Best Javanese Food In Johor Bahru You Must Try


1. Batavia Kitchen

Imagine that City Square has more to offer than fast food restaurants. You might be able find an Indonesian restaurant serving delicious Javanese food. Batavia Kitchen is a great place to start your City Square visit. You will be amazed at the unique flavors and traditional Javanese dishes this Indonesian restaurant offers.

Batavia Kitchen’s Indonesian Rice Cuisines include Serundeng Fried Chicken. If you plan to eat there, they are highly recommended. The plate of Indonesian delights comes with rice, crispy fried Serundeng Fried Chicken, side dishes such as broiled eggs, cucumber slices and fried anchovies.

The generous portion of food will keep you full all day. You can choose from either fragrance coconut rice or turmeric rice depending on your preference.

Batavia Kitchen’s Nasi Padang, a traditional Indonesian dish, is another highlight. Batavia Kitchen offers a value set lunch promotion for only RM9.90 if you visit during lunch hours. The value set includes free ice cream and steamed rice. You can also refill the container if you wish to eat more. It is important to not throw away the food.

Batavia Kitchen’s wide variety of authentic Indonesian cuisine will delight every foodie. Ayam Cabe Itjo, Curry Fish Heads, Ayam Penyets, Bakmi Kerings, Bakso, and many others are just a few of the many Indonesian dishes they offer. These Indonesian dishes can be ordered as a set or ala carte.

2. Restoran Sari Wangi


Restoran Sari Wangi, an Indonesian restaurant in Johor Bahru, serves traditional and common Indonesian dishes at a very affordable price. This Indonesian restaurant can be found at the first floor of a row in Johor Jaya. To avoid being overlooked, you should always be alert.

Restoran Sari Wangi’s Indonesian Cuisines are unique because they serve Indonesian Style Ramayana delicacies.

This style of Indonesian food is milder than the more popular Indonesian dishes. If you love spicy food, you can ask the kitchen staff to make your food slightly spicier.

You can also try their Indonesian satay for light snacks. In taste and gravy, the Indonesian style satay differs from Malaysia’s. Instead of using sweet yellow turmeric sauce, it is marinated with a special soy sauce mix.

Fried onions can be used as garnish. It adds a crunch to the dish and enhances its deliciousness. This satay can be paired with fine-grained peanut sauce or soy sauce to enhance its savory flavor. The sauce does not contain any peanut crumbles.

Restoran Sari Wangi also recommends their Nasi Tumpeng. You can choose from any of the four choices available to go with your Nasi Tumpeng when you order.

These choices include the Rendang Ayam (Ayam Masak Merah), Kari Ayam (Fried Chicken), and Ayam Masak Merah (Rendang Ayam). The Nasi Tumpeng Set will also include side dishes such as Urap, Perkedel, and Assambal Goreng Ati.

3. Mampir Lagi


Mampir Lagi, a new Indonesian restaurant opened in Johor Bahru. Miss Henny, the restaurant’s owner, is the chef and cook of every dish on Mampir Lagi. This ensures that every customer gets a true taste of Indonesian cuisine.

Lombok’s great chef, she can cook many delicious Indonesian dishes. Jason’s support and encouragement gave her the confidence to open Mampir Lagi Malaysia.

When you visit Mampir Lagi, don’t forget to try their famous East Javanese Ayam Penyet. The dish includes a fried chicken breast, fried tofu slices and tempe, raw beans, raw long beans and sliced tomatoes and cucumbers. Also included is a bowl chicken soup.

The succulent and meaty Ayam Penyet is very flavorful. You will be able taste the strong flavors of spices and herbs that were used in its preparation. You can enjoy a delicious plate of Indonesian food for as low as RM12.50.

Their Jus Avocado is recommended. Mampir Lagi uses only Indonesian fruits to make this scrumptious Indonesian avocado juice. It is only available in season. Their avocado juice is slightly creamier than the local version. To add sweetness, avocado juice can be made with chocolate milk.

She is also a skilled baker. Her cakes are delicate, moist and not too sweet. After enjoying the delicious Indonesian delights, head to the dessert display fridge to pick your dessert.

Mampir Lagi has a wide variety of home-made desserts such as pies, cakes and tarts. These are perfect for after-meal desserts. For any occasion, such as weddings, birthday celebrations or parties, she will accept cakes orders.

Mampir Lagi, which literally means “come again” in Indonesian, is for your information. Jessica, Miss Heny’s oldest daughter, created the name of this restaurant. She hopes customers will return to their Indonesian restaurant for the delicious Indonesian food.

4. Indonesian Corner Fast Food


Still looking for a Halal-certified restaurant where you can enjoy delicious Indonesian food while spending quality time with your beloved family and friends? Indonesian Corner Fast Food may be your best bet! In this restaurant, you can taste a wide variety of authentic Indonesian food.

Indonesian Corner Fast Food is a family friendly Indonesian restaurant and they always welcome large groups of families to dine there. They even offer various Indonesian meal sets such as Bumbu Bali Set, Traditional Nasi Tumpeng Set and Bali Wangi Set for customers’ convenience.

These sets come with fragrant rice, golden potato chips and a selection of vegetables of the day. Due to the large portion of food, it is recommended to share among three to five people.

For your information, Indonesian Corner Fast Food also caters for 20 to 5000 pax upon request. So, if you’re planning any kind of party or retreat, be sure to include Indonesian Corner snacks on your list of considerations.

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