water Filtration by Using Multimedia: You can find aqua conditioners with attached carbon filtration features. It contains activated carbon that helps a lot in the filtration process. It helps in trapping contaminants by using the adhesive process. It can also remove disinfectants and other harmful chemicals. After filtration, you can drink water without odor or bad taste.

6. Reasons to Install an Aqua Conditioner


It is better to install water conditioners in your house because of the following reasons:

  • Not Having Enough Space: The conditioner’s design is quite compact and takes less space for installation. You can install the conditioner at the entry point of your house water line.
  • Limit Your Sodium Consumption: If you have a problem with high blood pressure and need to reduce sodium consumption, you must install this device.
  • Avoid Chemicals: If you want to avoid consuming harmful chemicals, then this device can help you a lot.
  • Save Money on Electricity Bills: The filtration process takes less time and power. You can save funds on your electricity bills.
  • No Maintenance: This aqua treatment device requires less maintenance than others.
  • Avoid Scaling: It helps in removing chemicals and prevents causing scaling.
  • Enhance the Life of Electric Appliances: All electric appliances that use hard water at home will last longer when the water is treated to prevent scaling.
  • Drink Healthy Water: Minerals are good for your health, and it is good to drink conditioned water. You can consume filtered water without losing any minerals and removing bad chemicals.

You must install a water conditioner to get filtered hard water. All the harmful chemicals will be removed, and it is safe to drink healthy water with low sodium every day. The compact setup takes less power for filtration. It is a perfect alternative to the softener device and needs to be installed for better health.